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  1. well im back after a two week absence

  2. *Shoots Accept with laser* Kewl. Me keep this now. that i would love to see
  3. well tihs is me another alt

  4. well looking forward to playing halo 3 gonna go to circuit city at midnight on the 25th to buy it and gonna get svdr 08 in october
  5. oh sorry that accepts a jerk :shifty:

  6. now im gonna drop the feud with the architect and focus on my feud with accept :shifty:

  7. seriously why do you guys constantly talk about emos :shifty:

  8. i hate to say but architect im gonna help burn this bitch

  9. now i think im gonna start a feud with accept

  10. watching pulp ficiton i bought the 2 disk dvd today its been at least 5 years since ive seen it
  11. pekinese i think thats how you spell it

  12. Jay-Z is whack all the new rap is they cant rhyme for ****
  13. ea skate ea managed to pull it off and beat tony hawk
  14. those are the devils eyes

  15. oh yes accept those eyes are the devils eyes

  16. no omelette the bitch fight didnt start till you came

  17. Thanks for your comments accept

    i finally agree with you

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