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  1. well the tropical storm erin is hitting texas right now with bunch of rain in san antonio
  2. watching the condemned now i know why i did not do good at the box office
  3. once again Menace 2 Society i simply can't stop watching it for some reason
  4. trombone's suck drums i use to play drums

  5. thinking of going to six flags tomorrow but have to call some friends first it's boring when i go alone
  6. playing a hell in a cell match on smackdown vs raw 07
  7. no if i drink on a week day i skip the next day but know only weekends and friday night i drink two weeks back to school and after school work time

  8. playing the thing again 2 of my squad members got muatated and attacked me and another squad member
  9. We have already addressed the game issue, and I am not sure how "pop-ups" affect you gaming experience -you don't get them while you're in a game-. You can play with friends, sometimes more than sixty at a time, on a PC, and you can connect your PC to a surround sound and/or TV. Personally I have a 5.1 stereo system on my PC, and I have a HDTV available if I want a bigger screen. Furthermore, you can mod games on the PC, something that is illegal in the 360. 360!360!
  10. And why is it? You have not proved how the 360 is better than a good PC... better games no pop ups play with friends won't break as much can play on a big screen loud sound
  11. You, mostly, use the mouse; something that is easy and has a faster turning speed than your 360 controller. no it's not lets forget it 360 is the dominant system
  12. butto move you have to press the up button a hundred times while on 360 you just push the thumbstck up
  13. First, I installed Oblivion in under three minuets so you either have a really old, or crappy, PC or have no idea of how long it takes to install something. Secondly, the a mouse and keyboard will always out preform a controller. not better than a good old 360 controller
  14. sign up with death row! the best selling rap lable ever but be careful with suge knight he often threaten's his artist like he has done to snoop and 2pac
  15. What about better graphics? What about better controls and games? controls suck on pc besides why spend 50 minutes waiting to play those so called better games when you can just pop in the disk and get set on a 360
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