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  1. We need romances, Outer World had none and the ones in POE 2 were bad. Very important do not remove the race option and the firarms!
  2. The developer rarely decides where his games are being sold, so I doubt Obsidian has anything to do with this decision. Still, if the game is good I will buy it at release though I would have preordered it on Steam.
  3. Tim Cain said that Outer Wolrds has no romances because he thinks that they do not fit with his idea for the game. Not because they lacked the money.
  4. I am so happy that there are no repetitive minigames. They are not fun and simply waste your time. A simple skill check is enough for lockpicking and hacking.
  5. Well, you're going to be disappointed because so far, from what we've seen, the combat is the worst thing in the game lmao I just hope this is the Alpha combat system - a lump of coal still waiting to be polished into a shining diamond I am pretty sure the gunplay will be improved in the coming months. Small details can really make big difference in that area.
  6. It's not a first person shooter! it's an RPG with first person shooter mechanics.
  7. They said that the different areas open op the moment you get the ship. So it appears to be a non linear game.
  8. I would really appreciate being able to hit F5 whenever I want to. The worst example of this I can remember was Alpha Protocoll with it's horrible stealth mechanic I have no idea how much time I wasted reloading to the last checkpoint because the broken AI spottetd me from across the map .
  9. That something I love about Dragon Age, magic is special there and only those who are born with it can use it. The problem is that a society where everyone can throw fireballs just isn't believable. Problem is most people just want to cast spells in their fantasy worlds without thinking how such a world could work.
  10. So with the newest patch Vela is now on the Defiant but she only uses standard sailor lines despite having unique banter. Update!! Checked again and now she is having banter with companions.
  11. They should make the Nature Godlike ears more animal-like, as it has been in the first Pillars.
  12. Torment: Tides of Numenera fits your query just about perfectly. But that game is complete garbage, don't compare it to POE.
  13. In the first POE everone is an outcast. Eder: prays to the wrong god Aloth: fled his own country from his family Sagani: spend years in a foreign land looking for someone Durance: Even his goddess left him. Kana: A scholar travelling around the world Except Pallegina who loves her country but the game suggest that the ducs da not love her. Everyone except the avian godlike has no home they can or want to return to, so they just stick with the watcher since it seems like the best thing to do. In PIllars 2 Maia serves Rauatai, so if she helps the watcher damage the Deadfire Com
  14. What do you rally want to see in an other POE Game, even if you know it will never happen. Personally I want the Lagufeth and Naga as new playable races, at least few of those can actually speak Aedyran. It would be fun to expirence Eora as a non-Kith.
  15. Gothic 2 : it's the closest thing to a flawless RPG. Mass Effect Triology: I just love the universe more than any other Fallout New Vegas: It's a buggy nearly unplayable masterpiece that defines the the word Action CRPG for me. Other great RPGs: Divinity OS 2; Have only played it once but I bellive it's one of the best Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: bad combat but amazing role-playing Dragon Age Origins: It was my first CRPG: fun combat and incredible role-playing
  16. You obviously know nothing about game development, 14mio is basicly nothing in the video game world. Obsidian has 170 employees that need to be payed each month.
  17. None of this matters because there are microbes compared to Steam.
  18. They should implement Coop simply to make sure they don't end up bankrupt, Divinity Original Sin 2 has sold more than 1.2 million units while Pillars of Eternity 2 has sold less than 300.000
  19. Yes please! My Cypher doesn't wear armour so having a least a little DR helps a lot.
  20. Wizzards are absolutley useless because most of their spells are AOE and only seem to hit my allies. Ciphers are the best . How can anyone hate priests? They can heal, buff and cause damage. I never have never used dedicated healers in RPGs because I prefer doing as much DPS as possible but I really like them in POE.
  21. I am also happy that your character now puts his weapon away when walking through the city.
  22. No idea what your were playing but D:OS 2 is much more seroius and much darker than Pillars of Eternity. In D:OS 2 the magisters turn people into killing machines and the first isalnd is a concentartion camp.
  23. Yeah the first POE had too many fights that had no meaning and simply existed to make the game longer. Personally I preferred D:OS 2 approach where every fight had a meaning and was designed to be interesting.
  24. It's all right in my opinion, it has some memorable tracks like Mother Ocean will Lead us Safely Home and All Gods. But it isn't as awesome as Divinity Original Sin 2's soundtrack.
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