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  1. Don't listen to Laozi, lest you want to become some sort of fried out hippy too.

  2. I mean, non-sequiter mean statement towards The Architecht

  3. I once read an interesting article on having sex with dolphins once. It was quite informative.

  4. Stop veiwing his profile you stalker. KotorKyle is my friend not yours.

  5. Fun, yes. I don't know if it will be good fun, but I can assure you it'll be fun.

  6. I guess I'll have to friend you now too. What rotten luck. And you can "jump" into my "comment box" anytime.


  7. What do you mean "just jumped into"?

  8. That's not Tale's back!

  9. That's not Tale's FATHER!

  10. That's not TALE's father

  11. Hey, wait a minute, THAT's not Tale's father!

  12. Oooooohhhhhhh! Zing!

  13. That's what your dad said last night

  14. You can not hide what's inside!


  15. Is there an old friend of mine who has now gotten a sex change back stage waiting to confront me and the world?

  16. I've been feeling a lot of resentment towards Tale ever since he joined. Here was this new guy making all these jokes and being funny and stuff, and it made me feel threatened, because that used to be me.

  17. She probably doesn't want a nerd from a message board either, but that hasn't stopped any of you thus far.


  18. Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread.

  19. You really do need to. It isn't as fun as it used to be though.

  20. No, you might be on to something there.

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