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  1. 360 gets my vote at the mo however Yakuza Kenzan and Valkyria Chronicles will probably swing me to the PS3 if they don't get 360 ports in the west.
  2. Note: The marines shown are not the final marines they are just stand in until the final marines are finished.
  3. Arround Q4 2008 / Q1 2009 Also, First scans right here, the game looks awesome: Note: The marines shown are not the final marines they are just stand in until the final marines are finished.
  4. From Game Informer http://boards2.sega.com/sega_board/viewtopic.php?t=84538
  5. Because we all know the quality of a game is entirely dependent upon the franchise. Not the developers. That's not what I meant... okay maybe a little. The point is, Sonic games have been spiraling downwards for a long time now, and they haven't been getting any better. I don't see the point of trying to "revive" it when every other developper has failed. Not really, only the 3D ones are sucking... the new 2D ones like Sonic Rush 1 and 2 on Nintendo DS were good games if you like that sort of thing and got some 9's out of 10 in reviews. The problem is that Sonic doesnt translate to 3D very well, or at least it's hard to make it translate. Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast was the best effort at a 3D Sonic game and is still a pretty good game, the rest... not so much. I havent played many 3D Sonic games but the 2D ones are still great fun and I'm looking forward to what Bioware are up to.
  6. What really? I think it looks generic 101... The textures are the worst part, blah.
  7. I hope these havnt been posted yet, if they have go ahead and delete this: I'm thinking 'meh' right about now.
  8. I never really liked DS 1 or 2 they were ok but nothing amazing, Regardless I'm slighty more interested in Space Siege because its SiFi but from what I've seen it looks pretty bland. As it is still in its pre alpha state I'll give it the benifit of the doubt for now.
  9. I dont think these have been posted yet, if so forgive me but I didnt see any: From www.seganerds.com It looks quite stylish and cool, but I wish it wasnt on the DS.
  10. Trigun (series) Akira (movie) Grave of the Fire Flies (movie) Spirited Away (Movie) My Neighbour Totoro (movie)
  11. I watched so many shows that hve already been listed, infact I'd say that there are less then 5 listed that I didnt watch, but missing are: Bucky O'Hare Sonic SatAM ReBoot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeBBzPAqWbM Trap Door
  12. Nathan Barley is funny but not my favorite, still belongs on that list. One of the best British comedy moments is the Pedophile special of Brass Eye... Man that was piss your pants funny. "A pedophile disguised as a school"
  13. I never said 'crap' as such, ... Then again a lot of people like 50 Cent. I doubt I'm in the minority on either Harry Potter or Kingdom Hearts when I say they aren't THAT good. Like I said to the shrink and the police, anyone who says the Harry Potter series is more epic then the Lord of the Rings series DESIRVES to be locked in a small wooden box for three days...
  14. That teaser was quite aweful, whats with the 2004 graphics?
  15. Same here, my girlfriend also thinks Harry Potter is a good book so that tells you alot about her taste.
  16. "there the eyes of a c*ckerel super superimposed onto a mans face" lolol Mighty Boosh is awesome! But I'm a bigger fan of The Peepshow, probably the best comedy in years in my opinion, awesome humour. Other things worth checking out are: The IT Croud, Brass Eye, Black Books, Garth Marenghi's dark place, Red Dwarf, The day today. HyperDrive
  17. I agree, it would be like trying to put the Hoff in it.
  18. This is exactly how it was for me, I was such a massive fan of the first movie '28 days' It was more of a post apocalypse movie with zombies then a flat out zombie action movie and it worked so well... probably the best Zombie movie I have ever seen. When I heard the second movie would be by an America directer I had a bad feeling they would lose the gritty feel you got from British movies and it would become more Hollywood actiony and it did. Totally lost it's sense of realism too.. The helicopter bits were so silly...
  19. Mitchell and Webb!! Bloody funny stuff, I love Peep Show too...
  20. Hmm, Yeah I'm looking forward to this.. I like me sum hobbits.
  21. Well I was a fan of them from the old console days and since they started publishing they have published some awesome games and picked up publisher of the year award recently, all adds to my fanboy-ness.
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