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  1. I did read them and in the end they all boil down to gods are not telling the truth. Them being programmed or forgetful is just the same - not telling the truth, lying. No, that is - per definition - not the same thing. No, that is not the only argument being made.
  2. There were - as far as I can tell - two bugged choices. Two. I distinctly recall having made more choices than that.
  3. That's not the only "excuse" that has been given; have you read the comments you are addressing? Judging by the comments you've made in this thread, I got the impression that you weren't particularly interested in hearing other people's opinions and merely sought affirmation of your own beliefs.
  4. I do not think it is a contradiction, rather a lack of elaboration. Josh does imply in the first line of the last paragraph of his Tumblr post that reincarnation existed prior to being "regulated" by the gods. But if that is the case, it does not necessarily mean that - without the Wheel in place - the process of reincarnation will be restored to its Pre-Engwithan form. Let's use a terribly flawed analogy; think of the original process of reincarnation as a river and the Wheel as a dam, constraining its flow. If the dam were to be removed, the river's flow would not immediately retu
  5. What did the gods say in game that contradicts what Josh said? They've said that with the Wheel broken souls will go to the Beyond but won't reincarnate and sooner or later all of Eora will be lifeless. Josh implies that the machine was there for the gods to manipulate the process, with it broken gods won't be able to do so anymore and it will be...more chaotic maybe? Again, how does that contradict anything that Josh said? He only discusses the state of things before the disappearance of the Engwithans.
  6. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/173973262826/pillars-of-eternity-2-spoilers-as-i-understand Make of it what you will. My own take on the ending: I did not find the ending particularly confusing; the final confrontation did seem quite abrupt. I wasn't particularly dismayed by the main character's inability to dissuade Eothas from his intentions because I thought the notion of changing his mind to be hopelessly naive.
  7. OP, may I recommend Soulblade/Assassin with Sabre/Pistol? I tried it in the Backer Beta and I thought it was quite a fun build. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94957-what-multiclasses-have-you-played-with-so-far/?p=2002502
  8. Whenever I try to enter the Engwithan Digsite Arena Sub-level the game will try to load the area for a short while, but eventually get stuck on a black screen showing only the cursor. When this happens I am unable to quit the game or force the application to close via task manager and need to restart my PC. This dropbox link contains my savefile and below are the output and DxDiag logs. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt Edit: Nevermind, it just loaded; I have NO idea why.
  9. Yes, but mostly because areas didn't have the difficulty indicator which is present in Deadfire.
  10. At this point I strongly believe that the primary factor in Deadfire's seemingly low level of difficulty is the "skull-based" difficulty indicator present on every single location and enemy. If Pillars 1 had the same feature it might have also been considered to be easier. I think that I'm going to turn it off for my playthrough and that I'll refrain from making any conclusions on the overall level of difficulty until I've seen a real bossfight.
  11. So far it's been pretty much been a breeze for him; he hasn't had to reload once. At this point it is difficult to say whether that is because the game is easier overall or because difficult encounters are concentrated more around the higher levels.
  12. CohhCarnage uploaded a video of the stream, showcasing only Class and Ability information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNqM6B1w4AE
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