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  1. Something like this is what wizard subclasses should have been right from the start - different and interesting. Right now the Evoker is probably the only reasonable subclass and most players tend to pick no subclass anyway.
  2. Evoker is fun if you're not the only wizard in group - losing access to spells that Aloth can still cast is not that big of a deal. The doublecast part is waaaay too unpredictable to rely on though.
  3. Thing is, unless I'm terribly mistaken, neither of them will ever leave the party just because they don't like each other. They will clash at some point but the situtation can be solved with a very low Diplomacy check.
  4. What I hate about POTD is not that it's hard, yeah it's hard until you reach level 10 or so, but the fact that enemies become damage sponges. It's just silly when at higher levels you can enable autoattack but you have to speed up the combat as much as possible and still you gotta wait several minutes for a fight to end. It's also not very satisfying at lower levels when your empowered fireball misses 3 enemies. Thing is I love the increased number of enemies on POTD. Wish there was a mode between Veteran / POTD with enemies' stats scaling disabled (so like Veteran) but with the numbers of
  5. I split skill points across my entire team until I realised it makes no sense to me since I usually play as a good type of character and I never could bring myself to clicking intimidate. So think about that. Imo diplomacy / insight is the best split for the MC, with most points in diplomacy and with a teammate putting some points into diplomacy as well.
  6. My thoughts, it has always been regarded as one of the worst kits in-game so I was pretty confused :D I never liked OP builds. I liked the kit because of the continuous interrupt on mages and spell resistance. Incredibly useful. But if you want to go braindead and use a cleric to buff yourself to infinity go right ahead. I didn't mean to sound condescending in my previous post, I'm sorry. Actually now that I look at Deadfire's mage slayer, the penalties are not that bad - I had no need to use potions and scrolls at all on my PotD run. With a party of 5 you've got so many buffs an
  7. Funny but I've just downloaded that patch and my game won't even launch now - crashes every time. Anyone else?
  8. I've tried this build myself and yeah, spiritual weapons shouldn't have 3 sec. cast times, not sure what's the reasoning behind it. How did you mod it to 0.5 sec? Edit: Wolken, it was actually a formatting mistake on my part - when I said level 19 I had the Rusted Armour spell in mind. Thanks for pointing this out though, now that I look at it it indeed looks confusing.
  9. Definitely not the priest of Eothas - you basically only get a level 1 druid spell (Sunbeam) that other priests don't get access to. The priest of Wael gets some nice illusion spells, Llengrath's Displaced Image is still a pretty powerful defensive spell even after the nerf. The problem with the Gaze of the Adragan is like you said, you get access to it so late in the game as a multiclass that I'm not sure it even matters - as most folks you'll probably make Aloth a pure wizard in which case he can cast it at level 11 (as it's also a level 6 wizard spell). Magran - some cool spells t
  10. Multiclass ciphers cannot cast time parasite though, it's a level 8 spell they don't get access to. You mentioned that in another thread before, but it's just not possible unless you also modded that part of your game.
  11. funny, but my inquisitor was using time parasite all the time late game. don't know where you got the idea that mulitclassing ciphers don't get that spell. it's level 8, not level 9. and again, right above your post, I made a very detailed argument about how ciphers are a LOT more than just dominate and charm. did you even read it? *shrug* I'll make sure to ignore your response in kind. Your inquisitor was using time parasite all the time, huh? Funny, cause no, multiclass characters don't get access to both level 8 and 9 spells. If you simple create a random multicla
  12. Yeah, one level 1 ability point is still missing. It's getting annoying, sorry devs, but as someone who preordered your game this is getting ridiculous. A month and you still can't fix that single thing (respec) that was reported hundreds of times. Guess that's what you get for preordering games these days, this game should clearly have spent 6 months more in developement and was rushed. Sorry to be so negative, but I just can't do this anymore. Will come back when you finally fix the game.
  13. As in the title, I've been wondering if Eder is going to be sturdy enough as the main tank in my party or if it's better to leave him as pure fighter. I'm not that far in the game, but with sword+shield he doesn't seem very tanky, maybe it's the gear or skills, but yeah, wondering if I should reroll if it's not. Thoughts?
  14. That's what I've been considering, making her a herald (paladin/chanter) + two-handed weapons. Yeah the damage won't be the best, but the utility is there.
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