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  1. Harry Potter. If you aren't going to stalk right don't even freaking stalk at all.

  2. Inevitably you've gone back to touching yourself I see.

  3. Dude, try not to overthink stuff.

  4. Yeah, that's what SHE said!

    Oho zing!

  5. YOU're the jerk, jerkface.

  6. 1,638 veiws, you must be a girl.

  7. Shadow Strider? More like ShadowDancer! Get it? Because of what a girl you are!

  8. Ha! I've effortlessly surpassed your meager 874 profile veiws!

  9. Hey, David Wong's Monkeysphere isn't YOUR website!

  10. That wouldn't help though Meta. You should be trying to help and cure me of this complex, not helping me have it more.

  11. Architect sent me a PM that I never responded to, because I was planning on doing it later, and then forgot, and now remembered, and I'm saying it here because he probably visits this profile more than his own.

  12. I didn't really like PotC 3.

  13. Worst e-date ever.

  14. Hey, PM me sometime ; )

  15. It wasn't supposed to mean anything or make sense.

  16. I wans't commenting on what day it was.

  17. But Architect...

    That's not a Tuesday.

  18. Hey, you're a mod now. That's pretty gardenhose.

  19. It's all about the Krookie

  20. Did I mention I was also going to stalk you?

  21. I want to talk to you now that you're a chick.

  22. Don't let him near any of your donkeys though.

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