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  1. On the wiki Flanked status description is "Engaged by more enemies than engagement limit". My warrior has defender enabled (+2 engagement limit) and Starshatter hammer equipped (+1). So, his engagement limit should be 1(base)+2+1 = 4, and he should be flanked if engaged by 5 or more enemies, right? On the screenshot he is engaged by 3 people and is flanked. Why is this happening? Am I not understanding engagement mechanics correctly? Screenshot on imgur http://i.imgur.com/HzehEBq.jpg
  2. Are shop prices supposed to go down when your reputation increases? For example, I wanted to buy "Tall grass" pike in Dyrford. When I first arrived, the price was 12075, with default reputation. After I've done all the quests in the area and reached maximum reputation, the price was the same. I remember it was different when I first played the game a year ago. What is the purpose of reputation then?
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