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  1. This is a bug among other bugs in Deadfire I've experienced in just 12 hours of game play where PoE 1 had zero bugs.
  2. Hello, I have a MacBook Pro. I own my app from the app store $30. I was in gameplay and went to load a recently saved game and notice two games disappeared because I simply numbered my saves. "1, 2, 3..." etc. It seems as if PoE has a limit has to how much saves it can take. Which is definitely a bug. I have seen alot of this bug with Pillars of Eternity on the web. Is there any way to rectify this? On a Macbook? Also, whats with the flood control when trying to do a search on your forums while simply misspelling a word? I resent that I could not try different search terms ar your forums and had to be put on hold until you were ready. This is publicly impractical. Thanks
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