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  1. Reporting few issues I've encountered so far: My Chanter loses 1st level Phrase when respecing. What's weird, he seems to retain last learned phrase in his phrasebook?, even if skill tree shows him not having it. Serafen has 3rd PL chanter power as a Witch when recruiting him on 2nd PL. Strong-Souled (Galawain' ending Eder trait) lacks an icon.
  2. What would even be point of that? I mean, one of core concepts of first PoE was that there are no class-specific attributes and every class can benefit from all of them, and you can see that systems were seperated - abilities, skills and attributes don't directly interact with each other. I guess that was develepers' idea to keep all of them seperated to allow for more interesting and diverse builds. I don't see reason to change it now, it worked pretty well.
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