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  1. yes i agree, in k3 i want more clothes on female npcs
  2. there is no need for sacasm, i was just saying that way more people would have a chance to read it.
  3. my system isnt low end, just my performance
  4. yes i don't think some supercomperters run on 60ghz
  5. a quick question where in the game does mical, actually tell you his name, i've played fpc 5 times, got him to be a jedi but still nothing
  6. thanks for the help though what im really interested in is stuff that only ever got to the draft stage and was never in any form added, the user walkerman qouted someone who had a link to over a thousand pages of missning content, but he is dosnet remember who/where this was, that is what i want to read about.
  7. in a perfect world the male pc would win luxa over with his rugged good looks, then atton and she would have a romance.
  8. oh, your kidding me, thats funny what else is in x-box version
  9. why would you want it set that low anyway?
  10. also, it may be drivers my problem is it dosn't regognize that ive downloaded the newest drives, k2 is very funny about hardware, so even if you can run crysis, it may still not let you play k2
  11. i'm still having problems and i deleted my mods
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