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  1. If you count SI and CA as Sega of Europe developers then most of them are. Either way, I'm a fan of Sega as a Publisher as well as a developer. These are still very probably going to be great games that I'm looking forward too no matter who developed them.
  2. 2008 wont be a bad year if your a Sega fanboy like me ;p Condemned 2 (360 and hopfully PC), Universe at War (PC), Empires: Total War (PC) Viking Battle of Asgard (Multi) by CA total war guys. Football Manager Live (PC + multi) Yakuza 2 (PS2) Yakuza Kenzan (PS3 and hopfully 360 so I can get it) Valkyrie of the Battlefield:Gallon Chronicles Space Seige (PC) could be good, wasnt a huge fan of DS2 though. Sega Superstar Tennis (Multi) All on my list.
  3. I'd like to see Obsidian try new things, Honestly I'm sick of the D&D universe and I think Obsidian's creativity is being held back on already established franchise like D&D and even Star wars to some extent... I'd like to see Obsidian make some of their own original IPs.
  4. Man I f**king hate EA.. They have closed down or ruined so many good developers its untrue. RIP Bioware.. As for the Sonic RPG, it'll be canned.. Even if EA let them continue, (which is unlikely) Sega hates EA.. They wouldnt let them make a penny off of Sonic. Oh well..
  5. I would like to see Virtua Fighter 5 released on the PC, It's not the most popular Fighting series in the west, becuase you cant fight as a pandas or demons something.. But its by far the deepest and most ballanced fighter ever made, learning everything for just one character takes a hell of a long time.. but when your good its extremely rewarding. After you get really good with VF games,other fighters just feel really hollow and dull and no amount of flashy moves fix that.. apart from Street Fighter 2 thats a timeless classic.
  6. It all comes down to taste really, I mean.. Consoles are no good for FPS, RTS, Point and Click Adventures and western RPGs.. So if you like these types of games the most then your bound to like the PC more then the Consoles. But Consoles are better for Fighters, Racers, Sports, Japanese RPGs, platformers and Arcade games, So if they are the games that float your boat you'll prefer consoles. I notice alot of people who play computers only look down on people who play consoles and like to call them kids, but I find this to be a bunch of nonsense. I play and injoy both PC and Console games. My fav games of all time the Shenmue saga could probably work on both console or pc extremely well, its an interesting mixture between RPG, Adventure, Fighter and other genres.
  7. I'm hoping it's true, I'm getting tired of the SiFi settings in so many RPGs and god knows I got sick of Fantasy years ago.. The CIA thing sounds like a breath of fresh air. As for the consoles, I assume it will be on Xbox360 and PS3 but if so I have no doubt in my mind it will be for PC too if Sega are the publishers, It would make no sense because Sega are trying to get big in the PC world.
  8. I disagree, I think it looks pretty awesome. The game I think that everyone likes that looks boring is SupCom, Who wants to play Icon wars.
  9. Hmm cant get the thing to play, But I think there should be a big budget british movie showing WW2 from the british side of things, I'm getting a little sick of the Americanized version of the war and all that HEROS AND BROTHERS nonsence. Granted every soldier who was killed in that war and the ones who survived were important. But the British side of things isnt covered enough, and it was longer after all.
  10. A hole bunch of Random news on the game. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU WOULD CONSIDER THIS NEWS A SPOILER, BUT JUST INCASE THERES YOUR WARNING! - Humans will be completely out classed and are only playable in the prologue, they show up throughout the entire story campaign after that. Who's side the humans are on depends on the part of the story you're playing. -There is no M1 Abrams, it is now a M2 variant. -One tank will have a three enormous rotating barrel. -Armored alien grunts with plasma shotguns. -Huge beast called brutes which can charge at tanks and send them flying. -Each faction has three heros. -Hierarchy have a twenty foot tall armored alien that can suck things into the arm and fire it back, like a tank. -A floating creature with psionic powers. -a Spindly vampiric alien with metallic fingers that suck the life essence from its victims. -Hierarchy are a collection of nomadic aliens, keeping everything in a motherships above Earth. -Hierarchy have only one conventional building which is the command center. -The command center creates a Glyph Carver, like a crop circle, which tells the mothership what to beam down. -Three kinds of walkers. --Habitat--For Infantry --Assembly for factory --Science for research (Major Walkers I think). -One Walker can not have all the hardpoints for its type, but they can be changed. -Taking down a walker is puzzle like. But with in tactics, not micro-management. -Units must have a line of sight to shoot a certain hardpoints, so which way your walker is facing matters. -North and Central America are divided into eight location. Upper part of Canada looks unused at the angle of world map. -$Regular Civilians < $Mutated Civilians < $Cows -- Cows seem to give the highest value for Hierarchy, So protect those farms. - The player Interface of the game will be very original - Scouting and foresight are rewarded; - No dead-end tech or units that become obsolete as the game advances; - Map control is rewarded, but so are sneaky tactics; - Catering to different player styles so it appeals everyone. There is a unit called the Cylinder. It can teleport and the longer it stands still, the larger it's line of sight gets. Civilian dynamics. It is where humans will run away, hide in buildings, and get in cars and drive away. Global Conquest in Single Player only. And it is getting a good upgrade from it's EaW counterpart. - Up to release we will learn about multiplayer, - Universe at War will use the Mayan Calendar in some way, - Plan on using Directx 10 effects and Vista, - Include special achievements that utilize PC support of Xbox Live, - Its an ongoing real time world like EaW - No Space Battles in the first game at least - Theres a series planned - The online mode is much like Segas Chrome Hounds you join a faction and fight on a massive map for area dominance you can push enemy factions out of areas and take over land in an ongoing real time world. (Thanks to Cobra848 and other Petro members) SCREEN SHOTS: http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...n/screens/5.jpg http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...lution/def2.jpg http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...on/mag/mag1.jpg http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...on/mag/mag2.jpg http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...on/mag/mag3.jpg http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...on/mag/mag4.jpg http://www.slipstreamproductions.net/publi...on/mag/mag5.jpg (Thanks to http://www.petrolution.net/) OFFICAL WEBSITE IGN FIRST LOOK
  11. I used to be a teachering assistant in a school for young kids that are 'special' they tend to get there hands and heads in rather unsettleing places sometimes.. But its hardly sexual harassment they just dont know any better! And yes I did only do it so I would have something good on my CV/work reference.
  12. I agree with Dagon, I do like MMORPGs but Id sooner play a good RPG.
  13. Medieval 2 total war, Brothers in Arms, FEAR.
  14. I want to bring up a movie that I saw quite a wile ago now but it hasnt come out in America yet. Its called 'Children of Men' Its a British movie that came out erlier this year in the UK, Its a Si-Fi movie about the not far off future where woman have stopped being able to have children, but nobody knows why. The movie at first wont seem much different from real life in this year but as it goes on you see whats really changed about the world since then.. It will eventually remind you of City 17 from Half Life with a war going on.. Its a really inspireing and beautiful movie.. yet really brutal. I recommend it to ANYONE.
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