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  1. I like Enchanting as a specialization for multiclass melee wizards. The sage (monk/enchanter) class is my favorite.
  2. This I would actually also be okay with. A 19th century fantasy game would be neat. We could have fantasy Marxism clashing against fantasy fascism. As long as the material is given appropriate consideration (and there is no option to let fascism win, because as much as I love options in role playing, **** fascism).
  3. One of the things I love about the POE setting is that it is based off of the late Age of Exploration / early colonialism. This was a dynamic moment in world history, as it was the beginning of global trade networks, and all of the innovations and evils that came with them. Exploring these themes in a fantasy setting is a nice deviation from a typical High Middle Ages settings that we often see in fantasy. I don't want to move back in history. POE is good where it is, temporally speaking.
  4. “It is undeniable that this PoE2 wants, urges you to be a pirate.” This statement is false. I have put 150 hours into PoE2 and have at no point felt that the game was encouraging me towards piracy. You seem to be conflating being the captain of a fantasy 16th century ship as automatically being a pirate.
  5. I play exclusively with custom party members, almost never using NPCs, so a game where the story focus is an NPC from the first game is going to get a no vote from me.
  6. Or just give him a different grimoire. You will find a new grimoire every time you kill a wizard.
  7. Just hire some mercenaries as soon as you hit lvl 2. There is no reason the start of the game has to be ass unless you want to make it more challenging, in which case you have nothing to complain about.
  8. I don’t understand the criticism that the PoE2 system makes all fights the same. In PoE1 I selected a few spells per class that I found to be exceptionally effective and spammed them in every encounter. A spells per rest system did nothing to encourage variety in how I approached combat. One final thing about Cokane’s thought experiment: I have played through the BG saga more times than I can count and I have never fought any boss at 75% or 50% health with any of my characters. That is with my self-imposed rule of not sleeping in dungeons. The ubiquitous availability of potions renders your hypothetical scenario not applicable.
  9. I liked the old school cast per rest system of PoE1, but I still find PoE2’s system significantly more fun.
  10. The dialogue is bugged. After Kaali identifies my party and I as sacrifices, the only option is "End Dialogue." When I speak to Nemnok he asks about Grimoirs, though that quest is never properly initiated. Kaali cannot be brought into dialogue. It would appear as is that my only option to try and complete this quest is to slaughter everyone, though I haven't tried doing that, yet. Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yt8gmor7axsgcjm/Omyndra%20%28DrownedBarrows-Sanctum%29%20%282fe99f2e-48f8-49ff-82a9-12d6e226f2e1%29%20%28767224036%29.savegame?dl=0
  11. Pillar’s setting is new, modern, and post-medieval. It is broadly analogous to our early modern period (1500-1800).
  12. Out of curiosity, why are you writing “nerv” instead of “nerf?” That was really confusing.
  13. Warlock (Barbarian + Wizard) because I like the idea of a character whose attack strategy can summarized by the statement “nerd rage.”
  14. That already does exist in a way. Selecting any dialogue option will cut whatever vocalized speech is being uttered and begin the next one.
  15. Now, just in case, to clear things up - when I wrote what I did, I was actually agreeing with you. There's a very good reason why people get annoyed by/meme out stuff like "Patrolling the Mojave makes you wish for a nuclear winter" and "Do you get to the Cloud District very often". I doubt those would have half the impact they have now if they had been conveyed as pure text. And this is a pertinent distinction why, exactly? Because the complaint made in the OP was about changes to the game resulting from full VO, but characters like party NPCs already say the same thing every time you click on them, so drawing consternation with that convention is irrelevant to those changes and the topic at hand.
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