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  1. Yep, same. Because of this right now Trouble in sandpoint is uncompletable. Once you do the check to see if you discard from blessing deck, Koruvus comes back but then gets put to the side and the fight with the Wrathful Sinspawn appears over and over and over and over again until the game decides it wants to let you go.. and then immediately end the battle, putting Koruvus back on top of the library. Repeat neverending cycle.
  2. Yes. No (that's why the Longbows say you use "Dexterity or Ranged skill + your Strength *DIE*" and not "...+ your Strength *SKILL*). Aww that sucks, i was hoping i can put her str to good use but that's too bad now. I guess it would be a bit overpowering somewhat. Thanks for the information!
  3. If i discard any blessing to add to her combat dexterity check, will she get to recharge said blessing? Also, if she has a normal dex + 0 and str + 3, and uses a bow that adds both dexterity and str. dices, does she get a raw + 3 from str?
  4. I don't want to ridicule the developers but this update... seriously... how did they **** this up this badly? The bug is that you can play ANY card from your deck/library when the situation calls for. Need a blessing? Grab it from your deck. Using Sajan? Recharge your whole deck FROM your whole deck. http://oi68.tinypic.com/168btcg.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/jafli0.jpg http://oi63.tinypic.com/ih8o5s.jpg First turn of the game, definitely no way you can do this. Also when I open the deck to see my cards I can't seem to close it with the X button. I need to click in open space to close it.
  5. I defeated the henchmen and had to roll a charisma check. If i fail this roll I can close the location. However, if i succeed the charisma check and take a boon, the game didn't give m the option to close the location. This pretty much forces me to forgo the check to take a free boon in return for closing the location. EDIT: It seems to be random. So far it happened to me twice where i was not given the option but just right now for I got a boon and was able to close the location. I wonder if it had anything to do with the type of boon picked up.
  6. Here's another one. I had Lini and another character (i forget who, probably Seelah) at the same location and Lini revealed Nualia, causing her to do the force damage check against it. It rolled a 4, so i had to discard 3. Problem is Lini had no cards to start with. I pressed the next button to move on to next screen and the game just crashes to my home screen. I reopen the game and the same thing happens. This is happening on Samsung Galaxy S6 android 6.1.
  7. Been playing for only a few days and I came across the branching classes in the powers section but have no idea how to get them. I can't find the rules in the game to explain them either. Can someone tell me how to do all this? Thanks!
  8. I wonder if they can make the selection bigger. The options are too small to select and most of the time the menu just closes. My thumbs are big yes but still, the options are pretty small and cluttered.
  9. I made a post about this bug in another section but I think it deserves to be here. So what happens is I activate sneak attack. Now i have to choose a card and then choose either recharge or discard. After pressing either option i pressed the undo button on the left (red X). The cards i used for the character are supposed to return to me, but the card recharged or discarded through sneak attack just floats there. Now i'm aware you can just drag the card back to the hand but the fact that it doesn't come back to my hand automatically is a bug in itself. Now here's the gambreaking part, you can recharge the cards and since they don't come back to your hand you can keep on doing this until you have no cards in hand. After the turn ends to draw cards, the recharged cards get put back and you can draw an entirely new hand. Also this method you can potentially avoid high damage from unexpected losses from the fight. Of course i wouldn't use the beneficial bug to my advantage but new players would seeing as they might not have a clue what just happened there.
  10. Yep you can drag it back but it is indeed a bug because if you don't then the cards get whichever one you picked, discarded or recharged. This means you can recharge and draw a whole new hand if needed, or potentially avoid a high amount of damage from an unwinnable fight.
  11. I see, thank you. I guess I'll just spend all that i have now since i'm really engaged in the game.
  12. So I only have 2 default characters the game starts you off with and there are times where when i want to recharge/discard (and hopefully not bury/banish) a card and then hit the undo button but the card is not refunded. For example: I want to sneak attack with merisiel. I tap the button and it will ask me to either recharge or discard any card i have tapped on. Sometimes when i select either one and then hit the undo button on the left side (the red X) to take back all my cards for that character, the card i recharged or discarded isn't put back into my hand, instead it just floats there if discarded or recharged. This seems gamebreaking and actually gives you an advantage and i'm not too familiar with the rulebook since i only just started this game.
  13. Is this common, or perhaps a monthly thing? I just downloaded this game 2 days ago and the current sale they have right now is 80% off Burnt Offerings adventure and 40% off the character add-ons deck. I'm wondering if there are any sales like this in the future, whether it be characters or even treasures. I'm willing to blow all my gold right now but if there are sales like this in the future i might save a bit just in case.
  14. So after an hour of playing I finally get how to play. But i have some questions about the cards i have obtained. Where do they go if i have extras from scenarios and must put them away? I'm pretty sure i have extra gear i put away but i want to see them again. How do i access them and put them on my characters? At the manage deck screen the bottom is blank and i know i have a lot of cards unused. What happens to banished cards? It seems I lose them forever and don't see them anymore.
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