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  1. Just reviving this topic and it seems to happen after the very recent patch that just came out a few days ago: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7923-d-l6PORjB2UjAtb2F1NEU After a short hiatus of not playing this game because i have heard about a bug that "erases a character's deck" i held off from playing. I now just came back. So what happened was when AD6 was released, there was a bug where if you completed any scenario for a character that hasn't completed any mission yet in AD6 they would get an unintended card feat as a reward. However none of these scenario rewards give out a card feat and i'm guessing the adventure reward got mixed into the scenario reward, so as a result some of my characters were rewarded with the card feat (actually all the characters that are developed got them, i like to use all characters). So having this benefit, once i completed the whole adventure, those who completed all other scenarios were then finally rewarded with the adventure reward. However the game doesn't seem to recognize that i already got a card feat so those characters were rewarded with another card feat, the one that was intended as an adventure reward. As a result they now have 8 card feats as opposed to 7 which i counted, is the max any character can get so far. What are the fates of these characters?
  2. Why not just implement a feature to mix in sets from other sets and leave it up to the players to decide? And then the usual warning of "gameplay may vary and we suggest playing characters from their own set". I dunno, i don't really know anything about the other sets so that's why i put that disclaimer there. I would assume that some cards from other sets are much more powerful than cards from older sets.
  3. I want to say i got a 120+ twice. I shoulda got a screenshot but i wasn't aware something like this can be of a topic! One of the issues i have with taking the timed screenshot is that there is a delay on my galaxy s6 and it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 seconds before the screenshot is taken. It depends on how many apps are open and how long i have been playing the game so i may have to use another device to take this shot. But you have to admit, getting these high numbers are very rare. Those final shots, even though i play all my blessings and cards, and definitely knowing that the game will end, i do this all the time and i usually end up in the 50s and 70s. A bit low in my opinion but it does the job. That's rng for ya. Now 120... dang, now i wished i had that screenshot now .
  4. I was about to make a topic about keeping unfinished quests for future plays but have a limit, such as what magic duels does, you are only able to hold a few of these quests and you won't get any new ones unless you finish old ones.
  5. Ah i get it now. Melee trait and melee check are two different things. I just assumed that by switching to a melee check that it would satisfy the conditions. Now i'm a little disappointed at this shield, mainly because most of my weapons are 2 handed. The rulebook says we're supposed to just imagine things, but couldn't you see yourself using a shield and bare fists in combat? lol
  6. Card states that it can be discarded to add a str die to combat check that has melee trait. Now the card, along with all other shields in the game, state that it cannot be played if a 2handed trait was played on this check. Obviously this means if i reveal a 2 handed weapon i cannot discard challenging shield. But what about if i just fight an enemy with no weapons revealed? Why can i not discard challenging shield? I made sure i switch my combat check to Melee first. However what DOES work is if i use a ONE handed weapon, i am then allowed to discard the shield. Now why is that? Is there some rule governing this with shields?
  7. I rolled 5x dice for disintegrate and four 1s and one 2 came up I shoulda screenshotted it . I would like to say yes but come on... it doesn't mean it's not likely to come up. Just because you failed doesn't mean the game is against you. Think about all the times you did succeed though. Now if you put your role as the evil dungeonmaster, you'd have the same reaction.
  8. On the topic of this wand, can we please get a fix for this: From another post i said that this wand was extremely buggy and that it disappears and reappears on me from time to time. I've already had it disappear on me twice but duplicated it twice, netting a change of 0. Now it disappeared on me AGAIN. It might as well have a "roll a d20 silently, on a 1, banish this card".
  9. Try playing something on top of the check, like a blessing or an ally such as evangelist, and then retracting said card. it seems to re-initiate the check to include the power.
  10. If you I don't think trading over a spell to a new character will do anything because you're still maintaining the same amount of spells cards total in the party. If you want to cycle the spell all you really have to do is go back into any scenario, preferably the last unlocked adventure and just cycle your cards until you get the spell you want taken out. Use it, it gets banished and then just forfeit the game. Hopefully you don't pick up a spell on your way. Unfortunately still takes a lot of work but that's how it is with these characters. Although with the new equipment sets on characters there is an "exploit" or rather i would like to say, terribly implemented feature where you can get rid of an extra card on some characters but then pull out a new card from the vault before you even start a scenario. Somewhat unfair to say the least but... if that's how it was made then i ain't complaining.
  11. You don't know how many times i've seen this happen with many other cards. I just had to take it out because most of the time it just did... nothing.
  12. Same thing happened to me. I used it off-turn and invoke was banished. I reported something similar happening when AD5 was released where i lost a major cure when i used it off turn. The current character taking their turn didn't have the divine trait so the game probably thought, in both the situations i stated, that the current turn character used it so the spell ends up being banished. I don't know if it was the same for you but the piece of information about who's current turn it is may help and if that person had the divine trait.
  13. On top of this bug, i would like to add that Ritual Training for some odd reason adds to a divine check to acquire an item. For example holy water can be acquired with divine. My lini has +4 into wisdom, so Divine:+1,+4 from skill, and then +2 oddly from ritual training gives it a +7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7923-d-l6POTE42d3kxR1Z5czQ
  14. Even if said enemies did damage after defeat and you have said skills that reduce damage, the animation would play. But in this case it doesn't.
  15. It's funny because right when i bought AD6, the very first explore was this bug, the enchantress didn't do any damage after i defeated her. I was saying to myself: "awesome, not even 20 seconds in and i already encountered a bug!"
  16. As much as i love new updates, I am very worried about this bug deleting my character decks. I do not have a fix for this but what i may say next may or may not help any of who is about to be affected. I'm sorry for the loss for those who are affected, the extreme hard work everybody has put in and lost makes the bugs i've encountered with losing items in my deck paltry. I cannot bring your cards back but... I may be able to prevent loss in the first place. I do not condone this action as some of you may take advantage somehow but nevertheless... For the time being: If and only IF you know you're affected by the bug, before you end the scenario or end the manage deck screen after completion, close the app. Yes CLOSE IT. Now reopen the app and go to STORY. You will be presented with the current adventures that have been made. Delete the affected party. Now from what i can tell, deleting the party will delete the progress and everything you have gotten in that scenario and adventure. What that means is your scenario is just not saved, it doesn't delete your characters, it reverts it back to what it originally was BEFORE you entered a scenario for that party. Also your progression for heroics and legendary may not be completed either. But if i'm right this is far better than losing a whole character deck. I seriously hope i'm right about this.
  17. For the skills of Ezren's alternate, Scholar, on the manage party screen, it says he has an Arcane: INT+2. But on the update page of the obsidian forums, it says he's supposed to have an Arcane: INT +1. Which is correct? I'm leaning towards +1 because it seems that Scholar is seriously strictly better than his normal version. I don't have the character yet but even it's wrong I think i should point it out as soon as possible.
  18. I'm playing with the same party, only played Cabin in the Woods, got a power feat and a card feat. I can can confirm this is true. I just unlocked AD6 and started the very first scenario. After completing it I was rewarded with a Power feat as stated, but for some odd reason I also got a card feat. Clearly this is not intended so... i'm currently worried as to what will happen next. If i complete the whole AD6 adventure does that mean I'll have another extra card feat?
  19. I would like to dub this item the "wand of duplication". There have been many reports of this item being duplicated easily, including from my own experience. I had this item disappear on me so i had to get another one, then reappear duplicated, disappear on me again, and reappear duplicated again. I'm back to my normal 2x wand of enervations i'm supposed to have. Players have been able to duplicate this so easily that their inventory is filled with them and it's not even funny anymore. And... it's only a matter of time before it disappears on me again. Every time that thing pops up in my adventure i get scared. "am i going to lose it?" puts the quote "if you don't use it, you'll lose it" to shame because it's the direct opposite. "if i do use it, i lose it.
  20. I think the devs know this already. I saw a post somewhere very early just when AD5 came out addressing this, but i'm not entirely sure.
  21. That's exactly what i did and that's how i was able to capitalize her assets. As i said before, this is my version 2 of her and i just happen to like this build more than relying on a weapon i can barely find. Different play styles, but the thing is unless I'm farming, i keep in mind that i usually place her in locations where there are the FEWEST monsters possible.
  22. My first build for Lini was indeed pretty much what is already posted. However, I have a different take on Lini, but it's probably more for advance players. Take the route of Wild Warden and max her hand size and animal trick. No weapons. I am trying to establish that Lini is not the best in combat, with that said it is better to keep her away from meeting enemies by parking her at locations with the fewest amount of monsters. During my "prototype" of her, i had a hard time finding a weapon in the first place and resulted in just using spells to attack enemies. So at that time i felt weapons were kinda useless for her and decided to make a new Lini focusing on attack spells instead. Swipe and sunburst are great, with swipe being able to average a roll of 21 (18+3 from swipe) and that's not too bad considering it has 2 other abilities to be used (grab an item or decrease combat difficulty on any combat check). Also it is possible to hoard up on spells and nothing to use it on, or half blessings, half spells. This is the time to start exploring as long as you have a cure and attack spell in hand. The main purpose of the cures is to cure herself to reshuffle the deck. That way it increases the chances to draw back those attack spells and repeat the cycle. Because she already has wild empathy, this only increases her exploration opportunities. And if anything, if she has nothing else to do with her cards and she meets a monster: Animal Trick + Blessing of Gorum + Beast form gives an average roll of 23 and she can cure herself right back to normal. Just about anytime there's nothing to do and there's at least 2 cards in her discard pile, i would suggest curing anyway to cycle her cards. 3 attack spells, 2 major cures, 2 scrying, 1 restoration is my current spell list for this build. A noteworthy item: Staff of Heaven and Earth to take care of any trap in the game (remember she has a butt load of spells). Will it work for you? To me it's a lot more reliable than trying to find her weapon. Plus i have both an extra card slot and probably power slot to maximize her use with this build.
  23. You're right, gotta be honest though. I have the armor on Harsk but i hardly drew it. I probably only used it once and it somehow worked. After reading it again, this may have been a beneficial bug for me. I will have to take it out in favor of something else, especially Leopard Leather once AD6 is out. Before AD5 came out I had sketchy thoughts about making Harsk. I tried to plan my way with which paths/skills/powers to take and it turns out whatever i needed was not enough to make him a powerhouse he could be now. Plus the weapons aren't very favorable, especially the bows. It may seem nice but rolling a die equal to strength instead of just straight up dex and weapon damage meant that Harsk is not the best bow user here. So at that point I decided to not make Harsk and just wait until AD5 and see what's going on in there. I don't have the physical game let alone know what sites i can research to see what is coming up next so I'm pretty much placing my faith in the new content. And it did not disappoint me. EDIT: catskin leather is AD4, not 6, Leopard Leather is AD6 and is a reveal, not recharge.
  24. I just find this scenario harder than any of the other scenarios out there on legendary mode. I completed AD5.5 without any problem, not inadvertently saying that the last scenarios of any adventure are supposed to be difficult. It's also not as fun as the others, albeit original. Having to beat not one, not two, but three villains is interesting but overall requires much more work than all others, and this is why it isn't as fun as the others in my opinion, as the topic suggests. Of course couple with the bugs and all and it's a complete turnoff, literally.
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