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  1. well tihs is me another alt

  2. more and more proof krookie is gay

  3. and krrokie if he got a job hed be workng at mcdonalds for not going to colleage

  4. You are a bitch not a gangsta and do u live in kentucky

  5. go um

    get a job

    and move out of compton

  6. gonna play 50 cent bulletproof and finish it then play 25 to life online
  7. Kill every *person that has sexual relations with his/her mother* that gets in my way
  8. listeng to two bitches on this forum jedi killer and krookie
  9. go *uck your mama ****

  10. you and chris are gay

  11. nah krookie's the white boy he's lucky i don't *uckin kill him

  12. you and chris are gay

  13. and go **** your mama bitch

  14. hey laozi tell jedi killer to kill himself and get with me

  15. ignore chris hes just talking out of his ass

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