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  1. Topic comes up from time to time in Steam's forum. User ColorsFade has made a few screenshots today while testing it. To cause the Flanked affliction, it is necessary to engage the opponent with a companion in order to reach the opponent's engagement limit and then position the flanker within 180 degrees opposite to the engaged companion. It is not necessary to attack the opponent from behind. And attacking an opponent from behind with no companion engaging the opponent does not suffice as it does not cause Flanked status. For the case of more than two attackers, a fighter with Defender (modal) +2 and Hold the Line (passive) +1 talents can be Flanked by four attackers already, but not by three. Perhaps something doesn't stack correctly? Similar to the Shatterstar hammer above.
  2. Complaints like that have come from people, who didn't know better. No stun-locking prevents a solo run. Solo characters only receive +50% of the XP compared with a full party. XP in this game are not divided by number of companions, but multiplied by number of companions and with an extra bonus of +10% per missing companion.
  3. Cannot reproduce, and what has been described has never happened to me. Different OS and hardware, and I've used multiple computers to play the game. A few weeks ago there have been Nvidia driver updates that broken several games. Maybe it's related? The active character shown at the left side of the screen is marked with a border around the small portrait. When picking up an item from any inventory slot on the screen or from the opened Stash, it can be placed freely anywhere without the game selecting a different character automatically. Not on the left side of the screen, and not on the right side either. The slot to drop the item into will be highlighted below the mouse pointer, and the small portrait of the character will be highlighted, too. Here's somebody who mentions this inventory issue in Steam's forum for PoE: http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/1621724915777190329/
  4. I've had to visit the Steam store page for the Deadfire Pack DLC, press the "Free | Download" button, and that started the game and apparently added a new DLC entry at the very bottom of the list of DLCs. Even below wallpapers, and with a date from March 2015. Inside the game, the merchant then appeared in the previously cleared/completed Anslög's Compass area in the south-west corner on the path to Ranga. No map marker is shown for the merchant, btw. Previously, I had assumed the free upgrade to the Definitive Edition included the Deadfire Pack somehow, because Steam had added all DLCs to my games library entry automatically. All checkboxes marked. But it seems the Deadfire Pack DLC is separate and must be downloaded explicitly.
  5. You could visit the https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Official_Pillars_of_Eternity_Wiki and look up the Wizard class and spells. Wizards in this game may use any armor and any weapon including enchanted ones, but they are limited to wizard spells - and those don't include healing spells such as those a Priest or Druid can cast. You could play a battle Druids instead. Else, I think you restrict yourself too much with regard to what main character you want to play. PoE offers great options for character/party building.
  6. And then you still haven't kept a single savegame? Not even for PoE 2? Really odd. The final autosave made at the point of no return would be much too late, because PLAYER can unlock the expansion areas around level 4-5, and most players visit the first area around level 6-8. Anyway, Pillars of Eternity replayability factor is great enough to simply restart, benefit from any personal experience you've gained in your first playthrough, and start the expansion as early as possible.
  7. It's possible to get The Ultimate without retraining, and I don't see more than a few use-cases for retraining during a solo run - but if retraining 1-2 times, you can benefit from redistributing skills once you no longer need Stealth, for example, or to reduce RES for the last fights.
  8. What security solutions are running on your systems? Such as anti-malware and anti-virus solutions?
  9. They are vulnerable to Corrode damage. Their other DR is much higher. Various types of CC should be the first choice against them, however --> http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Status_Effects
  10. Well, is there anything you've tried yet? Some older topics suggest reinstalling all the redist packages .EXE files found in \Programs (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\_CommonRedist\ for both 64-bit and 32-bit arch.
  11. Since 2015, cheaters have been trading savegame files made by kickstarter backers. Decide yourself whether you want to load such a savegame to unlock the achievement and become a cheater, too. I think it's a shame that cheaters get the "Thanks for all your support" line in their PoE achievements list. It's completely skewing the numbers. It should not be possible.
  12. Have you verified your local installation files yet using the Steam app? games library > Pillars of Eternity > right-click > Properties > local files > verify ...
  13. That can't be the full story - before that you must have completed another quest for them. Precisely: Osric's family breastplate quest involving Penhelm and Kurren.
  14. That and not being able to save could be permission problems at your end. The game really expects folders, such as the Temp folder and \USERNAME\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\ to be writable and doesn't do much error handling.
  15. As far as I've experienced it myself, the game works fine on Win 7 64-bit. Anyway, have you used the Steam app to verify the installation yet? Games library > Pillars of Eternity > Properties > Local Files > Verify ... Also, please be a little more explicit when describing your problems. What do you mean with "but never progresses to the next quest"? What exactly happens when the loading screen is shown? Does it stop loading? How long did you wait? Does the program terminate abnormally? Does it freeze?
  16. Cloud or local storage? Which operating system and version? Does the F5 Quicksave feature work? If it doesn't work either, you're probably facing some permission issues the game doesn't handle.
  17. Your biggest pain will be the lack of a spell/talent that would make it possible to cast a bunch of spells automatically, such as at start of combat or on demand. As much fun as it is to join melee combat with a buffed wizard, you really need buff yourself first, and that is tedious. I've posted enough about a melee wizard at Steam's forum. Eventually, you will prefer ranged attack spells - or play a Monk, who can jump into fray immediately.
  18. Look! Another crusade. From Steam's PoE shop page: RECENT: Mostly Negative (189 reviews) OVERALL: Very Positive (5,972 reviews) Release Date: 26 Mar, 2015
  19. Similar to what has been said at Steam, those nerd commando videos are overrated. Retraining a level 16 character with access to (almost?) all good equipment in this game and then only doing a few fights - if at all - is a joke. Good builds also cover the long path from level 1 upwards. You want to be a helpful companion and not only be dragged along by others in your party till you get some special items or talents at high levels. What else? You spoil most of the fun of playing Pillars of Eternity, if you try to copy from guides. No special builds are necessary to finish the game. You can play it and learn talents you like and still be successful. In case of doubt, it's possible to retrain also the NPC companions at every inn keeper's interface for a bit of gold. Btw, Zahua is very well capable of surviving as a frontliner and doing tons of damage.
  20. Windows 10? Then you need to reconfigure it properly, so it doesn't mess with your folders. In either case, it's not an issue caused by the game, and reinstalling the game doesn't fix such an issue.
  21. And? Many builds work fine. Builds done by somebody else may not work well for you, if your playstyle is different or if you don't like to run a cripple character from level 1 up to level 9 and higher to get talents and items, which are essential for some special build. Do you play with content scaling or not? Not only with The White March there are various content upscaling options in the game once you arrive at an area and your level is considered "high". Not getting the White March is a major mistake with this game.
  22. Solo PotD? Or just solo at easier difficulty modes? The requirements are vastly different then. Also decide whether you want to kill dragons and other bosses or even go for The Ultimate achievement at Steam. With a Paladin I would always go for max RES and max Deflection, since then you need less cheesy tactics to defeat some opponents as you can survive direct melee battles actually without losing the +12 Accuracy bonus of wielding one single-handed weapon. As you are permitted to retrain your character, I would not worry about talents. I would choose Sworn Enemy. Its endless duration is just too good, and it's per encounter. To benefit from IT, you would need to ambush multiple enemies. More important can be the early skill selection, so if you need to sneak, you are well prepared to sneak, but you are not rich enough to retrain early and add a missing point in Stealth. Arbalest might work, but I've preferred an Arquebus - which one can get early if being creative.
  23. If the "loadedSave" zip archive contains a "saveinfo.xml" file, open that file and copy the value defined for the SessionID tag. It's some long hexadecimal stuff such as: 413a362c-7d12-18d2-a348-1e932ddbf4dc Rename "loadedSave.zip" and prepend that value to it, such as "413a362c-7d12-18d2-a348-1e932ddbf4dc quicksave.savegame" - copy the resulting file to your user's \Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\ folder.
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