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  1. At this location: The difficulty to defeat banes is increased by 5. Possible Wild cards: 1) The difficulty to defeat banes is increased by 5. 2) The difficulty of all checks is increased by 4. +14 to banes? That gecko almost tripled in size! It went from an 8 difficultly to a 22. Can't wait
  2. Just want to make sure, are you sure you haven't completed said scenario already? If you already completed a scenario on both Normal and Heroic, gold will not be rewarded upon completion of those difficulties anymore. Those are one time rewards. You must play legendary to gain any gold upon completion. You can still earn gold by defeating enemies and closing locations on any difficulty though. Lastly, you need to be connected to your account AS WELL AS stay online to keep that account connected in order to gain gold and access the store. If you find yourself in the situation you're in but you have access to the store, then you indeed have a bug in your game.
  3. Spell Ward Shield is by far the most broken damage reducing card right now. No matter how much damage you take you can reduce it to 0 just by revealing it.
  4. What sucks is i can reproduce this easily every time i start this scenario. The half fix would be to just forfeit, head back to adventure selection screen and then close-reopen the app. This usually fixes it but right after i complete the scenario and start RimeSkull again i just get the bug again. I need to keep doing this over and over again and while i can usually play with the bug, it's extremely annoying when my turn is forfeited from a failure of the start of turn check.
  5. Something almost similar happened to me but it was in Quest mode. So the villain was Gogmurt and i encountered him twice, and both times i lost the battle so he escaped. When i was down to my last location and last card, i would assume it would be Gogmurt... but it wasn't, Gogmurt was nowhere to be seen. Once i finished this final encounter the game just ended, with a victory of course. I'm guessing the way it's coded is that if there is no villain to be fought, once all locations are closed the game ends and a victory is rewarded. It's just like how Local heroes is done with the exception that it doesn't have any villains.
  6. I want to say that Ghoul Bat does indeed bury any used magic cards when there's another encounter that is triggered with said enemy. It is not limited to just Longtooth. I had this happen with Scribbler in AD5. Not funny...
  7. Again, point of view: legendary mode and 6 characters. I personally think Harsk can perform just well on his own AND be able to help others too. I find that with the release of AD5 he got a bigger support buff than other characters. Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2 is a BEAST. I understand that it won't work against monsters immunity to poison, which is just about every undead in the game, but for every other monster it should guarantee a win. If you heavily invest in Sniper's shot all the way to +4, and get reload you will have to settle with a hand size of 6, which is not all entirely bad. Yes you do have to use 2 cards but none of these cards get discarded at all, they just get recharged. With all that stated, you can add to any other character's combat as much 8-14 on their roll( 2d4 +6 using true sniper shot + discarding crossbow which will be recharged). That's pretty good imo considering none of them are blessings, which usually get discarded anyway, and you can further use those blessings for exploring. Now that i got support out of the way, what about solo? He should already have a +7 check when using a ranged weapon. Revealing the VHC+2 puts him to +9. If the monster you're fighting is immune to poison you will not be able to discard it BUT you can still use it by revealing it (thank god!). But for everything else, your're looking at a 1D8 + 1D10 + 1D12 +9 for a total of 12-39, with an average roll of 25.5. Adding a few checks from other items like Evangelist and Ebon Thorn gives him as much as 15 minimum roll, not too shabby. Solo is definitely not his problem here especially when his support is just as great. Besides where else are you going to put his points in? I tend to get the feats that benefits me in the long run. I reevaluated miraculous wisdom a bit, based on longshot's post, to have some use, there are many things out there that require wisdom check, but seeing as i usually just play in a 6 character party i'll just let my other guys do the blessing work for me. It's somewhat a bit of a gamble to want to win with his own 1D6 wisdom + 1D12 from feat on some wisdom checks so you end up using altogether 2 or more blessings in the long run, making this feat not all that useful. Still just an opinion. I mean if a harpy did show up i'll suffer the consequences, especially because it's a 6 character party. The whole team usually gets messed up with their location anyway so what is 1 more (harsk) going to matter? And once again, harpies don't show up all the time so this feat isn't as useful to me as opposed to maybe playing sniper shot every other combat. I leave the rest of the stuff up to your preference, like blessings, items, and ally choice. Final point and this has to do with spells, but it also applies to every character without arcane or divine trait. I personally find you don't need Nature's Gift unless you really want to keep said spell and it's not easily gotten from the "box". If you play your cards well and not intentionally get spells from exploring, you can grab any spell you like after the scenario ends, albeit most of them probably tend to be divine traits though. I like to think Nature's gift instead as a way to recharge said spell for later use. Problem is his wisdom stat is rather low so in the end it's going to end up in the discard pile anyway. It's like 1 and done and with the feat you keep it. But without the feat it's still 1 and done and play it well you still get it back at the end and you have an extra power point into something else.
  8. Well i guess i can count it as repayment for what happened to my wand earlier about 2 months ago where it just disappeared on me for no reason after i buried it.
  9. it's only 100-200 gold, no biggie. some of these daily quests can take longer than 30 minutes to complete when you can get almost twice that much in 15 or so minutes playing a legendary scenario.
  10. I bring to you guys attention another video. Sorry for the quality and lack of sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwC5QclnJxw&feature=youtu.be Whole scenario is out of whack. The game thinks all my characters are Ezren and/or at the Academy. A vault round trip doesn't fix this and neither does restarting the app. 1st bug: If i fail the constitution check roll from location power, after discarding a card, the game will give me the explore/forfeit prompt. This means i am unable to play cards beforehand, i must explore during this event or i can't explore afterwards. But If i succeed the check i can take my turn as normal. 2nd bug: If i acquire any magic item with any other character than Ezren, the game will let me explore, but only once for that turn. The game thinks I'm Ezren or something. 3rd bug: You don't see it here but if all other locations are closed besides the middle, and a character is still at a closed location, I MUST succeed in their constitution check or i do not get to move at all. Also the location power indicates that all characters have to move to the middle at last stone head closing (while abiding to game rules). My other characters that are adjacent to the middle location that are at a different location than the one that was just closed did not move at the time of the closing of the last stone head.
  11. Before you heckle me, my point of view is only from playing on legendary mode and 6 characters. Perhaps maybe it's my characters that are well geared, but i find all scenarios that are not legendary mode to be pretty easy. It's the restrictive movement on legendary mode that causes me to waste all my cards on exploring. Also a few new wildcards and their combination for the scenario are just impossible to complete 5.4. I said it in my other post but the game bugged out on me on 5.4 legendary mode after killing all villains. I was forced to close all locations before the game could end but all my characters were too far away from the last location for closing. And i would've been able to close it too had it not been the restrictive movement and bug. But let's just say for the moment that the bug didn't occur and i successfully won that scenario. Playing with 6 characters, I actually had an extremely difficult time trying to defeat the villains. If you meet one too early it is an automatic +5 difficulty check to defeat other villains. If you fail the combat, well you shouldn't, you lose a bunch of turns and i can guarantee you won't complete the scenario. With that said, yeah i guess it all comes down to luck, closing as many locations as soon as possible to prevent more use of blessings from a temporary location close. I finally settled with 2 characters and i did a half-assed job at trying to complete it. I restarted like a dozen few times because i wanted to change the wildcards and also because i lost miserably to the villains at the festering maze. After an hour of failure I started playing like a wreck, like i just didn't care anymore once i failed to close a location and the villain defeat-escaped at least twice, increasing the difficulty to nearly 40+. At this point there almost would be no way of me winning this if the final villain had a 50+ check. Somehow i won... but let me tell you, i am NEVER playing this scenario EVER AGAIN.
  12. I really like to believe this was an oversight by the developers and not just something they haven't playtested or thought out throughly when playing on legendary mode. With issue 2: Based on the golden rule, scenarios overrule locations so by that definition, on legendary mode, on last location closed, no character can move to sihedron circle unless they are adjacent to it, so it is working as intended. With issue 1: it has been reported many times that this behavior is abnormal. However, i do not know if the devs have acknowledged this yet or they know about it but are not telling us it is. The easy fix would be to just do a round menu/vault trip back into the game. I do believe this is just an error in coding and so an oversight by the devs. I don't like the bug but let's face it, it isn't as bad as the other nasty bugs that are present and unfixable, just annoying. Also, going back to the golden rule, again scenarios overrule locations so you shouldn't be able to move. HOWEVER the game shouldn't lockup either and force you to do menu trips to avert this. mccrispy, i respect your response, i'm all for coming up plans and thinking before completing each legendary scenario but this isn't really the issue here. The game just locks up, you can't move anywhere and the game won't proceed if you have no adjacent locations to move.
  13. So this means i could take each new character and complete AD5 over and over again until i have as many revelation quills as i wanted on all my characters? Sounds pretty cheap.
  14. Sigh... this is the hardest scenario so far i've ever faced playing with 6 characters on legendary difficulty. I cornered and defeated 3 villains but let 1 of them escape(that's a +15 to combat check against last villain), burned all my blessings trying to explore, and just when i finish the last villain with 4 blessings/turns left the game wouldn't end. I was so happy for a moment and then that happiness turned into anger. It's bad enough trying to use all my blessings up trying to close all these locations, but i also have to defeat these guys and overspending is probably a must. Because of this bug it would seem i have to close 1 last location but the problem was everyone was too far away from it and the remaining character there already used up all their blessings for combat aid. Ended up failing the quest. Props to those that were actually able to do it with 6 characters with and without the bug. My guys are pretty powered up with good cards and i still can't complete this.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w51SDi2HFU&feature=youtu.be You have to watch the video to see what i'm talking about. I have not one but TWO wand of enervations in my deck. I moved one to another character and tested this out in a scenario. At the end of the scenario the items are still there. Story mode: What i can recall happening is that I was fighting a shining child at the prison at AD5.1 with seoni. The only cards in my hand was a Brodert Quink and Wand of enervation. I couldn't win but i at least wanted to defeat it so i don't discard. I used a wand of enervation and then borrowed blessings from other characters, none of which that required recharging, and eventually defeated it. That's all I had with an interaction with the wand. I forfeited the game because i was actually farming for an ally and the next thing i knew was that Seoni had two wand of enervations in her hand.
  16. Oh i'm aware of the campaign cards and having multiples but i wasn't sure about treasure cards. Which actually brings me to my next point where I have just encountered the duplication bug. I'll create it in another topic in technical support.
  17. I'm talking about the treasure loot cards you can get from completing scenarios for the first time. Wand of enervation, sihedron medallion, snakeskin tunic, etc. If so, wouldn't it be pretty gamebreaking to have all your characters have revelation quills, never encounter an unwanted bane again AND find the henchman/villain with at most 6 explores. So i'm guessing no, which is why the sihedron medallions have different scenario numbers to differentiate them. Or does it only apply to some treasure cards? I'm still veering in the direction of no.
  18. I have seen this also happen with other location movement powers such as the Temple by discarding 2 cards to evade an enemy and then move to the temple. My turn immediately ended after that and my game softlocked unfortunately. https://youtu.be/PVBsg9vN7hE
  19. I can double confirm to you that the culprit here is the Roc itself and not anything else. On another incident I have only 1 location left and while exploring this only location I encountered a Roc. I failed the check and was unable to resolve Roc's ability. The blue button does nothing and pretty much the game softlocked. Vault trips do nothing, the game is literally frozen.
  20. A vault trip will let you resume with the game without having to move any characters. It's the only fix we have right now.
  21. I want to also note that after defeating a villain by cornering him you will be able to move all characters at current location that has just been closed. At this point DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT go to any menu trips, vault trips, etc. or you will end up soft-locking the game and forced to forfeit. The "confirm actions" text and also the non-functional blue arrow button pops up but as stated the button does nothing, soft-locking the game. I did encounter another bug where i defeated all 3 villains by cornering them but the game did not end. The fix was that I just had to close all locations and the game ended in a victory. Unsure why that happened because in another attempt i was able to end the game after the 3rd villain is defeated. All have been 6 party games if that mattered.
  22. I suppose this happens if your user interface is situated for tablet? but I'm playing on phone interface right now and the location power text DO NOT disappear from the locations. That being said not all location powers after closing activate, only some do and the Crypts of Gluttony happens to be one that does.
  23. I'm not aware if location powers are supposed to work after they're closed but there are many that do and do not work that are closed. Based on what I have seen it is NOT supposed to work so I'm guessing it is indeed a bug.
  24. Story mode: 6 characters, heroic difficulty at AD5.5, everybody starts at Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony because why not. Wildcard is close quarters(-2 hand size) Turn 1 starts with Sajan heading to Shimmering Veils of Pride and immediately finds the henchman and defeats it. I play all my blessings to try to close Shimmering Veils of Pride, i tap on the die to proceed with roll. Success, and then game proceeds to recharge cards from other characters (Kyra's/Seelah's Blessing, spells and what not). The very last recharge was from my turn character, Sajan, because of the location power requiring me to recharge a card after i succeed a check. I pressed recharge and what presumably happened is that i obtained the next card in the current location deck. Shimmering Veils of Pride was NOT closed but when I went to check my map all of a sudden Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony was closed. Remember, everybody started there. I think recharging from other characters interfered with the closing of Shimmering Veils of Pride, but I dunno. Shimmering Veils of Pride seems to be very buggy and i believe some people already know that they have had their whole hand recharged even when they succeed a roll against simulacrum of vraxeris's recharge ability. I've closed other locations while having to recharge cards from other characters before but never saw a wrong location being closed through this process. So naturally i just assume that Shimmering Veils of Pride is very buggy.
  25. I feel like i know what you're saying about the cure part not working. I have had this happen a few times prior to this update. Like with the Father Zantus card, which also heals, being reported as not working. I know there were posts with other people claiming that it doesn't work and i just had to test it myself. But it works so i have no idea what that poster is talking about. But recently, about a week before the new update I encountered the healing bug myself (including zantus) and was able to replicate it a few times. I couldn't explain why it happened but it just seemed to happen with extended gameplay. The longer i play without stopping the more likely it is that the heal bug will be triggered. I can't give you a play by play of what happened previously because there's no way i can remember what i did earlier. I can't give you a fix and this post may have seemed irrelevant to you but I tried to give some information about the bug. I think, don't take my word for it, restarting the app "could" fix this but i could be wrong.
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