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  1. With a party of 5.. you can have each person specialize in different things, probably 2 things per person. So it's pretty much up to you. Ofc you want one person with high Mechanics(don't need more than around 10), one with Arcana.. Passive skills are entirely up to you. There are items that benefit with Religion(Xoti's lantern upgrades), Metaphysics, History.. maybe others. It's up to you. Insight and Diplomacy/intimidation are probably good to spec into for conversation checks, for a large party you probably want people with Metaphysics, streetwise, survival...
  2. Just for anyone who doesn't know, something I figured out recently Hover over any skill, and press any keyboard button that doesn't have a use, like Q, or F1, F2, etc.. to set the hotkey for it. You can use the same keys for different character too, since the keys are assigned by character.
  3. You specialized in Illusion, which means you can't use Conjuration and Enchanting, even from a Grimoire. There are not that many Illusion spells to take but you probably want one that gives the most evocation spells, and you can just pick the couple illusion spells you want when you level up. Assuming you take 2 spells and a passive every couple levels before unlocking the next tier, you should be able to get most of the illusion spells available, and then just get a grimoire that has anything else you want. You can switch between grimoires to use different spells you don't have during a f
  4. Intimidate/Diplomacy with Insight is good for your main guy. I had metaphysics. otherwise it doesn't matter that much, except when you want to use an item that is dependent on passive skills. Like every point of Religion making Xoti's lantern upgrade better. I think there's an item that improves with History and another with Metaphysics. Not sure which items are like this but that's the only reason I would focus a passive skill.
  5. You get to talk to Mad Morena peacefully if you are doing the questline with Captain Aeldys. She will send you to talk to Morena to help her. That's how I did it. I don't remember if I got to walk in freely or if I had to convince them. Otherwise maybe it's possible to sneak in and talk to her. It had nothing to do with Dereo for me.
  6. It's a 9th level spell.. which means your character is lvl 19 (or has 15 Arcana to use the scroll) and you're already in the end game, so why wouldn't you be that powerful? You should be practically a demigod. In my Normal difficulty playthrough I beat the game and never even got to use Meteor shower, I was only lvl 17 and the final fight was actually tough. I was sad that I didn't get to blow up the enemies with Meteor Shower or Missile Salvo. Now I'm doing POTD(not solo) starting at lvl 4 so looking forward to having an OP endgame wizard.
  7. If you liked this music, listen to the POE1 soundtrack, it's so much better imo. This game features some of the same music from the first game, but some of the tracks were just not as nice or fantastical
  8. Very quick ending. Seemed unfinished and unsatisfying. The story was like 10% of the entire game and overall the game pretty short for a seemingly big open world map. There should have been at least another large main city with quests like Neketaka. Or split up the Deadfire into Acts. Either way I'd give the game an 8/10. Still a lot of things to do after 40hrs being finished with my first playthrough. Going to try POTD next with blessings. It's super fun. Just a shame it's not longer.
  9. I never said Wiz was weak, I know theyre one of the strongest. The point was about the guy saying it was stupid that someone would cast Minoletta's over and over, when it is clearly one of the easiest and most powerful ways to melt enemy groups throughout the entire game, so why wouldn't he.
  10. Minoletta's.. Minoletta's.. oh did I mention Minoletta's missiles? Probably my most casted spell that has gotten the most kills in my game. Empowered those spells, even lower tier, are disgusting. AOE too, so usually get multikill or more with them
  11. How is that stupid? He's totally right. A lot of people can see that the subclasses are pretty lame besides Evoker just because it's purely strong. Wiz is awesome and honestly OP because of the Minoletta missiles taking priority over anything. It wrecks most mobs, especially empowered, and there's no reason not to spam it. I went through the whole game using my original grimoire and never needing anything else since I was an Evoker & I had pretty much most of the spells I could use anyway. Why would you need any other grimoire other than to mess around as a general Wizard for fun? If you'r
  12. The subclasses are pretty bad besides Evoker, at least that's the only one that grabbed my attention. But other than that, Wizard is still super strong as always. No one is mentioning how ridiculously strong the Minoletta's Missile series is? Especially empowered it can one shot so many groups of enemies because it's AOE. it always takes priority over anything besides T8&9 spells. Large CC AOE spells? Great defensive enchanting?
  13. You understand that your way of playing this game with the ultimate game breaking min-maxing that apparently makes even solo easy for you.. is not 99% of the player base? I know I can speak for most people by simple logic that we find no fun in simply increasing difficulty of the game because we don't go out of our way to find all the breaking combos that add no satisfaction whatsoever other than proving you can cheese the game as much as possible by going to a corner and taking 10 minutes to finish a fight. Why would the game be balanced like that? The player base would be reduced to just you
  14. There is practically all the freedom you could want. There does not have to be any narrative reason at all. If the character doesn't want to tell you the reason, that's their choice. Do best friends have to give a reason to not hook up? no..Even if Romance options weren't in the game at all I don't think many would pay it any attention, because there's 100hrs+ of other content, while romance does nothing and is ~1% of the game content. The reason the romance here isn't so "well written" or "free" is simply because most people are not going to care about that in an RPG where the focus is se
  15. Xoti is doing a sweet job for me as a pure priest. Idk about muticlassing but Priest is probably better alone. She has ok CC but even nicer buffs+debuff stacking. The AOE is good enough on a lot of spells to hit at least 3 enemies in melee range. Priest definitely should have gear that improves her cast speed. Lvl 1: Interdiction, Restore (never had to use these that much later, they were good early) Lvl 2: Pillar of Faith, Repulsing Seal for kncokdowns, Iconic Projection Lvl 3: Despondent Blows (always great to cast at start of battle, I never don't cast it with Circle of Protection)
  16. If you just do your quests and make sure to check all loot spots you will eventually find a lot of them. You shouldn't have to go that far out of your way. I got the Tiger, Animat, Oozes, Magma, 2 Wurm summoners, and another animal one just along the way while doing my quests
  17. Hands down God Tier for being OP, and S Tier for fun: My Evocation Moon Godlike WIzard. Empowered Minoletta's Missiles, 3rd or 4th tier. RIP entire groups of enemies because it's AOE. Honestly makes most battles really easy. Any aoe or chain skill like Chain Lightning or fireball being empowered is crazy dps. I still have yet to get to the final level spells, I'm still playing it through. Insane CC spells with pretty decent AOE (and Arkemyr's Capricious Hex that fill the entire screen!) that cause fear, petrify, confusion, lower defenses...etc
  18. I'm about past halfway through the game now, did pretty much all the side quests before doing the "He waits in fire" quest, now I'm a bit past that. Found very few bugs. It seems like a lot of bugs happen to people who had something to import. I didn't play POE1 so I had a fresh game. I also didn't play with a couple of the later companions that showed up yet so I don't know if they have any issue. Overall it runs very well without an import, based on my experience.
  19. You can do anything really. The game is extremely easy, my friend playing on veteran also isn't having trouble.. Ran him as pure fighter with a sabre+medium shield. Multiclassing is too slow for me and I want to get to the higher level stuff faster which is more fun and imo more OP. I already have a Rogue/mage Aloth too. Eder never dies with all his fighter passives and a couple tanky abilities along with Xoti's Priest buffs, and still does solid damage. I have him with resistance to might, resolve, and other afflictions from his gear too. He just charges in while my Barbarian Leaps in
  20. The reinstall didn't work, but... I fixed it. It seemed extremely rare, so I figured it was me. I thought maybe it wasn't finding the folder it wants to save in, and I know that I didn't have my "Saved Games" folder under my user. I fixed that, reinstalled, and it worked.
  21. I get sent back to the main menu immediately after pressing new game and getting to the first loading screen. It says: "error loading next map". This is on Steam, tried with all DLCs off and on, verified cache.
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