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  1. ha!!!!! i am the only one talking on this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. um, this is awkward, just remember i didnt say that crap

  3. im serious, that was my friend, i am not perverted or lying, he says hes sorry and was just playing around

  4. sorry, my friend is weird, i dont want to see you naked lol...sorry (stupid friend) i aint a perv, but i have no email so forget the first 2 posts, sorry

  5. stupid friend said that, hes standing next to me at my computer, i meant to say i would like to see a picture of you but i have no email

  6. what on earth, blessing was hitting on me on my own pm, by the way blessing, how did you see my profile? and i dont have email although i would like to see u naked

  7. there this ho has been taken care of i pm'ed fio and he got rid of the account

  8. hellz na probaly some fat ass ugly ass bitch

  9. it had an email adress said she was 23 and wanted to know more about me

  10. here we go this spam s*** sent me another message

  11. any one stupid enugh to visit "it" at the site "it" advertised?

  12. Same story here . She will send me her picture and "explain" herself :D


    Hi, i'm a 12 year old script wizzy and i made this spam bot" :p

  13. Place for spam? Awesome! Increase **** length with my product. Only $59.99! PM me!

  14. I feel so let down... she said she'd 'explain' herself to me. :(

  15. I doubt there is need to report now. Thanks Hades.

    That PM was just annoying. The PM box freaking private, I want ****ing bots out of it!

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