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  1. hmm, your not a'jayla on bioware forums are you?
  2. True. This is exactly why I prefer Visas over Brianna as a love interest for the male exile. no the reason visas is better love choice is because the handmaidens idea of a good time seems to coincide with mira and that meens bothan stunners and force cuffs
  3. pirating games isn't cool its stealing, and cheating, those poor people who were rushed to make the game to bring joy to all the poor little children
  4. she shes "id see to that fool in the c***Pit if i were you" then you have a bunce of ls /ds kreia atton influence options
  5. korriban in k1 was way to fun, i hated nar shaddaa, like dxun, and onderon
  6. one you have a dual core laptop two thing TSL really hates 2. what is media center edition?
  7. oh yeah you should play it its a tossup which jedi knight is the best they all are really good
  8. For no particular reason?? You killed her family! You destroyed her clan! Nonsense. The exile and her family fought on opposing sides in the Mandalorian Wars, but to go from there to saying the exile personally killed her family is a pretty big stretch. Besides, if a family/clan doesn't want to fight in a war, then simply don't fight in one, particularly one which your side started and pushed. Otherwise it's like saying I should seek blood vengeance because you killed my brother when he forced his way into your home and tried to kill you and your family at gunpoint. Which makes her non-aggressive, but calling a self-proclaimed bounty hunter specialized in the use of mines non-violent seems odd to me. So she's not blind... She sure didn't have much tact, though. And she's not the only one. Kreia comments on relationships too, and in their own way, her comments are far more amusing than Mira's, which are usually just tactless or embarrassing or both. Not really. I have no problem that she turned the male exile down. After all, the female exile can't romance Bao-Dur either. It was the constant "ooh, you're my bounty" comments that made me wanted to force a lightsaber down her throat repeatedly... and I play LS. At least the game could have let me tell her to stop doing that, but oh no - "because Mira's so perky and got so much spunk - hahaha!" actually they said her family died at malachor so exileXbaodur ARE responsible for there deaths, maybe her misery just comes because she stays in that cargo hold, it seems to have a cuse upon it whereby anyone who resides there will have a tragic story
  9. no that is just because anikin is an idiot, i mean kreia even comments on how children of jedi have natural force tallent, to me outlawing marriage is stupid and thats why it didn't exist until ep2, before that you have jedi familes, han and leia marry, luke gets married, heck qui-gon got married in a jedi marriage ceremony, and that i feel is how it should work. after all k2 pointed out that it dosn't need to be families needing protection that make jedi vulnerable, any inocent the protect becomes a target, using the principles already in place dosn't one on one training seem hypocritical, because of couse master and student will bond and it looks as though friendships are right out cause it too could be dammaging, also the jedi make these rules and then when it suits them they break them, take ki-adi-mundi, he has a couple wives and many children because of a low birthrate for his species, but still arn't they all attachments?
  10. oh, yeah they have to bring t3 back he knows all
  11. Yeah, she's only in constant danger of falling to the dark side, instead. point taken, however i see every jedi as constantly being in danger of falling to the darkside, why else are things like marriage outlawed, if any little thing could trigger a jedi to fall, i can just see it now, "paper boy is late again" "NOOOOO!" (force chokes every one in the room)
  12. i still bet that i'm the only person under 18 who watches it
  13. see i think hk-47 also has a hidden agenda, he just dosn't know it, his memory has prbably been wiped, and timed so that he can preform triggered commands
  14. as game like EAW prove some times small ships are really useful
  15. i truly injoyed mira, she's has personality and attitude, and spunk...I hate spunk(no one will get that joke) i wish you could talk more to hear but, i liked here conversion best
  16. i don't know but i think that the game dosn't like the 9000 series but really what do i know i run it on 7100
  17. Maw, from Jedi knight 1, "the levitating incarnation of rage", he was so stong in the darkside that even being cut in half didn't kill him, Darth maul's got nothing on him
  18. i dissagree, but she still is one of my favorite characters, she actually has a tearful story, but unlike carth dosn't whine about it, and bastila really is a spoiled jedi princess, oh we feel so sorry for you, carths planet was bombed, juhani was sold into slavery but none of that campares to not getting along with your mother, who you were a child when they took you away to be a jedi anyway.
  19. i wish there were more t3 influence gainers, getting 100% on him by just repairing him seems way to easy, and kinda k1 hk rippoff
  20. narshadda, and dxun i get some weird stuff but it never repeats itself
  21. i like darkside but sometimes i really feel dirty convincing that sick guy to kill himself
  22. ironically you get baodur influence from that
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