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  1. see he pisses off everyone hahah

  2. sorry omelette about the comment i posted but architect just pisses of everyone off i see everyone's pro and his comments are trash and everyone gets pissed

  3. we dont like i dont see them posting gay ass comments like you gay bitch you always view tale's accept's xard's pro and mine get the **** outta dodge

  4. omelette accept

    architect xard shut the **** Up!!!! bastards

  5. hey accept i dont drink alot well only like 10 beers on a saturday

  6. i got the ice cube AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted album and listening to it
  7. playing the condemned finally got it up and running
  8. you probaly suck at playing the guitar that's why you hate it
  9. Overheating, un-fixable game errors -like the 1.2 Oblivion patch error that affects all SI players unless they edit a file in the game data folder-, etc. and don't forget 360 has guitar hero 2 Bahh, that is one of the most overrated games in existence... BOT: Neverwinter Nights HotU don't be jealous you have not even played guitar hero 360 is the best face it
  10. ha.bmpi've been playing this badass game all day
  11. which song should i play free bird the beast and the harlot no killing in the name
  12. all ready got a 100% on the world is yours and gonna play guitar hero some more
  13. i can finally have a good day since the tropical storm erin is gone and the sun is out
  14. well in guitar hero i like to play killing in the name by rage against the machine
  15. only four minutes of lyrics then just the rest is guitar
  16. it's hard for me to play free bird on guitar hero but sweet child is very easier
  17. this is the reason i don't like revenge of the sith because of the kids
  18. wish we had a major league hockey team all we have is the stupid spurs
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