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  1. I voted for Taris. There was more character interaction. Yeah, destroying the same droids over and over gets a little old.
  2. This sort of reminds me of Luke Skywalker discovering the remains of Chu'unthor on the planet Dathomir.
  3. It would also be great if users could manipulate the visual properties of Force Abilities, such as Hue/Color and Intensity, in turn adding a more personal touch to the user's game play.
  4. Ziost Malastare Ambria (Thon's Homeworld) Ossus Dathomir Fullucia Langoria Ando Prime (Arca Jeth's Jedi Academy) Polis Massa Corellia Alderaan Roche Astroid Field (Verpine Technology) Arkania
  5. Lucasfilm Pressroom Select LucasArts Publicty from the drop-down menu. You must be a member of an accredited media source, though. Good luck.
  6. Here are the Star Wars Spacecraft I am most fond of... Super Star Destroyers: Eclipse (Owner: Emperor Palpatine Clone), Executor (Owner: Darth Vader) Starfighters: Virago (Owner: Prince Xizor), Slave II (Owner: Boba Fett)
  7. Lightsaber Combat: Improved Automation Gloves Melee Combat: Echani Accuracy Gloves
  8. Nice... Some new droid models would definitely be cool. Just keep in mind that the KOTOR story is placed approximately 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin on the Star Wars Timeline, so the R2 model Astro Droids do not exist yet.
  9. HMMMMMM... Interesting. Recently, I've been working on some Expanded Universe themed pieces. Mostly sketches and portfolio quality work. I will make a note to scan some in for you guys/gals sometime soon.
  10. Not hard at all. Your Skill placement throughout the game will affect your ability to construct certain Lightsaber components. My Favorite Combination: Enhanced Byrothsis Lens Refined Phobium Emitter Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell Qixoni Crystal and/or Sapith Crystal
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