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  1. It says that the exile told his crew to stay at telos to wait for his return and mira took a ship and followed the ebon hawk. So she loves him
  2. Obviously it is a vision of how the exile's journey down the dark path began "
  3. I think she does because she followed him to malachor and no one else did the exile told everyone to stay at telos but why did she follow him
  4. Oh my the tank droid is so easy if you have grenades
  5. revan he know to defeat the sith empire he would have to be the dark lord of the sith
  6. Ebon Hawk obviosly because it can out run any of those freighters
  7. I think the first because it is more challenging and you don't have to build a lightsaber or any of that stuff
  8. no George lucas will ran out of his mountain of money but jenniffer hale would play bastilla
  9. It is possible for bastila to be the great master of the new jedi order because she know's more than the exile's companions
  10. Revan is from deralia somewhere in the outer rim duh
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