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  1. I would like to upgrade or create items without the need of a Workbench or Lab Station. Something that resembles a kit that can be placed on any flat surface. I would also like a more interactive Navicomputer and Galaxy Map, similar to that of a Holograph. Also, an intelligent Musical Score, altering composition approach and characteristics according to the alignment and behavior of the user, while remaining under the arrangement specific to each Planet.
  2. It hope Michael Bay introduces Primus in the upcoming film.
  3. He would probably be bald by now... Too many close calls with a Lightsaber.
  4. A combat system similar to that in Ninja Gaiden would be cool. Though, it would require some modifications for an RPG. The actions could to be allocated into broader sets that would then allow them to be broken down or differentiated by holding down a specific direction on the D-Pad after selecting the desired action upon the opponent. This would allow for more Combat Feat variations, such as Flurry and Critical Strike. It could also allow devastating Force-enhanced variations for specific Combat Feats. For example, a Jedi could use Jedi Power Stike, in which the Jedi jumps, fleeting high into the air above the opponent, then descends at comet-like speed to cut the enemy down with extreme force. Example: Press 'A' Button, then press and hold a direction on the D-Pad.
  5. LOL! I wasn't calling you a 'CARP'. I purposefully misspelled crap to avoid breaking forum rules. LadyCrimson deleted the post anyway.
  6. I would have to agree with Xard's statement. The antecedent Sith were accustomed to performing a primitive form of alchemy. They were not yet practitioners of The Force. They were definitely Force adept and due to their potential, the fallen Dark Jedi claimed the race as slaves. Interbreeding occured after this.
  7. I am pretty sure the Sith were actually a primitive race of alchemists native to the planet Korriban. They were conquered and enslaved by a faction of exiled Dark Jedi.
  8. Because it is the SW Universe, general laws of physics aren't just different, they almost dont apply at all, and the laws of energy also don't apply, which makes theories easier to create. But some base laws still apply. It would negate the whole concept of a light saber. It would theorhetically create two opposing sources of "energy", one of light and one of dark, which in combat would go right through each other, thus being possible but not practical. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I understand what you are implying. They are not necessarily opposing energy sources. The Black saber is more exotic or rare in the sense that it does not emit Light. It bends Light similar to that of a geodesic. Because of this, Light cannot be translated within the core of the blade, creating the appearance of a Black environment in the center mass. Also, Light cannot escape because it becomes heavily distorted at the virtual surface. Overall though, it still operates as a Lightsaber in that it slices and dices.
  9. I still disagree, Darth Hades. Energy is energy, Dark or Illuminous. Radiation of Light is not a requirement of energy. Energy may be available in an infinite number of forms for all we know. Additionally, the laws of Physics as we know them may not apply to other regions of the Universe, such as the Star Wars Galaxy. Anyway, here is a quick concept I created. This is more or less what I would consider to be a Black Lightsaber. In this picture you are able to see the Light as it has become attracted and eventally absorbed by the Lightsaber, providing a somewhat of a silhouette surrounding the darker energy that may be visible from certain angles. In this picture the Light is a shade of Blue.
  10. Black would not be possible. Do you know of a Black crystal? Even if they existed, black crystals would be too opaque and lack the clarity to create a focused beam. Putting a black crystal in a saber would be the same as putting water into a car's gas tank. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Good point, Darth Hades. Technically, a Lightsaber is not a Laser. It is impossible for a Laser emission to stop midstream. A Lightsaber does not rely solely on Optics. The Lightsaber is a tool capable of projecting a highly focused arrangement of energy. The illuminating effect may be a result of the energy archetype chosen originally. Given these parameters, it should be possible to define a dark or light variance of energy when constructing a Lightsaber. Though, a Black Lightsaber may require more than just a Black Color Crystal. Perhaps an alternative Energy Cell.
  11. Here are the colors I would choose if I had a choice: Cerulean Blue Vermillion Red Jade Green Black I would expect a Black Lightsaber to resemble an intense shadow or perhaps a complete void of matter alltogether, consuming Light instead of projecting it. We could call it the Darksaber.
  12. Yeah... As I stated earlier, I think the primary source of the anomaly may be the individual's distinguishing biological reaction to the corruption of the Dark Side, which is communicated symbiotically via Midi-chlorians.
  13. ...Zabrak and Arkanian might be cool too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Verpine race located on Nickel One in the Roche Asteroid Belt.
  14. Good question. Some people believe the eyes to be the gateway to a person's Soul. Personally, I think it is quite possible "Sith eyes" are simply a manifestation of the Dark Side in correlation with the magnitude in which a Sith has become consumed by it and the individual biological repercussions of it's corruption via the Midi-chlorian.
  15. Ferocity is Vaapad. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Seems so. Think it was also Palpatine's style of attack which was used against Windu in Episode III: ROTS. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No no no, Mace used Vaapad AGAINST Palpy in Eps 3. Mace knew it well and was about the only person who did, at least, to the extent he did. Palpy was said to be a user of either Ataru, or Niman, forms IV and VI respectively. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It is a little difficult for me to decide. Palpatine used a highly developed and deceptive style. He appeared to place the center of gravity towards the center, or perhaps even at the end of his Lightsaber. This would provide the illusion of his Saber being denser or more restrictive, when in fact it is not. This could easily be the root of an erroneous response on behalf of his opponent.
  16. Both of you are correct... to an extent. Modern Lightsabers were developed immediately following the Great Hyperspace War (5,000 BBY) but, the original Lightsabers were developed by the Jedi approximately 15,000 BBY, then in frequent usage by the Hundred Year Darkness (7,000 BBY). Tulak Hord lived after the Hundred Year Darkness (7,000 - 5,000 BBY)
  17. You sure, Xard? Of course, the Sith species were not aware of the Lightsaber until they were conquered by the exiled faction of Dark Jedi. Tulak Hord was after this.
  18. Midi-chlorians are only symbiotic organisms that communicate the will of The Force. A larger concentration would most likely result from prolonged exposure to them. Passing them down as a gene does not seem relavent since the Host is benefitting from them as a separate organism.
  19. Exile is the wound, Revan is the antiseptic... BWWAAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  20. Why? Kotor serie is Xbox serie, not Playstation one <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For now it is...
  21. I am mainly hoping for some serious PS3 hardware utilization.
  22. They may be in for a serious revamping then. Especially if they want anything to do with the Next Gen Consoles.
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