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  1. Samsung android tablet E Version 6.0.1 PFID- 42AD45230A9798E5 I had checked out the pillers of eterenity 2 campaign for the free chests and when i went back to open my chests it said i had 5 which was what it was supposed to give but once i clicked to open the first chest the number of chests i had instead of going to 4 went to 9. So it gave me 5 more chests. I opened 4 more chests after but i have chosen not to open the other 5 for now as i shouldnt have them. Should i open them or just leave them be for now?
  2. Well, look at it like this, buying a specific dice is probably gonna be costly as they have a chance to come in treasue chests so instead of trying your luck with chests now you can pay and arm and a leg for a certain one you want, id say thats fair
  3. Ive gotten the same thing frozen on the loading screen i use a samsung galaxy tablet E android version 6.0.1.
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