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  1. According to Deadfire Dialogue Options Report it's Aristrocrat Island Aumaua Priest of Magran from Deadfire with high Might and Perception.
  2. Per title. Game is updated, synchronized etc. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  3. When hovering pointer over damage, accuarcy or penetration, space between "Main" and a number disappear, as per the attached screenshots.
  4. Just some "Temp Tooltip Text". Also, Rum Runners Pack... coming soon?
  5. Since 2.0 invetory naviation become sluggish and with a lot of stuttering. It doesn't matter how many things are in a inventory - it's noticeable immediately - even before the first fight with Benweth.
  6. Most of the time I use Greenshot. It's free, easy to use, and allows for a very precise screenshots. For post-shot "development" I recommend PhotoScape (again, free and easy to use).
  7. Had the same bug with other war bows on MC.
  8. Well Eothas does have a chunk of your soul that you're wanting back so as not to die, so there's a measure of motivation stemming from that. In PoE It's heavily implied that mutilated souls grow back in time.
  9. Xoti's statement gives Pelllegina both positive and negative relationship. Screenshot attached. I would love to attach savegame too, but it seems I'm allowed to upload up to 1 MB of files, and savegame is over 1 MB already
  10. There is a missing string in dialogue node in relationship between Xoti and Serafen. Screenshot and a savegame from before the conversation attached. Cinnabar (QueensBerth) (6a06b271-abc8-43fd-82d6-ed4aa18f3e0b) (917838910).zip
  11. It seems there is an empty dialogue node for a relationship between Aloth and the Watcher. Screenshot and savegame from before the conversation attached. Cinnabar (QueensBerth) (6a06b271-abc8-43fd-82d6-ed4aa18f3e0b) (917838910).zip
  12. It seems that Xoti's statements in Temple of Gaun are counted not once, but twice, or even four times, for the purpose of increasing relationship with Tekehu. Also, the way Tekehu worships Xoti is a bit ridiculous... Just take a look.
  13. During my first conversation with Derro, I have an option to ask about Mad Morena. However, at this moment I should know nothing about this character.
  14. PoE 2 is far better than BG 2 (ok, maybe magic system was better in BG). However, when you look at release dates (2001 for BG 2, 2018 for PoE 2) it's obvious that in 2001 BG 2 was a groundbreaking achievement, while in 2018 PoE 2 is... well, it's just a well-written game.
  15. With it's 1.1.1 stats (0-250m/4t/10-13dmg) Vailian Hullbreaker is one of the best cannons in the game. However, as far as I know, it's possible to buy one (and only one) in Port Maje. No one sells them, VTC, RDC, Principi and slavers don't use them. Anyone knows where or how to obtain them? Or maybe it's a bug?
  16. An interesting idea, I approve So let's think about it. I prefer Black Jacket over Ghost Heart: sure, Marked Prey/Marked for the Hunt is very nice, but Black Jacket has some very good passives, and Disciplined Barrage works very well with items. I recommend against bringing scrollcasting into the mix. The thing is, itembound spells are rather slow (on par with Cipher or Priest spells), and PoE 2 fights are very quick. It's either scrollcasting or "itemcasting", and - frankly - scrolls are much better than items. Besides, if you want to create scrollcaster, go Barbarian, they are absolutel
  17. I'm playing pale elf from Ixamitl turned dyrwoodan noble. I may care about some people from Deadfire, but why should I care about their politics?
  18. Neketaka encounters are very erratic. In my current playthrough I have a lot of them. In a previous, a had one or two.
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