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  1. I have a big feeling that both Revan and the Exile will be included in KOTOR III's storyline.
  2. LOL I have modded that bug so you CAN romance them as a female... ~DN~ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HAHAHAHA! NICE!... Now we just need a Mod allowing females with Mullet hairstyles.
  3. None. The appearance of power possessed by a Jedi/Sith can only be provided by The Force and without it they are nothing. I believe a strong or weak connection to The Force resides within one's ability and desire to learn more about The Force and it's simultaneous connection to all living entities.
  4. Kotor is way better than Jedi Academy.Better story,that's not even debatable.For me the combat system was better than in Jedi Academy.More force powers in Kotor than in JA.The only point which JA can beat Kotor in my opinion is in the multiplayer mode because kotor does not have one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would have to agree with Revan Sky's comment. As for the combat in KOTOR II, hopefully a much more extensible and intuitive combat system will be implemented in KOTOR III.
  5. If you are experiencing problems locating the indivudual issues, just pick up the Trade Paperback (TBP) contaning the issues of the desired storyline.
  6. This may be true but, what is Power? Define Power. This is a very general term that is easily misinterpreted. Power can be altered by environmental circumstances or even one's perception of the word. Documented it may be, Sidious' power in correlation with an ever-changing entity such as The Force is unknown.
  7. I would stab your ****ing throat and bite your leg off, then throw you out of the damn car and you'd never see it again! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> YEAH! HAHAHA! Too bad I would break every bone in your pathetic body before you could pull that off.
  8. I agree that Sidious was indeed the most influential Sith, but not the most powerful. Change is inductive to Time. It is inevitable that people change with Time. The Universe is in a constant state of change. As is The Force. These characters are nothing without The Force. Power is temporary, if at all existent.
  9. First, that wasnt a choise, second, that just shows you're power hungry and wouldnt make it as a Jedi anyhow. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> First, you can't spell. Second, you are completely unaware of my intentions. Third, for someone who claims to be of the Light, you have quite the spiteful personality.
  10. Enhanced Byrothsis Lens Refined Phobium Emitter Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell Qixoni, Ankarres Sapphire, and/or Sapith Crystal
  11. I believe Anakin would have far surpassed Luke's abilities had he not failed recklessly during his confrontation with Obi-Wan while transitioning to the Dark Side.
  12. I would have to go with Jedi Grand Master.
  13. I choose Bao-dur. His patient demeanor would grant him the ability to be a very powerful character.
  14. How about... Knights of the Old Republic III: Dark Legacy
  15. LOL!... "Knights of the Old Republic III: Knights of the Old Republic"... LOL!
  16. I own all but two issues of the Tales of the Jedi comic series. It is a great series and I would recommend them to anyone interested in Star Wars history prior to the happenings within the KOTOR games. As Levar Burton would say, "Don't take my word for it" - Check them out at the following link. Tales of the Jedi I am currently reading the first book in a series of upcoming books labeled Star Wars - Legacy of The Force: Betrayal. It is awsome so far. Check out this Hyperlink for more details. A Closer Look at Betrayal
  17. Yes. Thank you. I would very much like to get this thread going in the right direction, please. Also, please save any rude, insulting, or blatantly loud and ignorant comments for an off-topic thread. Make this fun for everyone. Thank you. Anyone have any Force related suggestions, ideas, or even self-made concepts for KOTOR III? If you do, they will be welcomed here.
  18. Everyone, please feel free to contribute and discuss any KOTOR III Force-related suggestions, ideas, or concepts here.
  19. Hello fellow Obsidians! Here is the new thread dedicated to potential KOTOR III Force Abilities. HAvE fUn!
  20. I would typically retain Atton for his proficiency with a Blaster and Kriea for Jedi Support.
  21. TRUE DAT! TRUE DAT! HAHAHAHA!... Well... relatively speaking, Good is Bad and Bad is Good. "Good" is in the eye of the beholder, buddy.
  22. Yeah i craked up when i saw palpatine <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HAHAHAHA!... Some acting skills are definitely not in place.
  23. HAHAHAHA!... OH YES!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Some of the judges were actually in favour of the Republic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Republic does not denote "Good". Regardless, they were all annoying.
  24. It was actually mentioned in Star Wars novel called "The Courtship of Princess Leia"
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