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  1. I'm playing Trial of Iron (first time) and my computer crashed. When I went back into the game, I was taken back to the last manual save I'd made, about 5 hours gametime earlier. Looking at the saved game folder, it appears that there's some sort of autosave on Trial of Iron, as found two save files dated today: e00ea05c73fc450083aafcf29fb93128 17829648 LongwatchFalls.savegame e00ea05c73fc450083aafcf29fb93128 18967863 LuminescentCaves.savegame The former being the last manual save and the latter presumably an autosave (it's the area I made it up to in any case). Is there a way to trick the game into thinking that the save referring to Luminescent Caves is the "main" Trial of Iron one? So far I've tried: 1. Deleting the manual save -> manual save got restored somehow when I loaded up the game 2. Copying the manual saves name over to the actual save that I want -> character doesn't show up as a load option at all Many thanks in advance.
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