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  1. So whos game is better?! ;p But really what do you think of their game from what you have seen?
  2. Yeah, although it would be cool to have small hits like finding a text log in the Aliens RPG from one of the characters in Aliens Colonial Marines or something like that.
  3. I seem to remember them saying in interview that each location in the game will have its own safe house so I don't think it will have customization but thats just a guess.
  4. They NEED to have car chases wouldnt be a spy game with out a car chase and bikes and boats and all that stuff too...
  5. On topic, as long as I see the boobs of every girl I bed in the game I'll be happy... I want to get something out of it!
  6. I don't think the games will be pit against each other I don't even think they will come out around the same time. Colonial Marines will come out around Q1 2009 and Aliens RPG will be closer to Q3 or Q4 2009. I don't see much competition at all. What I want to know is what kind of contact does Obsidian and Gearbox have going between them. I wonder if there will be any level of cross over from game to game.
  7. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=185837
  8. Why don't they just use E3? Why can't that be enough? Sega are at E3 as well as Leipzig in Germany, Tokyo Game Show in Japan and others. As far as I can see the more events they are at the more they can show off games and the more hype it will get. Sega Gamers Day should be a good event.
  9. Yeah, I co-run that site (Not so much a fansite but more so Sega news) and as it states it IS just a rumour and completely unofficial. We are pretty skeptical about the list in fact and I don't expect half of the games listed to be shown. @ SteveThaiBinh, Sega Gamers Day is just an event where Sega will show off some of their up coming games, usually ones that are coming out the same year. They may also show teasers for later games but they wont show ALL of their line up so I couldn't promise that either Aliens RPG or Alpha Protocol will be shown.
  10. I think we will hear more about both this and Aliens RPG at the Sega gamers day event in MAY.
  11. On one hand, Alpha Protocol looks awesome and it's an RPG not set in a fantasy or sifi setting so thats a big plus but on the other hand I really love the Alien series... I think at the mo, I'm going to hold off the vote until I know more about both. It will be close.
  12. The game itself sounds awesome, Some of the screenshots are a little bare and not quite as good as I had hoped but I'm sure all that will improve in time. One thing I will say is I hope that some of the hand to hand combat is awesome, as I get better I want to pull off better and better looking take down moves like disarming enemys and shooting them with their own gun or taking out a patrol of three guys in one go by doing some kick ass moves.
  13. Unfortunitly Sega and Kotaku will never happen, the writers at Kotaku would rather put negitive spin on just about every Sega announcment since they droped from hardware... As for Marketing, Sega have stepped up a lot this year and last a good number of games have had TV commercials. By the time Alpha Protocol ships Segas Marketing will be as healthy as it used to be I'm sure of it. AP and Alien RPG will get strong marketing campaigns for sure. (Probably TV commercials)
  14. This is pretty much what I was trying to say before but you did it a hell of a lot better. On top of that lets say the game has 24 months for development, I would prefer they put the full 24 months into creating an awesome storyline, character, dialogue then having to split the development time into redoing the exact same scenes but with a second gender instead of fleshing out the one gender they have.
  15. I would rather have a story and dialogue system that is twice as deep and immersive then have an average dialogue system just so they can have both male and females. As far as I can see you can do a lot more with the game if you keep it just one gender. I HATE the way woman are so backwards about how they HAVE to play as a female, Its a non issue. This game is set in the real world were woman are only good at looking pretty and making din dins. Jus' sayin.
  16. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=255094
  17. Same here, and although I can't say I watch much anime at all I love Last Exile, Trigun and Studio Ghiblis work.
  18. Considering I find the Bourne movies boring and can hardly bring myself to sit through them I'd say James Bond.
  19. I want to play as the guy in the back ground with the hat, he looks a lot more interested. Adam Sandler called, he wants his face back.
  20. I'm not all that impressed with the hero characters design at all... I was hoping he would wear a suit and look like a badass. As is, he looks like angry Adam Sandler and quite generic... Hope it can be changed.
  21. I don't know if any of you guys are interested in anime style Japanese RPGs let alone Tactical ones but I've been following this game since it was announced and it has finally been announced for the west. Unfortunately as of now it's PS3 exclusive and I don't have one but either way I'm still interested. Look and Feel The game looks like something Studio Ghibli would make as an anime movie, for example Princess Mononoke or Howls Moving Castle but it isn't actually liked to them at all. The game used a new type of cell shading to make it look like a water colour anime and it does look really awesome. Setting/Story The game is a sort of fictional Steam punk take on World War 1 where two big empires are fighting each other and the small country of Gallia is court up in the middle. Gameplay The game is a Tactical-RPG, 3rd person shooter hybrid where you move around and attack in real time but the game is also turn based so the enemy takes their turn and so do you. If you get into the enemies line of fire they will shoot at you even if it isnt their go. You can get up to 100 troops (and tanks) with different skills. You can make a squad out of any of them to take into battle. I hear you can also take the game online and fight tactically against each other. English Scans: scan page 1 http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/7699/va...eprivew1fn0.jpg scan page 2 http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/4553/va...preview2vo2.jpg Trailers: Gameplay / Trailer Trailer 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uItwIuRmI6s Trailer 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukahbrc8IGY
  22. In regard to the argument about being able to choose your gender I think it's better for the developer to choose a gender and even a name and run with it like they are here. That way they can create a deeper and more interesting story, dialogue and gameplay if you really think about it. Instead of trying to keep everything working for both male and female leads they could choose just one and do much more with it.
  23. AS FAR AS I AM AWARE. 1) This game is NOT an MMORPG, It's a single player Action RPG. 2) This game is NOT Console exclusive, it is for the PC, 360 and PS3.
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