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  1. I have Xoti setup to cast Interdiction at the start of a fight. I noticed that she'll only do it if I set her to Aggressive or Defensive but not if she's set to Defend Self. Why is that? Is she not yet considered "in combat" so she does nothing until an enemy attacks her? Also, is the difference between Aggressive and Defensive the range in which a character will seek out an enemy to attack? I assume if I set her to Defensive she'll only seek out an enemy to attack if the enemy comes close enough while Aggressive will attack regardless of how far away the enemy is.
  2. I have Aloth setup to cast Slicken and Chill Fog covering the maximum amount of enemies. The problem is, of course, enemies tend to cluster around my fighter and monk so Aloth hits them with the spells. Is there a way to minimize this unfortunate event with the behavior editor or do I need to manually take control of him to ensure a clean cast?
  3. I've received the key from Lamond but when I go back to the dungeon, I can't unlock the storage room to bypass the guards. When I mouse over the storage room door I get a spyglass icon, the door itself can't be unlocked with the key. I'm not sure if this is a bug or an oversight on my part.
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