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  1. <blush> Thank you for making my day. With that completely wrapped up, then , now we just need to hear from Obsidian!
  2. Being able to save manually is by far the more important, but quicksave is a welcome convenience. (I used the word "quicksave" because it implies manual saving and is a little faster to type. ) I agree with this as well. It feels wrong to gimp the PC version of a game just to minimize code differences between the PC and console builds so that the code's a little easier to maintain. So far, I haven't described why I'm asking about this feature, but I see there are some "what is an RPG?" questions, so maybe now's a good time. I like to explore game worlds. I'll spend many hours
  3. Nobody likes Nazeem. This is known. One thing, though -- I just fired up Alpha Protocol, which I played all the way through a number of years ago, to refresh my memory. What I found was that it was third-person only, and it didn't offer a proper save-anytime function -- it was checkpoint-only. The third-person thing seems to have been cured for TOW, if the demo footage is any indication. I also saw a checkpoint save happen... but I haven't seen the player execute a quicksave. So that leaves me still looking for an Official Comment: regardless of what the console versions do, will
  4. So far I'm liking most of the things I've seen and read about this one. (Falling back on the "evil corporations" trope is the one exception.) But I haven't yet heard any official confirmation of whether quicksave will be supported for the PC version. Is that being implemented, or will the PC version only get console-style checkpoint saving?
  5. PoE is repeatedly appearing to lock up at exactly the same moment in the game, preventing a critical plot action from completing. However, after some troubleshooting, I've found a solution. I'm posting it here in case anyone else might be affected. [spoilers follow.] After entering the Ducal Palace for the Crucible Knights, and following my character's dialog exchanges with the Duc, PoE enters a sort of cutscene mode. The animancer is possessed; the Duc is killed; the Dozens leader kills the hapless animancer, the speaker for the Crucible Knights runs over to the dead animancer and
  6. 1. Will item repair components have weight/encumbrance? Obviously this will determine whether we can be effective at repairing degraded items in the field or have to make frequent trips to the nearest cache of supplies. 2. Will crafting skills and other skills pull from one pool of available character skill points? Or can characters (possibly of only certain classes) maximize both crafting and non-crafting (i.e., combat) skills at the same time? (I know this was hinted at in the conclusion to today's update.) I could argue this one both ways. Allowing fully separate tracks lets players
  7. Very nice to see design thoughts being exposed for discussion. Armchair designers, ho! Armor design, I'd suggest, needs to hit several goals. It should be: simple (both to implement and to understand/use), consistent with other core systems, evocative of the lore, and generally reasonable as a system for gear-based personal defense. Lore guidance is a little tough to see, but from what's been revealed about the world so far it sounds like its objects are meant to feel physically plausible (leather, chain, plate, etc.). They should also help tell stories about the places and people of
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