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  1. Since I'm your only friend does that make me your best friend?

  2. I get my new laptop soon, and I'll see if I can find a copy of Freelancer.

  3. You get an MSN name and all you care about is talking to Sur. : (

  4. It's a love triangle!

  5. She has too many views and comments for someone who hates all of you anyway

  6. No I don't. Nust be the lighting

  7. Hey, his foot doesn't even hit that guy!

  8. I had already given you five stars, but yeah, I love you.

  9. Hey everybody, stop visiting this profile. It's going straight to his head!


  11. For a while I thought you two were the same person, but that soon changed, and then it changed again, and now it's back to me thinking you are two seperate people.

  12. My profile has more veiws than his, neener neener neener

  13. Right cute, but funny?

  14. Well, aren't we mister popular five stars. Anyway, now I can bug you about not being on AOL Instant Messanger with increased ease.

  15. Dainty? They are manly. And Draken hurts my feelings.

  16. You need to get an MSN thing for messanging like.

  17. I rated you a five because I'm infatuated with you

  18. She thinks she's soooo special

  19. I'm spamming you with comments.

  20. That's a pretty profound personal statement.

  21. 27 profile views! And you said you wouldn't get more than seven...

  22. You hurt my feelings by not answering my PM from a long time ago.

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