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  1. Sounds odd, because with Trial of Iron mode you would be limited to a single savegame file only. No matter whether you save manually. Autosaves on area transition would overwrite the single savegame file. Do you use Steam and Steam Cloud?
  2. You get a "spyglass icon"? Not a magnifying glass icon? Note that some doors can only be opened from the other side using some sort of lever.
  3. As 3.1.0 beta doesn't fix it yet, I'd like to confirm that withdrawing to the wooden staircase causes the Royal Weathermage to follow, and then he will be targetable.
  4. Was entering "Drowned Barrows - Crown" from the north-west stairs. A bit along the path to the east, there is a huge closed door of a room to the south-west. In front of it, I casted a spell to attack the Eoten Dwellers and other hostile troops waiting further to the east, while most of my party was in front of the closed door. Sometime in the middle of the battle, despite the door being closed, the game started a scripted conversation with a named NPC within the room, which made no sense - especially not since he suggested that I leave, and he even mention that guards would accompany me. At the end of the battle, the game continued as if nothing had happened. I guess you need to review your trigger areas in that dungeon as to avoid this.
  5. Just had that with v3.0 at Vilario's Rest. Party had left the cave and was on the way to the bridge at the eastern area exit to Port Maje. The graphics for all party members started to fade out the further I walked to the east and became more and more invisible until the entire party was completely hidden. No green circles anymore either. Nothing except for the lighting effect from Xoti's lantern. Could walk back, and they would fade in and appear again. Simply loading the last quicksave made a few seconds ago fixed it. Didn't know that an output.log file may have been of interest.
  6. Confirmed. v3.0.0.0021. I'm expected to get back to here for the Beina bounty, but she's not there anymore in the north-west corner at her bench. Time of day doesn't make a difference. Leaving the area and returning doesn't change anything either.
  7. Both "Combat Start" and "Stop Party Movement" are checked, but if boarding a ship, the entire party runs towards the enemy, and I must pause the game manually. My default AI settings is "Auto-Attack Only".
  8. When leveling up multi-class characters, sometimes the class selection icon at the top left of the "Ability Tree" screen is not highlighted by default. If one clicks the icons to switch between the two classes, the highlighting returns.
  9. Just this -> it's kinda short. Much shorter than The White March 1, and therefore it doesn't give much opportunity to integrate it into playthroughs in the same way one could do it with The White March - such as traveling back and forth freely. More likely, one will visit the expansion area with a party that's powerful enough and then complete the quest in one go. With regard to the added content, well, it's a nice setting with at least one surprise location/event. Vatnir, the new sidekick, should have been a full companion in my opinion. Depending on chosen difficulty mode, there is not much reason anymore to keep him in the party when leaving the Harbinger's Watch island. That's wasted potential.
  10. About your comment on PoE 1, you need to know that it has gone through a rather long series of updates from version 1 to 2 to 3. And it is still not 100% bug-free - but not everyone is affected by every bug. About the Engwithan Digsite exit, perhaps show a screenshot? Also give some details about your computer, graphics resolution, graphics hardware and driver.
  11. Steps to reproduce: 1) Move a Ranger to a location far away from the ranger pet. 2) Hit F5 to quicksave. 3) Hit F8 to quickload. 4) Ranger pet is placed next to the ranger. This can be bad and is unexpected. Imagine you've used stealth to sneak through a dungeon, and after loading the savegame, suddenly your pet is next to you.
  12. It's likely that this has been reported before, but finding an old topic isn't easy. Steps to reproduce: 1) On the 'H' key press "Ship Management" screen in the item list "Ship Equipment and Cargo", select any item stack that is not in the top left slot. Double-click it for splitting. Choose any amount of items from the stack. 2) Click "Accept". 3) The game selects a different item stack to move, because it automatically sorts the list of items.
  13. The issue here is that the Unripened Palmstone has been moved into the barrel behind Birna, and she cannot be talked to about that item anymore, but once you've stolen it, the conversation option appears again. Edit: stealing only works with double-click as a workaround for the "cannot move item" bug
  14. Various players fight and kill Kaoto in that Hall of the Tidal Wave without encountering him again in The Reliquary. So, based on your description I doubt something can be found out. Have you kept some savegame files before and after fighting Kaoto for the first time? Then uploading them to some public place is my suggestion, so developers may examine the files.
  15. Wanted to leave the island after defeating Tahea, when the game reported an area loading error and dropped me to main menu as to prevent savegame corruption. This has never happened before v1.1. Reloading the last savegame file, doing the battle again and leaving the island, the error is not reproducible.
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