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  1. --Intellect is probably the most important stat for conversations. If you want to play a 'face' character, Int is the way to go. Resolve is also useful, but it doesn't come up as much as Int. This was one of the things that really bothered me about the game at first. I just didn't know what I needed to build in order to have a character with consistent conversational prowess. --Don't spend too much time upgrading Caed Nua. Get the garden and the curio shop so you can get crafting materials each turn, but after that, the only things of interest are the Warden's Lodge for bounty ques
  2. I scoured the entire map from top to bottom and he wasn't there. I decided to uninstall and reinstall the entire game and see what would happen. Sure enough, when I loaded the game he was standing right where he was supposed to be, right next to my party.
  3. I'm using an existing game of Pillars (in Act II) and when I go to Ansalog's Compass, there is no merchant at the shore where it's supposed to be. Here's what I've tried: Sleeping in Caed Nua for 3 days, then going to Ansalog's Compass. Leaving the area and coming back. Going during the day. Going at night. Saving and reloading. Exiting the game and restarting it. Validating game files (no errors) Closing the game, exiting Steam entirely, restarting Steam, restarting the game (3 times total). I have the new portraits, so clearly the pack has been installed. Why isn't th
  4. I like the Pathfinder setting and many of the stories in the Adventure Paths. I would love to see that aspect of Pathfinder adapted into a game. That said, I'm not really a fan of the antiquated 3.5 rules, even with the changes implemented by Pathfinder. I've had some great times playing the game with friends, but 99% of all frustrations and time wasting boils down to bloated rules that feel more like they're in your way and aren't supporting your fun/role-playing. D&D 5e is a far superior system in my opinion, but the Forgotten Realms lore is all over the place these days. I feel as thoug
  5. Like the title says, Aloth can be recruited before the event in which the townsfolk accost him outside of The Black Hound. Steps To Recreate: I ran into this bug just now, accidentally, when I created a new character and arrived in Gilded Vale for the first time. I directed my main character to walk around the group (Aloth and angry townsfolk), giving them as wide a berth as possible. This allowed me to get to the Black Hound door without triggering the event. Then, I moved my character a bit closer to Aloth and noticed that I could get very close without actually triggering anything.
  6. These are tough encounters, and indeed many more challenging encounters await you beyond them. In PotD, the NPC companions start to show their inadequacies quite a bit more than they do in previous difficulty settings. Taking them is harder, but it IS doable with a lot of patience and ironclad tactics. If you want to start with a group of custom adventurers right away, though, you can get the money easily and immediately. Early Cash: Companions: Cheap Tactics: PC Class: Anyway, these are all just my opinions from playing a LOT of Pot
  7. So because he can't tank at level 2 you concluded he's a weak character? Your loss man. I've already tried out all companions except Grieving, as well as a Cipher PC and a custom Rogue and Barbarian adventurer. So far, not a single one of them managed to beat Aloth in terms of total damage done per day (though the Cipher comes close). Yes he's no dedicated tank, but he's a powerful damage and CC nuker. And once the party reaches medium levels, he doesn't have to be afraid of Shades anymore, either - because between self-buffs, buffs from other party members, and Endurance-leeching spel
  8. Durance is decently written (for an exposition dumpster) and memorable, but entirely unlikable. His main character trait is that he's horrible. He's not someone I would ever consider bringing along, but I think the developers must have known this because the most diabolical aspect of the character is that unlike other characters in the game, you have to bring him along all the damn time in order to finish his personal quest -- which spans the ENTIRE length of the game. Don't like this totally unlikable character? Too bad! Ugh!
  9. I ran into the same issue where I would defeat the invaders and then the screen would fade to black and my party would re-appear with all the corpses completely gone and unlootable, but I could clearly see that there was a ton of loot to gather on the bodies. The SOLUTION: When the last enemy falls: Pause the game. Keep pausing and unpausing as you wait for the party to leave combat, so that the game will be paused the very second that you exit combat. The moment you leave combat, you'll have the ability to loot the corpses (make sure you have the area loot setting turned all the way up so
  10. The companions for the most part are decent, but not on the level of the old infinity engine games. Those games had clear and outstanding "gotta take this person with me" characters, whereas this game has a lot of "I guess I should because there's a quest" characters. I don't have strong opinions on most of the characters, but here are a few: Durance has an insufferable personality. Unfortunately, he's also the most fleshed out and tied-to-the-plot character in the game. Not taking him deprives you of a lot of lore and interactions with the story, but taking him requires you to put up with
  11. Standing on its own merits, Dragon Age 2 is a solid modern RPG. It's a departure from the style of the first game, which is probably its biggest crime in the eyes of consumers. It's Zelda II all over again. I like Zelda II. Opinions will vary based on a variety of factors none of us can control. Most people don't want to hear an opinion that doesn't match their own. People like to hear opinions that validate theirs. People like to hear themselves talk. Thus, we have forums.
  12. In the meantime, you could play the Serenity RPG: http://firefly.wikia.com/wiki/Serenity_Role_Playing_Game I've never played it, so I can't vouch for how good it is. If you're into Firefly and tabletop RPGs, that might be something to explore.
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