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  1. Good analysis, I would like to add: perhaps spells isn't all that bad but definitely not of high priority. I feel like 9 items is too much after you have put all your card feat points into blessing and allies. There shouldn't be a need for put more points into armor and weapons so the only two left are spells and items. Take this for example: You want Meri to explore more. I don't recall an item that allows you to do this so we'll settle with allies for now. One of your allies is occupied by Zantus, which actually means Cure. So the best spell candidate would be Haste. However, let's get creative. Instead of haste why not just put Cure in and substitute Zantus with absolutely any ally you like that also lets you explore? So with the Zantus + Haste method you can heal and explore but you have a buried card and banished card, all useless to you. With the second situation you can also heal and explore, but one card may be banished but the other is in your discard pile which can be easily recharged. Again this is only if you want Meri to explore more, which is also the department I feel she's lacking in. One more thing: although whatever spell she uses is banished, this gives her a more flexible choice in choosing what you want her to use for the next scenario. If you needed fire against the trolls in AD4 perhaps fiery weapon or heat blade would be more viable seeing as she's more of a lone ranger and it's most likely your other divine casters don't really carry this in their deck.
  2. I can conform this also happened to me just now. And the victim also happened to be Seelah.
  3. With adjacent movement, if you close a location and all other nearby adjacent locations are closed, there is absolutely nowhere to move and the game is temporarily halted. You can't do anything unless you menu trip out and back in at which when you get back to the game the location power requirement is gone and nobody needs to move therefore the game can progress. Just a hunch but with this process you may be able to avoid other instances of location powers, especially the disadvantageous ones.
  4. I feel ya, this has been annoying. The new update "sometimes" gives you the option to do optional effects before proceeding to the next mandatory event but it doesn't happen all the time. There is a temporary fix and is that during the animation being played after you pick a choice of whether to recharge or discard, just tap on the button to draw a card. But you must do it during the animation or your chance is either forfeited or delayed.
  5. Here's one: *I have both Steel Ibis Lamellar and Ebon Thorn armors in my hand. I encounter a monster that deals damage to me before I act. I reveal my Lamellar to reduce the damage. Now it is combat check. For some odd reason I cannot reveal Ebon Thorn to add 2 to my check. I made sure there aren't anything preventing me from doing so. It doesn't happen all the time though. As far as i can tell, these are two different instances so they should be unrelated to each other therefore I should be able to reveal my armor for an extra +2 but I cannot.
  6. I've seen this alot, it may have something to do with the current turn character's maximum unedited check. For example if Amiri is in combat and has str +4, on top of her melee +2, switching to someone like Ezren to use the Wand of Enervation will give the wand a +6 check instead of +4. I lost the wand earlier during the month, you can get it again if you go through the story with a new party member. May take a while but i thought they fixed the bury issue so i guess not. This is not limited to greater luckstone, it applies to ANY card in a player's hand. I've seen this happen most of the time just right after i close a location. This gives you the ability to move (if possible with items/spells) to another location and use cards to explore, cure allies, etc. and also reset your hand again, essentially giving you two turns for the price of one. I've seen this happen especially when they currently have cards already displayed prior to the combat, such as incendiary cloud.
  7. Before the update it has never caused card loss so it is assumed that there is a new bug involved with this card now. However before this update sometimes, not all the time, the last ability to shuffle an extra card will not work. This update presumably fixed it but caused even more of a nightmare, which is just straight up losing the card entirely. I would've been fine with the 1 less card shuffle but losing the card just makes my life harder to have to grind it back again, and that goes for any card, not just major cure. Also this forces users to use major cure more carefully and only to use it if the turn character happens to have the divine trait or risk getting the spell banished.
  8. Major cure seems to be fixed with this update but once again gets other bugs. In a 6 party game, Lini has major cure and is in the same location as Amiri. It is currently Amiri's turn. I tap on Lini to make her use use major cure on HERSELF, rolls 1 +1 so 2 cards from her discard will be shuffled. During this animation, the game switches BACK to amiri, causing her to shuffle 1 card from her discard pile to deck from major cure's extra end effect. And somehow the game thinks Amiri is using major cure so the game checks to see if Amiri has Divine but doesn't and spell gets banished. Well time to grind for major cure.
  9. Oh man i remember this. I was about to post this as a bug but on closer inspection it actually shows two lines, the pink one on the left and a red one on the right, which looks like the mountain peak is connected to the academy but really isn't. This just happens to be a horribly placed location on the map that happens to look like it's connected to a nearby location when it really isn't.
  10. Take a look at this pic: http://oi66.tinypic.com/xng22h.jpg When i encounter an enemy that increases difficulty based on number of dies and/or a scenario power that does a similar effect, sometimes if i undo my action the current check does not get reverted back to their old numbers. So if i keep undoing, it can actually go to numbers you shouldn't see. I could probably get it to negative 3 digits but I think i had enough. What's worse was when i switched combat checks via the menu, switching to a different combat check or tapping the same one kept decreasing my check by 1. Needless to say I wasn't going to win that battle. Menu trip out and in does not fix this. Although I'm not entirely sure, the Challenging shield i used as a discard to add my str die roll could be the culprit. It has happened in at least two different instances where the shield was giving huge decreases in checks that made no sense. More info: Turns out this seems to happen with odd items that add a die skill check to combat, such as Legion armor and challenging shield. Again this seems to always happen when i fight against an enemy that has increasing difficulty based on number of dices present.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what is happening. One scenario I remember ended: 1. Reveal a Headless Lord on the first or second explore, defeated him and passed the check to close the location 2. Draw down 8 or 9 location cards and reveal the villain 3. Oops, location can't close! The Headless Lord un-banishes himself and shuffles back in 4. Proceed to fight the Headless Lord a half-dozen times and pass/fail the closing check until I finally draw the villain I might go back and try to replicate the sequence of events for fun, but I was so amusingly frustrated by the end-game of that scenario that the memory stuck with me. Lul, i know something like this could happen, thank god for auguries/scrying/spyglasses
  12. I think I know what you're talking about but I believe (don't take my word for it) it's working as intended. The scenario power requires that you close the location after you defeat the henchman in order to permanently close it and not shuffle said henchman. However because Mokmurian is also present in the same location, it cannot be closed, scenario power is activated and Hill Giant Runeslave (this also goes for any other undefeated henchman in any other location of this scenario) will be shuffled back. I believe it will banish all other cards but leaves the deck with only 2 cards, the henchman and Mokmurian himself.
  13. I'm talking about the belt of giant strength, headband of alluring charisma, dex, wisdom, int, etc., can you play the same multiple ones on the same check? Ex: 5 belt of strengths They do say "You may play another item on this check" so it would make sense... right? I never tried it because i don't have more than 1 of each right now.
  14. Really? I don't recall that ever happening with an older version so it must be a new thing. But it doesn't explain how the mountain peak is connected in a 6 player game unless they really thought it was extremely difficult to not have it connected. Plus trying to fail it with a character with high wisdom is impossible. So either this is bugged or horribly implemented.
  15. Thanks, i just tried it with a new character and i just got my AD1 loot reward. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again.
  16. I don't recall if the item rolls the dice by itself but if it doesn't then i should have the option to take it back at this time BEFORE my roll. I believe, don't take my word and memory for it, that i was not given the option to undo this BEFORE the roll but if the option was available, i guess i got bugged seeing as how incendiary cloud really screws things up somehow.
  17. During a combat check I used a wand of enervation by accident and wanted to take it back but couldn't so... oh well. I wanted to undo but the game wouldn't let me. After i rolled i went to my buried pile, which only showed 1 card: the wand of enervation, and i decided to drag it out to see what would happen. Nothing, good, it should be that way and then all of a sudden the card popped up placing itself on the screen on top of the buried pile. After the battle and my turn ended, what was supposed to happen in between didn't. I was supposed to be able to recharge this item but the screen never popped up and i was never given the chance to do so. Maybe the wand itself is bugged but i've used it tons of times, without checking the buried pile and dragging stuff, and all those times i was given the chance to recharge. When the scenario ended what happened next was extremely upsetting to me. I had lost the wand entirely. It's like banishing your favorite weapon by accident and have to find it all over again, except at least you were aware of it unlike my situation, which was a bug. If it helps, here's the play by play. Encounter enemy-> play incendiary cloud ( oh boy this spell could also be the culprit here)-play wand of enervation-> go to buried pile, drag cards for no reason whatsoever->tap on die to end battle->battle ends->end turn, reset hand. next turn begins, no recharge attempt was given. this game... i enjoy it but just extremely buggy.
  18. I lost a wand of enervation due to a bug in game, i'll post how to duplicate it (possibly) in the technical support forum. I don't know how rare it is to meet one of these but i probably have seen 1 show up but i could be dead wrong and just imagined it. But so far after playing for nearly, i dunno, almost 100 hours i have never seen one show up in a location deck. So is there any real way to get these to show up? Or do i just have to keep playing? I tried to get access to my "box" by simply banishing one of my items so i can grab any item from the "box" in AD4 but it seems i couldn't even find 1 treasure available to be picked. Am i out of luck right now?
  19. By far, this card, and probably others that let you do something similar like Toxic Cloud, are some of the buggiest cards in the game. Firstly, i like to prebuff so if i know i'm going to encounter a monster i can't kill or want to kill with higher success i'll cast something like this, twice if i happen to have 2 of them in a hand. Secondly, if you use/do stuff that require a screen replacement, such as use haste with ezren and it gives you the recharge/discard screen, the incendiary cloud will be put back into the hand, regardless of who used them, so goodbye to prebuff spell(s). This spell also has extremely weird interactions when you switch combat rolls at the top of the screen. Press some of them too much and the spell(s) can get put back into the hand. It gets worse, some henchmans upon defeat will unable you to close the location (and no it is not summoned from elsewhere so don't even) if something like that happens. If you suspect a bug happened with incendiary cloud you bet it's the culprit and the problems to what you'll be experiencing.
  20. I was going to make another post on this but luckily this topic still exists. The bug still persists after the most recent update but it seems to be random. I tried it with a 6 character party and it got stuck. Did menu trips, restarted app, everything, i was forced to just forfeit. Then i did it with 4 character party and i was able to proceed to close the location. So right now i want to say it's a 50/50 shot, which is really not in our favor because if it doesn't proceed to next screen, we just wasted A LOT of our time.
  21. Not sure if this was intended but it seems that you can discard the cards that were displayed from Emerald Codex. What's weird is that once you discard them they don't get banished from the scenario, meaning whichever cards you discarded they appear in the manage deck screen.
  22. When liquid courage procs to force draw a card, if you happen to switch characters by just simply tapping on their portrait at the right corner, instead the character you switched to draws a card. Also when Sajan is at the location 'Guard Tower', it procs twice: once before the henchman is summoned, and another when the henchman is defeated.
  23. The items should count to your raw check except that the game switches around the checks so you may have to switch it back by tapping the upper part of the screen.
  24. *Facepalm* This is also happening with other villains that summons monsters "before you act". Justice Ironbriar at Cult exposed is also uncompletable. *sigh*
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