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  1. I've been great. How have YOU been?

  2. I'm trying desperately to remember what he was ruining, but my mind is drawing a chair.

  3. You're ruining this for me.

  4. There are still no posts to display though. I think we should keep our eye on this one, they might end up being forum rookiee of the year

  5. 3. Not if I can help it!

  6. 2. I'll stop him.

  7. 1. You're right.

    2. I'll stop him.

    3. Not if I can help it!

  8. Yeah, you're also doing a terrible job of babysitting us.

  9. How is twelve to eight for you?

  10. I'd do them both.

  11. Whata re you going to be studying?

  12. On the 11th I could have sworn you were 19.

  13. I don't know why you're getting so defensive. I mean, unless you have something to hide!

  14. Which girl are you?

  15. Or did you like, just make out with your date for like 2/3rds of it? The world wants to know.

  16. Bela does too have comments to display!

  17. I read some Harry Potter erotic fan fiction on the internet before. It was pretty good.

  18. When you fell from heaven

  19. For you, every day that I don't remove you as a friend is another day worth living.

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