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  1. I need someone to investigate just how many characters are on my roster. The number stated on both of these devices are different from each other. I created 6 characters on my mobile device but some of these characters do not show up when I play on steam. The only way I can play these characters is to start a party and enter a scenario with these characters on my mobile. Only then will the steam version recognize the party. HOWEVER some of the characters are nowhere to be found in my current roster. Here's the video of what I'm talking about: Pathfinder character roster bug
  2. There are certain characters that are appearing on the mobile version of my game that don't show up when i play the steam/pc version, and vice versa. A couple of these characters are quite strange, i don't remember using them at all but for some reason they start with 1 point into their (supposedly) main stat and some also start with 1 into one of their powers. What's even more strange is that they don't have any scenario or adventure completed either. I had to see if this is real, so after finishing Adventure B and 1, I have a total of 3 skill points invested into when the only possible amount up to now is 2. This probably means if i finish the whole game with these "bugged" characters, i would have 7 skill points for all these characters while a few of these will have a total of 8 power points, 1 extra point in these categories making them a bit more powerful than what is actually possible. I suspect, but am not entirely sure, that these bugged characters were transfers over from the quest mode that is now defunct, but i honestly don't remember what characters i used in this because i barely played quest mode back then. My user id is Sigmatt88 #5502. I conveniently named them their original named followed by the word "bug" at the end. I bring this up because again i can't find them on my pc and i already have used up all 24 character slots, so maybe that's why they aren't showing up in the roster. (at one point my roster read 25/24, not sure if this was relevant but it corrected itself when i exited and re-entered the create party screen) This gets weirder, let's go back to the mobile version. The bugged characters are showing up here but unfortunately i can't find 5 other characters on my roster. If you go over to my saved games, i have a party of valeros, sajan, seoni, lini, and merisiel and these happen to be the 5 characters i cannot find on my mobile version. There seems to be at least 2 characters on that roster that I have never created and they happen to be the 2 Sunwrought Kyras and the strange thing about them is they both seem to have the same exact deck. Whether they are bugged is up to debate but i suspect this character just duplicated itself. One more thing, this syncing issue is very big. As i was checking these duplicated sunwrought kyras, my main sunwrought kyra(the one i have beaten the game with) somehow got replaced by one of the duplicated ones (the ones that were never used) so i essentially lost all progress and cards(the cards i don't mind because the other day i had transferred most of her cards onto my team of bugged characters)... that is until i had a backup plan with my pc version still opened and my main sunwrought kyra safe and untouched. I created a game with her just in case i lose her again. Funny things happened afterward. I restarted the mobile app after the game creation and my main sunwrought kyra was back, this time it got rolledback... to my benefit. The cards i had previously transferred from her possession onto another party member has suddenly appeared back into her deck. This meant i duplicated my cards, which included some slaying weapons. So all in all, 5 characters i can't find on my pc version but can find on mobile, and vice versa 5 bugged characters i can find on my mobile version but not on pc version. I can provide a video once i have a free time to give you an idea of how bad it is. If for some reason you can't find the bugged characters, just refer to one of my saved games with the word bugged in their names. It's not the full party as of now but it gives you an idea of what i mean.
  3. I don't know how or why 6.5 is hard, even on legendary. All you really need to do is take it slow, search for that damage reducer for each of your characters in your party and THEN go all out. You definitely need spy glasses and auguries to send the last boss to the bottom, but other than that, you take it slow. There is no blessing deck. Sometimes i just end turns without doing anything, it's better than to risk it and take a total of somewhere up to 6 damage on the whole party when you can easily prevent all this by using something as simple as a ring of protection.
  4. I always tell people this: If anything, lower the amount of characters in your party. Seeing as you are playing on normal, you get absolutely no gold either way if you completed it with a 6 party member as opposed to 1 party member. Also, this scenario is special, you only get locations = to the amount of characters in the party. This pretty much means if you only bring 1 at a time you only need to close 1 and you're done. The beauty part of this is that you skip all the hard BS like increased difficulty for each death zone closed. For heroic and legendary, it really feels like you need to prepare for this. A little bit of "grinding" is necessary but all you're really looking for here is a few ally cards: Mountaineers and Clockwork Owls. These are godsends for this scenario because the Clockwork Owls can be used to AUTO WIN a survival check, which in other words means instant location close. The mountaineers can be used on ANY survival check and all you need to do is REVEAL them, not discard, not recharge, just reveal them on any survival check, which means you can play this card on other character's checks, and add a solid 2d8 for that check. That way you can focus all your cards on mainly combat against those nasty spiders and other banes and what not. I feel this scenario is indeed one of the harder ones, if not hardest, that the game has to offer. The other hard one would have to go to AD5.4 with requiring the cornering of 3 villains.
  5. Whoa wait what?30 healing poutices? 30 slaying scythes? 30 rings of superior protection?
  6. Ok so the culling is back, but the real question is what is the verdict on our cards in deck management that exceed the amount in the collection? In a party of 2, I have 2 healing poutices, 1 copy on each and they aren't disappearing. The culling is back, and that's fine and good, but what good is it if it doesn't affect decks at all?
  7. This was on legendary difficulty, android samsung galaxy s6. Video speaks for itself. This seriously does piss a lot of players off if they have to end up fighting the warrior 3 times just to finally defeat it. Hoping for a fix soon.
  8. Grabbing a card even with the intention of discarding it afterwards because you didn't even want it in the first place interferes with cards that react with the graveyard, mostly spells like cure and healing cards. It has the possibility of putting the unwanted cards back into the deck and re-drawing them again as dead draws.
  9. I think the hardest party to start with AND end with is this: Painter Sajan Lieutenant Lem Normal Seoni Normal Merisiel Any Amiri Any Valeros
  10. 6-5 is the scenario you'll return over and over to farm anything. Just ensure you will be able to clear it (you MUST clear the scenario to get the ph4t l00t, you're not farming the scenario itself, you want to get the loot from successfully clearing the scenario) I think you mean 6.4. I definitely have been using that scenario to farm for anything, from armors to velociraptors and even slaying equipment. It works but you want to fight as many enemies as you can, even if it means not permanently closing the location with monsters (and barriers) still in the deck. Btw Yorien, do you happen to be Xanathor on steam? I have a buddy who happens to have that profile picture you have and happens to also play DND Shadow over Mystara.
  11. Honestly... even with the bugs, the game was fine before. But now you made it so easy with stash and easy access to chest items. What happened Obsidian?
  12. 4. You're only cheating yourself if you keep using this. But no one's looking or seems to care so... meh. 7. I believe this is working as intended. The henchmen (for the most part) says to let you close the location if defeated. This is obviously part of the henchmen's power and so the monster's effect is triggered first before the location power can be used. 10. I had to do some research on this and apparently you are right. However there are a few cards in this game that are changed to make it more difficult in this version than on the paper version. Probably vilas sekker is one of them but I don't know, it's only a few cards that are changed and oddly vilas sekker being one of them isn't very likely.
  13. I'm not entirely sure if this monster is just a big trap for players who can't read and/or it has something to do with 1 card type per check restriction, or none of the above at all.. I can't reveal a weapon after the combat to bury check and I have encountered this (bug?) twice already, first time on mobile version, and another time just right now as I'm typing this. The first time when i encountered this, this is what happened. Encounter Hidden Beast, now i have to roll for the very last text power, combat 22 or bury 1d4 cards. I reveal a weapon and fought it, won and then the game proceeds to the REAL combat check. At this point i can't reveal a weapon for some odd reason. Unfortunately I didn't check if i was at the right check to fight the monster(my later investigation showed that the default check is at wisdom). I had thought there was some rule where I can only play 1 card type per check. Similar to how if you revealed an ebon armor during the fight and lost, you can't banish/bury any armor now to reduce damage. Since I revealed a weapon during the previous check, i was denied the chance to use a weapon, thus why i said this is a big trap for players. And now the steam version. I attached 2 links that show I'm fighting this beast, trying to reveal a weapon but to no avail. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960410044 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960410416 Encounter Hidden beast, 4 characters present, 4x combat 22 or bury checks. The very first check was made by the encounterer, Seelah. In my mind I was still thinking this is some kind of 1 card type per check kinda deal so i attempted to beat this thing bare fisted with the aid of the ebon armor. Failed, buried 1 card. All others i revealed weapons to fight and they all succeeded the combat 22 check. Now the real fight begins. And of course I was wrong, it indeed sounds like a bug. I cannot reveal a weapon but strangely enough I can use the slaying scythe and bury power to auto-defeat this monster. Ok... i know I should post this somewhere but seeing as how it just happened right after i defeated this hidden monster, why not... The bugs just never end... i think i should start a new scenario... I used a charmed dragon that was in my hand. After the combat check i was never prompted the roll or dragon betrays me. The dragon is permanently gone.... Carrying on... this isn't the first time i lost something, same turn, I discarded a blessing to explore, got a free blessing. Used the blessing to explore and um... what? I have unexplained -1 check displayed to obtain this new blessing. Decided to go to a "vault trip", went back into the game and... um what? The dragon is back.
  14. Android Samsung Galaxy S6. Currently not home to test on steam version. You've heard of all talk and no action? Well... I dub this the No Talk All Action update.
  15. I might have an idea to fix this salvaging fiasco but this probably goes against all the work obsidian have done with these updates. But first I want a confirmation on what is happening in our current card collection and decks. Legendaries are disappearing in the collection as per indicated by the 4,3,2,1 u/r/e/l rule. However this doesn't explain why I still have 4x legion armors and 3x challenging shields but on the other hand, before the port to steam, I USED TO HAVE a slaying scythe and very briefly after buying the obsidian version i had 2 slaying scythes for 1 day, now I have only 1 in my collection. And then comes more trouble. Something I don't understand. I can stash away a legendary and find another one in my adventure. Then i can move both legendaries, the same exact item, onto a character's deck and not get deleted by the game's card distribution rules. It used to be that if you have only 1 copy of a treasure in your collection but you somehow have more than 1 copy of said treasure card on 2 different characters in the same party, one of them disappears and you're forced to take out something from the collection box. Now is not the case. Is the game THAT buggy? Or is there another changed rule that I'm not familiar with? Btw, I'm sitting here with a party that has a total of TWO slaying scythes. Played them in a scenario and hasn't disappeared on me yet.
  16. Just wanted to note that Ebon armor only adds 2 to MELEE combat, not ranged, assuming we're still talking about longbows of course.
  17. Perhaps you're either using sajan wrong or just don't prefer him. I find him at the top of my list. If half your blessings are combat blessings for him, he'd have no problem. He can cycle his blessings very quickly when you want something else. 2 or 3 healing cards, or better yet, take drunken master and recharge your healing pots for infinite healing cycle and you'd have no problem running out of cards. A +2 to con and an amulet of fortitude for added kicks guarantees your check to recharge the healing potion without banishing it. All characters are hard to use once you start out but if you equal everyone out with all their powers/cards/skills sajan can both be a party helper and a soloist. If he uses all the blessings for other characters and only keeps just 1 combat blessing for himself, what's the difference between him and any other character that explores very slowly, for example: Merisiel, Amiri, Valeros, Harsk, Probably ezren (if you don't have haste)?
  18. I'm sorry for bringing this topic up again but this seems to also happen with Harsks's Sniper shot too but it's worse, it provides an extra minus when canceled.
  19. Konami made this game? lol, turn on closed captions for the first few seconds and you'll see what i mean.
  20. My Lem has Bardic Performance all the way to Superior Bardic Performance, which provides a 1D4 +3, and has solo performance as well. On any check, if i use bardic performance it will ask me to recharge a card. If i cancel before i recharge, a minus 3 is incurred and this can happen repeatedly if i keep activating and canceling over and over again. The same thing happens if BP is used to help another character in the same location. Oh and irrelevant: Using a character's powers like BP, unarmed strike, animal trick, etc. many times and canceling it makes the button glow brighter and brighter with each use.
  21. For starters, at least have a decent prepared decks for each character. Don't be afraid to reroll your wild cards by forfeiting and remaking the game. Some combinations are just impossible and a waste of time to play with unless you are undergoing some kind of challenge where you must play with whatever. You'll want characters that have good wisdom to close locations, there's 3 close location wisdom checks here. Highly recommended but entirely up to you, start every character in a place that has only 1 movable location. That means Thassilonian dungeon, Throne Room, and Desecrated Vault. Last thing you want is to corner a villain in a place where you can't get easy access to. Happened to me, got extremely pissed and failed because of it even though i had 5 turns left. You should be lucky though, the bug was (still) present when i played this scenario; game wouldn't end even if i cornered and defeated all villains. Any character you want to start with that is adjacent to the Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony instead starts at this location. This is because they get 2 extra cards and can easy move to their originally designated location. It's ok to not temporarily close all locations, especially if you don't have enough blessings to guarantee close and there are unoccupied locations. If you defeat the villain at least you'll still auto close current location. Just close the ones that are either easy and/or you don't want to run into because of location powers. Ex: always attempt to finish Festering Maze of Sloth first and temp close this location. Abjurant halls of envy is not an ideal area to temp close. Don't fail to defeat any villain check. If you do= restart. Very high chance you are not winning this scenario. Leave it all up to luck when you close 2 locations out of 8. Once you meet a villain, temp close every one of the locations so you can finally get rid of a villain. You wanna know how i beat it? I used 2 characters and restarted like a dozen times before i got it. I gave up playing 6 characters in this scenario and just settled for 2 to be done with it.
  22. Click on the blessing discard pile at the top and disable the use of the current discarded blessing to enable the Thassilonian virtues to work its own power.
  23. Hmm.. I see. So really? There is nowhere in the game that indicates upon completing the game you get an extra card feat? I find it weird though to not include something like this. But why only card feat? What about skill and/or power feat? In fact we're short 1 point on our skill feat so it would only be fair to give a point there just to keep things equal.
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