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  1. When respecing my main character, Ranger/Druid i randomly gain mace proficiency and warrior knockdown ability. Anybody had similar issue?
  2. Pretty wizardry. I don't see your point. They are able to do supernatural things. They aren't casting spells. It looks like you don't like the setting, but who cares really? Find the other ones. That's like I didn't like space operas and wrote to Bioware "Hey, make Mass Effect a fantasy game please". This setting has it's own principles and aesthetics, they aren't going to change and most people enjoy them.
  3. Just another proof that Engwithan were aliens. BRB, gonna do Bekarna's quest, skipped it in first playthrough.
  4. I expected some mastercrafted theory like "Engwithans are secretly aliens", you really dissapointed me. You did know Engwithans are aliens, right?
  5. Upvoted. Maybe in a big patch, like "2.0" patch for PoE 1. That's really sad that the most dissapointing part of the game is the most crucial one. I mean, hunting for a god across Deadfire could play so well with exploration theme, but this game rushes it way too much.
  6. Question to all modders here. Is implementing new passive abilities possible or not? What are the limitations, if yes?
  7. Nice work. I hope devs will take a look at this at some point. It would be sad to make such a developed system in your head only to be dissapointed later. I think most of your suggestions are valid. It would be great if devs took some inspirations from you - and it's less work for them! That's basically a win-win! And if not, modding abilities in seems possible, so I guess somebody could mod them in. I don't think they would be hard to code in and we could reuse some icons used in the game. However, there are some things that I don't like: - hard scaling with stats, balancing game about
  8. Obsidian tried to chase Divinity: OS 2 success so badly that they've even replicated its bugs! Truly astonishing.
  9. Yeah, I guess we can agree that gem/crafting resources stock should be larger. It makes no sense that low-grade and cheap crafting materials are so rare.
  10. Free DLC for trinkets guys? You know, the little things you promised during the launch campaign? No, seriously, I appreciate what you're doing. If this game will have so complex support and so good DLCs as the first one, I'm going to spend a lot more hours with it. And I love as you as always listen to community feedback. BTW, Divinity: OS 2 is getting a free remaster, where they overhaul like second half of main plot. Not like I'm dropping it here as any kind of suggestion for the far future.
  11. Poor design. There are similar more quests and conversations which limit your options in a similar way. I hope they will add some more options after they fix major bugs. I don't even want voice acting for them. Let's make a post aggregating all kinds of 'lack of choice' problems in general discussions and I'll drop an issue or two.
  12. I read somewhere that it is probably going out early June. I hope they will fix some real stuff now. Beginning with respec. But there wasn't any info and I don't think there will be any before patch release.
  13. "I swear, sugar seems to be the most rare resource in the Deadfire. >_<" Second most rare, you forgot about pyrite.
  14. Heart-Chime Amulet actually grants Lunar Heart to all godlikes. Screens: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/67psy3986k7qua9/AAAStbQUccEuPkLQ1hKmh9QVa?dl=0
  15. During subquest of "Family Pride" in Queen's Berth, when working for Bardatto, you are tasked with finding and questioning young nobleman of Valera family. He is supposed to play lute somewhere around watchtowers, but I couldn't find him despite searching entire district. I don't know if it's bug with his spawning, but I think we should get a map pointer for his supposed location anyway.
  16. As in topic. Greater Lay of Hands doesn't override Lay of Hands, Mule Kick doesn't override Knockback. By saying that I mean they are simultanously on skillbar. IDK if this is a bug, but I guess so, as all other upgrades seem to override base versions and there's no advantage from using those base skills before upgraded.
  17. That's exactly what I did Clerith. You can get them faster, like in 5 hours probably, I didn't even farm them and I had like 20 points after 10 hours. Then I swapped because I wanted to test how it works and now I'm playing my blessed character only. That's OK I guess, it wasn't supposed to be balanced or anything, more like power fantasy mode. You don't have to use it, just as you don't have to play Story mode.
  18. This game is great so far. It managed to fix all design choices that i hated in PoE 1 (food system, meaningless traps, per-rest resources for some classes) Graphics are great, audio is great, voice acting is also pretty good so far, multiclassing and character development seems pretty balanced. Plot has much better exposition and is much more interesting early on, there are a lot more interesting characters. Combat is much better paced now and I love changes to armor system. There are a lot more text-based events and encounters, which is another thing i really like, dialogues work way better.
  19. Ok, so it seems that some companions starting armor are upgradable, like Eder' or Aloth', and some are not, like Xoti and Serafen. It really bothers me for some reason. I mean, I think that it was a great idea to limit upgrades on weapons and armors, it adds much more impact on getting unique gear, but those armors fit so well into companions' concept and look so good. I would really love if you could upgrade ALL your companions' starting armor, not just selected few. Anyone thinks the same way?
  20. So... How do they work? You earn point by achievements and their spend them to get bonuses in next playthroughs, right? But there is limited number of achievements and limited number of points. Do you lose points on account on using Berath Blessings, or are they only limit to how many bonuses can one PC obtain? Is there any other way to obtain Blessings other than making achievements?
  21. Here you go! https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0cqg8yl3o8jb34/Zrzut%20ekranu%20%2867%29.png?dl=0 Oslo, Fighter retains his Knockback on skillbar after upgrading it to Mule Kick. Which is strange as other upgrades seem to override their basic skills and there is no point of using basic skill instead of upgraded. Not sure if it is exactly a bug.
  22. As far as I have seen, a lot of checks go for either skills or backgrounds. There are less attribute checks and a lot less resolve checks especially. In scripted events you usually can pick character who will make a check. In dialogues you always do it, however you (and everybody else in the party) get party assist bonus on skills from other party members.
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