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  1. I loved playing as a Battlemage for the reasons you explain: I was able to put almost all skill points into the Fighter and just carry Llengrath's Grimoire. Wizard MC is very enjoyable...I can't imagine any use for Priest MC. I complained about Grimoires having no equivalent for casting classes except Wizard, and I asked for Priest-only trinkets, early after the launch. It is outrageous because the absurdly overpowered Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry has no equivalent for any other class. Trinkets were a great way to make melee classes more viable relative to casters, but definitely Priest
  2. It did become harder from what I can tell. I played BoW at level 20 PotD (level scaling upwards) and sort of winged it but the boss fights were more difficult and I had to use most of my abilities. Adding significantly to the AR of the bosses makes a big difference in how quickly they go down although yeah it makes high pen weapons far more viable than low pen ones. Also, even in BoW PotD, neither of the bosses hit hard enough either via melee or via spells and that should probably be remedied. Overall, I would say that the bosses now feel like they can take hits and soak up damage but their o
  3. I had real concerns about quality after Obsidian revealed that they weren't going to put out full-blown expansion packs despite Backer community polling, but I enjoyed BoW and at this point I'm confident that between the three DLC I'll feel like my $20 season pass was worth it. That said, I would not part w/ the standard retail price of $10/DLC. Some thoughts: -Thank the gods for dismissal! Some other folks mentioned this too but the trash mobs are fairly tedious throughout the expansion. -I enjoyed all three boss fights. After coasting through the game on PotD before the patch I feel like th
  4. I won’t be playing again until all the DLC is out but I am stoked to hear about Mega-Bosses and am so pleased that Obsidian is continuing to improve POE2. It was a good game at release and I’m hopeful that it will be a terrific one by December.
  5. I anticipate another playthrough at +1 year once all the DLC is out. A wiser player w/ less surplus time would probably have known to buy it one year out -- I did that for POE1 and it was a blast. no way am I going to play it all through again just for the minor DLC in August --I wanted full, real expansions like virtually everybody polled early in the process. There's nothing surprising about BG2 sales since it has regularly retailed for $5 on Gog and Steam. Even POE1 got new legs thanks to sales and hype from game one, and it was still selling for $30. I //am// surprised that NWN:EE has sol
  6. I missed a lot of the soulbound weapons and armor from WM1 and 2. Would love to see a mod or DLC that brought some of those back in.
  7. I played BG2:EE recently for the first time after spending around 120 hours on POE2. It was excellent but there were some features so bad--like the downright terrible inventory system--that it's hard for me to imagine that they were ever considered acceptable. I see some folks here trivializing improvements to those systems as 'quality of life' issues. Get real: when it ends up taking up hours of game time to just shuffle through inventory and put gear on deceased/ressed characters, that is a blight on the overall game. Beamdog should have been shunned, loudly, for not bringing the interface
  8. bleakwalker/rogue worked fine for me prior to 1.1 and neither class seems to have been axed that badly in the patch -- rogues even benefited from reduced guile cost to sap. i would want to check whether flames of devotion is still a full attack but in my recollection it applied a constitution affliction that then proc'd the rogue sneak attack passive. don't know for RP or tactical reasons what any other rogue/paladin combo would look like. but it's not the most versatile build since w/ paladin you virtually use nothing but FoD for the accuracy and maybe sworn rival and beacon. as aeon said th
  9. I agree w/ much has been said and happy to see some of my earlier suggestions in the summary. The main problem is that priest is //boring//. I had an idea that couldn't be that hard to implement since it is partially used for wizard and would add class distinction while not being op // could substitute for passive abilities allowing more spells per encounter. It builds off the idea that there aren't enough priest specific items too (in contrast to wizard grimoire!): -- implement class-specific relics in the grimoire slot that are switcheable via quick slot and give access to + spell-casts
  10. Yep, arguing that the BG games were easy compared to PoE is just factually incorrect. PoE and Deadfire have no instant death spells, things like imprison and all the various things that could force you to immediately reload. Not to mention it was much easier to end up at -10 HP than it was to lose all your health in PoE or wound-death in Deadfire. I won't even talk about Deadfire, since we know that's easy. But in the original, even on PotD, you could basically charge into every fight and expect to win so long as you had the right level and didn't make immensely dumb decisions. Aside from mayb
  11. i agree it should be more difficult and said so during beta 1.1. i also agree w/ earlier posts on here that one big problem seems to be that there is a tipping point mid-game after which everything is trivial. but from what i've seen, 1.1 //is// a major step forward. that said, many posters are talking like BGI or BGII were so hard before modders got to them or something and i don't know about that. i have been playing BG2: EE and i'm not a hardcore player but i found that it hasn't been that tough after a certain number of hours and amount of experience. some fights like demogorgon seemed
  12. Taking a break from Pillars II for awhile --probably until all the DLC is out in December--but I welcome this patch. Some balance comments on classes I actually play and items: Fighter Glad to see some truly OP abilities go. Rogue Basically unaltered. Rogues still need a skill at PL 8 or so to gain class resource on kill (for single class only). Priest A step, but only a step, in the proper direction. Priest got the balance axe less than other classes and sounds like devs heard some complaints and agreed to make single-target inspirations cast faster. This move was only fair and fully in
  13. I welcome the patch, but I would still strongly suggest that the devs take what is currently named PotD in the Beta patch and just make that into the new Veteran difficulty, then design an even harder PotD. A non-hardcore player like me should be having real trouble killing the bosses on PotD. The Good: I only briefly booted to fight the last major fight of the game but I found it to be a welcome step up and so so much more enjoyable than in vanilla. The boss seemed savvier and less easy to isolate neutralize, using breath spells on the whole party even when tanked. It used breath attacks to
  14. Deadfire is bigger than vanilla POE minus the WM expansions in general but there are dimensions that seem inexplicably smaller. Dungeons: I agree w/ complaints that there are no big dungeons. Extending the undercity further down a few levels would be welcome. Ukaizo should have had a big, challenging dungeon; endgame feels rushed without it. I assume one of the paid DLC is going to be a big dungeon but a big dungeon should have been included in the base game. Items: Deadfire has seemingly few items although most seem actually viable and interesting and I appreciate that uniques are truly u
  15. Good post! Some thoughts on rogues and priests. Rogue: Agreed pretty much entirely. A high PL ability that gives back Guile on kills is a fantastic idea! Right now there is very little incentive to be a pure Rogue IMO, and getting Guile from killing enemies sounds great both mechanically and thematically. As much as I like my multiclass rogues right now, I think it should be a PL8 or 9 ability though, not 7. Something only a single-class rogue can take (they're likely the only ones who would take enough active abilities to make good use of it anyway). Priest: Agreed. Especial
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