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  1. About to install Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight as of right now playing Kotor on the 360
  2. I got the message too actually twice the first time i received was on the 6th and i got it again yesterday im reporting to the mods or ill just give this spammer a piece of my mind
  3. it had an email adress said she was 23 and wanted to know more about me

  4. here we go this spam s*** sent me another message

  5. Shout At The Devil (Album)-Motley Crue
  6. i think it is bokishi this person sent me a random message

  7. Just Bought The Carter 3 and i have to say this is some best rap music ever since the game's album the doctor's advocate. Proves Little Wayne is the Best Rapper Alive
  8. You know what I MEan About Mary Jane

  9. Just got through watching da hip hop witch about to watch home of the brave
  10. Hello Accept Remember Me

  11. well later tonight gonna go to gamestop and pick up guitar hero 3 for 360. I just hope there won't be so many damn people
  12. saw hannibal rising earlier i finnaly got it form netflix
  13. dont worry i was checkin my pro the whole time

  14. once again beat halo 3 and playing the good old wwf no mercy
  15. well saw the condemned again seriously i cant stop watching it
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