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  1. So, I'm new to PoE mechanics... i'm more familiar with the D&D Attributes and how they govern to-hit and damage. From digging through PoE2 youtube video's i'm learning that higher perception = better hit chance for all (almost all perhaps) builds and that higher dexterity is better than higher might for more damage output. I'm also gleaning from the research i've done that there are diminishing returns for maxing this (Perception & Dexterity). So, (and feel free to tangent but i'm specifically looking at two weapon melee) what is the sweet spot of efficiency for the allocation of attributes for a DPS character, while leaving some points to spread in con, int, might, and reflex for flavor, support, party roles etc.?
  2. I searched for about thirty minutes and couldn't find the answers... What are the starting background/skill buffs for the available companions?
  3. SO WEIRD!!!! The abilities that are suggested to be important to a class in character creation are not too accurate for the most part, imo. I also don’t know how anyone is expected to play this game (besides story/normal/no challenge mode) without digging through the forums for help. At least inform us during character creation that we’ll definitely need perception in order to hit something... Across all classes pretty much. Sheesh.
  4. 1. Is shattered pillars still a weak option with the current game? 2. Is unarmed the only way to go? 3. Is Kind Wayfarers a viable option for a combo of secondary healer & dps role in a party? 4. What armor type is suggested?
  5. I’m confused. The difficulty fixing beta patch came out but not the difficulty fixing full patch?
  6. How would y'all rank and rate the subclasses? Seems like taking no-subclass is the best for multiclassing?
  7. I tweaked my Watcher 3-4 times and played around with the party ai system and now I'm just waiting for the Veteran difficulty fix supposedly coming in early June. I want my first time playing to be a challenge, otherwise i'm not interested enough to play at all. I'm so f'n busy IRL there may never be a second playthrough.
  8. There is an amazing interview with Josh Sawyer from 5/23/18 on twitch's Gamasutra. Check it out.
  9. The threads I've found relating to this are all closed or inundated with portrait creation (not "how to insert portrait into game). I tried to apply the instructions found in another closed thread on how to do this, but it doesn't work the same way on Macs. I've "unhid" my folders, but still can't gain access to the location where I can add my own portrait. Has any Mac user had success yet? P.S. I use Steam.
  10. Bah! Where did the above thread go @master guardian? I found it to be extremely helpful. Anyhow, does anyone know if the current Veteran difficulty level is greater than, equal to, or less than the current classic difficulty level? P.S. I apologize in advance to all the hall monitors if I have placed this question in the "wrong" thread.
  11. This is it? No Game Patch Today? Game Difficultys are all still set at Story Mode? #thisgameis4kindergarteners
  12. Are there any attribute caps? How much can you buff attributes after character creation?
  13. Ok so to recap, Need 20 Perception to be able to spot everything by endgame. It's possible to get +4 Perception from items by endgame. Attributes are never increased from leveling. Conclusion: 16 perception is the optimal starting point for your "Trap & Hidden Secret Finder" party member?
  14. And am I right that you never increase attributes when you level up? That’s different than every other rpg I’ve played....
  15. So how many attribute buffs do u get during the game? If you start with 17, can you get to 20 by end-game?
  16. What’s the recommended starting perception for being able to spot all traps and hidden secrets?
  17. Is there a resource or guide somewhere for this? either from obsidian or external... Haven't really studied it, and only played for an hour, but i'd like to reduce the micromanagement, and when i first glanced at it didn't look too user-friendly nor self-explanatory.
  18. I totally had the same reaction. I'm guessing Obsidian just banked on the fact that players could import their own. The problem is, they did not make it easy to import (why not have an option through in-game menus?). I spent an hour last night trying to "hack" my mac laptop, to no avail. My gaming time is limited these days; I would have rather been enjoying the game play instead of resizing, cropping, and photo-shopping portraits that don't hurt my eyes. Still can't access the portrait folders as of yet I did the unhide hidden folders trick, but there's still barely any folders in the contents folder...
  19. I can't seem to find the folder to insert the portrait on my mac, Please advise
  20. On Steam preload starts on Friday. Plenty of time to download the game even if you have crappy internet connection. Really? With the pre-purchase? Which is the best package? Standard, Deluxe, or Obsidian?
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