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  1. This fixed it, yes. Saw this response. Updated my system to 10.14.5. Loaded a save in the under city. All graphics issues resolved. Clearly some glitch with handling the particular type of overlay was introduced in 10.14.4 and resolved in 10.14.5. That's the answer.
  2. I came today looking for answers to this very question. Seeing it in Delver's Row, the Old City, the Old City Overlook, and in the Old City Ruins. Made finding MODWYR very difficult and two really interesting fights where I couldn't see the enemies or the terrain. I had to hold the Tab key down the whole time just to know what I was fighting. This isn't my first time through the game. I was trying out different character styles. But this is making some of the Old City nearly impossible to search. I'm not even going to try to get by the spirits and the sigils to find that guy stuck in the corner yet. That whole area is white out. I'm running on a 2017 iMac 21.5 inch. Stock model with the 4K Retina display and Radeon Pro 560 graphics with 4GB. OS is 10.14.4.
  3. I'm sure had I opted to talk to/fight Kaoto in the Hall of the Tidal Wave prior to going down and drowning the Low Tide monks and retrieving Ondra's Witness, I would not have encountered him in both places. I do have a save from a little before my actions in the Halls of Silence and can recreate the situation. But for the developers, I'm not sure that's necessary. Understanding the steps I took should be enough to see where there's a missing flag for a potential situation.
  4. I had never gotten around to finishing the second part of the White March in my earlier play throughs, so before I go fully into Deadfire, I wanted to have a character I could import who had, in fact, done all of the quests in the first game and its DLC. I reached the Abbey of the Fallen Moon and initially avoided meeting up with the High Abbot as I was playing a bit more of a frontal assault than a lie-my-way-in game. Through reading the Abbot's journal and everything else, I was able to do the Rising portion of the quest and get Ondra's device. I went to the Reliquary and met up with the High Abbot there, but I didn't have all of the answers to his questions, so I went to search the Abbey for the final answer. I walked into the central room of the Abbey (where I'd avoided being spotted before to skip that fight) only to discover the High Abbot there, and he was very angry at my presence. I was forced to kill him, so the quest updated that I'd have to figure out how to open the Reliquary myself. I went back up the stairs...only to be greeted by the High Abbot and his crowd again. After a few more rounds of question and answer, I ended up killing him again and proceeding. This is probably not how this quest is supposed to work, right?
  5. Hi Zagreb, Hopefully in two months you figured out that the stairs to the Reliquary are near the bottom left of the Abbey map. Viewed in Map mode, it's the gold diamond that says Reliquary.
  6. Only once, but they aren't lost when used for a playthrough e.g. if you have 9 and you spend 5 to unlock the unique item vendor in Port Maje then next time you start a game you'll still have 9 (or more if you've unlocked more achievements). Got it. Thank you. You don't "spend" the Blessings. Cool.
  7. Quick question. Do you earn these bonus points only once, or can you re-earn them in subsequent play-throughs?
  8. Doesn't work for me(( Ok, I had all the ticks off in the graphic settings. So not just Vsync, but unticked every box. Set the MSAA to four and it'll change the graphics box to a line rather than low etc. Took a little bit of load time but then went through, changed the settings back to normal to explore, then off again once I exited. I'm a little ways in now and haven't had the problem occur again. This worked for me. Thank you. Had to turn everything off to enter, but I got the quest done.
  9. So, I scrubbed through everything I could find in the downloadable press kit and all I found were two codes we already had from press images. Maybe someone else can spot something I missed (if everyone hasn't already been through it a few times). For fun I tried a few of the gods' names (the 6 letter ones), but those didn't work. I'd have tried Wael, but that's not enough letters.
  10. I had to back up and play/pause my way through that section about 5 times to get it to stop on just the right frame. I figured when I got here I'd be a day late from everyone else on it, but it felt nice to find three codes before I came to this thread. ;-)
  11. 5 codes were found in stuff released on Mar 26. And several other days with multiple codes. A gap while people get caught up is not a bad marketing choice right now. I'm thinking there will be a lot of posts with a lot of links to stuff with codes starting in a couple days and running straight through the launch. They probably want promotion to peak in the last 2-3 days before the game comes out, as that will increase people's awareness at the optimum time.
  12. Please give at least reference to others who have this bug and attach a save file. Otherwise this will not help to resolve the issue. I have seen this also, though you can simply left-click the custom formation after editing. You don't need to deselect and reselect. But it does not auto-apply the changes to custom formations in my experience otherwise.
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