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  1. well well the wabbit is back???

  2. yEa dEEZ niKKAZ bLock oUt aNy wORD

  3. ha thIs dUmBfuk rAbbit is g0ne 0nlY 2 m0 lEfT

  4. Really lookin to get Saints Row 2,Silent Hill V, madden 09, and resident evil 5 and the new starwars force unleashed game
  5. what do you mean i dont know any other way to get the door open in vogga's warehouse on nar shadaa other than blasting it
  6. 4 minutes- Madonna Damn my girlfriend keeps playin this song over and over
  7. did you try blasting the door panel that's what i always do its difficult to get the code
  8. there this ho has been taken care of i pm'ed fio and he got rid of the account

  9. Idlewild (whole album) - Outkast
  10. yeah princess leia looked fine in that part of the movie
  11. Yes, why? just wondering i need some help on the mission where you kill lee hong (i think that's his name) because i keep getting shot down and can't find an easier way of beating it
  12. Souljah boy-Crank dat souljah boy I swear if i ever see that crappy so called rapper im goin to pop his ass
  13. I've been thinking about getting that for some time. Is it any good? Gameplay/storywise Yeah the gameplay is better than the other hitmans you can customize your weapons and you can dispose the bodies of people you kill. You can also go to casinos,a rehab clinic, a theater, a wedding party, and a cruise ship. But i recommened you dont play on easy because you'll end up beating the game in about 3 or 4 hours.
  14. go to the pazzakk den (not sureif that's how you spell it) and defeat the champ that's what i do
  15. Venni Vetti Vecci (whole cd)- Ja Rule
  16. hellz na probaly some fat ass ugly ass bitch

  17. Kotor 1 i usually play with female In kotor 2 i play male seing as i hate that guy that goes with you instead of the handmaiden
  18. With Every great game series the first one is always the best although some things in the second were better than the orginal the thing that was better about Kotor 2 was that your companions can follow your path to either the light or dark side. But for me the Original
  19. About to install Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight as of right now playing Kotor on the 360
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