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  1. Which I reckon is why they decreased the bonus damage from Baubles of the Fin from +5% to +3%, and reduced all recovery buffs If you are talking about items i agree, but they also reduced recovery from classes as well. That is part of what i disagree.
  2. i vehemently detest how they handled class balance. Instead of buffing the weak classes up to t1 classes what we got instead of is myriad of builds getting destroyed because obsidian felt thats how they should balance. Fook that. People are already playing this game, you cant make this drastic changes mid-way. You want to increase difficulty, buff the weak classes to have their own niche, let every class "retain" their flavour. THEN you balance the Veteran & PotD. I agree, difficulty should be increased greatly, but you should do that on different medium. I am severely disappointed now, an
  3. There should be re-education camps where people were forced to play this until they learned to love it. Up there with 'Elite' and 'Lords of Midnight' in pure genius. Sadly the kind of games that just seems impossible to recapture the "magic" of. Same thing with Master of Orion 2 imho. Yea, and im surprised how few people even know about JA2, it is definately a one of kind game and alot of fun with 1.13 mods as well. MoO2 was at least very famous with 4x players.
  4. Devotions of the Faithful and Dire Blessing is the only reason i used a priest if i am being honest. Everything else she can do, other classes do it far better. Druid is far better at heal over time or damage over time, paladin is alot better at ressurrect or burst heal. And Priests do crappy damage (more so now with Berath nerf). So tell me why should i ever use a priest now, instead of another dps source?
  5. I saw fextralife's 1.1.0 patch video on youtube today and i have to say i disagree with most of the things devs are doing. While i completely agree difficulty veteran and potd should be increased greatly, i believe destroying what makes certain classes strong is absolutely wrong way to go. In first game i felt classes felt a little bland, they did not offer enough diversity between each other, only when you leveled them up you actually felt the real difference but in this game all classes i played were significantly different from the start which felt great. Since devs are readjusting difficul
  6. To be honest i am rather disappointed with companions overall. None of them were interesting enough, and i ended up playing with adventurers most of the game. My second playthrough will definately be adventurer only. And yes i dislike eder as well, its as if he's not witty but he's someone trying to be witty. Nothing like alistair from DAO And i kinda dont understand why people dislike Durance. He literally was the only companion that was well done overall. Great voice actor, and unique dialogue. Never in any other game have i met a priest that would call the goddess he worships a fickle w
  7. ah, i forgot to add Deus Ex, both the original game and Human Revolution are great. Even mankind divided is good despite its length
  8. 1. Planescape Torment 2. Witcher 3 3. Baldur's Gate 2 Shadows of Amn Ofc play the expansions as well, but yea. This would be my top 3 list for the rest i could recommend Vampire the Masquerade : Bloodlines (very highly recommended, i could switch it with Baldur's Gate 2 and not bat an eye) Knights of the Old Republic 1&2 Icewind Dale 1&2 Dragon Age : Origins Jagged Alliance 2 Diablo 2 LOD
  9. For some reason it didnt change stats of companions. I even tried quitting the game and then making a new campaign multiple times. Companions still have their original stats.
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