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  1. It's probably a bug. Before, the exclamation point would only show up over characters that could contribute with a check. After the latest patches, sometimes an exclamation mark shows up for apparent no reason... Cheers! Mauricio
  2. I got Unity of Milani, that's for sure (got Unity of Shelyn as well). Maybe Bounty of Norgober and a Legendary with Sivanah, if I'm not mistaken, so Docrine of Sivanah is a possibility. I'll check it out, but the others I guess I didn't get... Cheers! Mauricio
  3. I had the chests already and waited for what seemed to be a good chance to open them. I didn't buy the chests to get the alts - specially since it seems there is no good reason to buy chests at all in this game... Cheers! Mauricio PS: After all, if I bought all the alts *before* opening the 145 chests and *then* received an alt in one of them I would hate myself for that...
  4. ...and not a sight of a single alternate Character. Got a few Legendary cards - and a few were very nice. Some others were kind of bland, though - like some blessings and the Flask of Magic, which is too similar to the non-Legendary Flask of Frost (if I'm not mistaken)... But seriously, guys, you have to come up with better incentives for us to spend our money in your game. Around 80% of the chests I opened gave me no joy whatsoever - just 4 cards or dice I already had plenty of (or those bland Legendaries). I spent an hour or so salvaging cards, but the 3000 gold I got was a bad deal considering how much I spent for those chests (and part of them were bought with real $$$). A few suggestions: create a new 'special' chest with only one Legendary card (it could cost 2000 gold, maybe more). Give us a hard (maybe invisible) cap where after a player receives a card for the 15th or 20th time, it stops appearing. Create a way to transform unwanted cards into wanted ones (other than salvaging - 30 gold for a Legendary card? Come on!). There is plenty of games out there with better ideas than the ones you adopted here... After the 145 chests, I ended up with around 17 Slings of Frost and 14 Orbs of Ice. I want to spend money in your game, but under this model, it makes no sense at all! Cheers, Mauricio
  5. I had an idea for a new game mode that intrigued me. I know that the dev team has a lot of things in their to-do lists right now, but maybe they can leave this in the backs of their minds... It's something like an 'on-the-fly' party recruiting. Imagine this: Obsidian creates an Ally card for each character of the game (Ezren, Lem, etc). Each card exists only on this game mode and might appear only if the respective character is not part of the current party. Players then have to start the game with only one character, and cannot add other characters as they will; instead, they must find and try to acquire party members when their respective cards show up - any such Ally cards may be 'converted' as party members at the end of the scenario. This characters would have the same level as the character(s) who found them, so their progression might be completely different from what a player would normally do it! Furthermore, their decks could be also randomized, or built with varied strategies: that would also force players to diversify their playing style. And on top of that, even the party composition could be someting the player would have to deal with (like a Valeros - Seelah - Amiri party, for example)! Once a party reaches 6 members, either these 'Companion' cards stop to show up or the player must release a member before accepting another. I think such a game mode could add a lot of replayability for Pathfinder Adventures, and at a development cost that doesn't seem excessive to me... Best regards! Mauricio
  6. There is a 'ship' mechanism, where players can move together in some scenarios since it's supposed they're aboard a ship. This ship can take damage and sometimes she must fight other ships (it's not too intuitive, I must say). There is also a scenario (a somewhat annoying one) where the whole deck is split into two piles, and you can't run into the boss if it's not the last one (something like that). But I would not be worried about Skulls & Shackles that soon, since Steam release, multiplayer, cross-platform accounts and improving Quest Mode are probably higher on the dev-team list... Cheers! Mauricio
  7. The daily quest system is an incentive to the players to return to the game every day. While the devs recognize the need for the game to be played frequently to be profitable, the daily quest is not fulfilling this job properly. Reason A is most of the quests are uninspiring. But I play Magic Duels, and their quests are uninspiring as well (defeat two opponents, use colors x and y, etc). But I play them everyday, nonetheless. Why is it so? Maybe it's because of reason B: in Magic Duels, there is an end for the "quest for new cards". Each collection has a limited number of cards, and you don't get countless duplicates of the most common cards. So, there is a light in the end of the tunnel: if I play it every day, eventually I will complete a collection (I have completed 4 out of 5 collections so far - and I never paid for anything, while I payed for lots of Pathfinder stuff). While I enjoy Pathfinder Adventures much more than Magic, I don't play it every day simply because an extra 100 or 200 gold does not necessarily mean I am getting closer to complete the collection - since I usually find cards I already have plenty of in most of the packs I open. My suggestion for the devs: instead of giving 500 for the weekly quests, let the players pick any card they want as a prize (or give them a specific, Legendary/Promotional one). Because getting 500 gold only to turn it into 50-100 gold by selling the cards you got is not good enough... Cheers! Mauricio PS: Other idea: instead of giving gold for playing on Legendary level, maybe you could give gold for playing with new characters, or gold for the first adverture played each day, no matter the difficulty. I am tired of doing Legendary Brigandooms - and that's what your current system incites me to do...
  8. Seems balanced enough - it has a little bit of everything. The easiest character to remove is, of course, Sajan - since items and blessings (his strenghts) are already covered by Merisiel and Kyra. But I like it as it is - bet you are having an easy time beating the game... Cheers! Mauricio
  9. There is one time where you can manage the caracter's decks more or less freely: before you start the first adventure. Then, you'll be able to re-create every deck - but note that you'll be limited to Basic cards, only. You can use that to make the first stages easier... or much harder! Cheers! Mauricio
  10. I made such division once, and ended up with: 1) Ezren, Lini, Valeros, Harsk (arcane, divine, melee, ranged) 2) Seoni, Kyra, Amiri, Merisiel (arcane, divine, melee, ranged) 3) Lem, Seelah, Sajan (arcane/divine + ranged, melee, ranged) The main idea was to optimize boons - that means, split them in a way that (almost) no good boon would go to spoil. The last group, with only 3 members, obviously wasn't so efficient at that (specially since Sajan has mainly items and blessings in his deck)... Cheers! Mauricio
  11. Valero's power adds one 4-sided die (d4) to a character *at his location* that is doing a *combat check*. So it's a little specific, but it can also be very useful, specially when helping a character that is not a 'natural' at combat checks (like Lem or Lini)... (Note that some monsters cannot be defeated with combat checks - Sirens, for example, must be defeated with Wisdom checks...) Best! Mauricio
  12. You can also go to the Farmhouse with characters that have lots of allies in their decks and use them there... Cheers! Mauricio
  13. If you are a collectionist, you will miss out on some promos if you don't buy the Bundle - but even if you buy it, I'm not sure you will get every single Promo card. That's all you will miss. But if you buy your characters one-by-one you won't receive the C deck, which contains some great cards (and also some annoying monsters). You can have it, though, if you buy the Character Add-On Deck (so you might want to save to buy Sajan, Amiri, Seelah and Lini together). Each character is marked with a 'check' when he/she completes an adventure - receiving no further benefits from completing it once again. But if you restart the Story Mode with freshly-made characters, they will have a blank checklist. So, you can have multiple 'Kyras', for example, each on a different experience level... Cheers, Mauricio
  14. It should be mentioned that this is a conversion of a board game - most of the times the developers had to stick to the original design. But I agree with you that they had to give incentives to the players who started to play without paying for the full package to do so later. After you accumulated some gold and bought a couple of adventures and characters, it becomes less and less attractive to pay the US$ 25 - and you don't get the gold you spent back once you do that... To see the cards you got in chests, you must find them on the adventures - to do so, you must enable Treasure Chest cards on the Options Menu. Otherwise, you will only meet the original cards of the board game. Hope you enjoy the game! Mauricio
  15. I personally like having an armor card in hand - it prevents disasters at the inevitable times you roll 1s in all four dice... What I dislike is having more than one, a problem that is frequent with Seelah and, I guess, this new Armored Valeros. If he could only, say, recharge an armor to add 1d4 to a combat check, he would not be so prone to the multiple armors curse... Cheers! Mauricio
  16. Another issue to check: while trying to give cards to other characters, whenever I tapped on 'cancel', the card wouldn't return to the original owner. Therefore, I could give my entire hand to another character(s) in one round... Cheers! Mauricio
  17. Agreed. This Valeros also lacks a 'something extra', that everyone else got (Seelah got a better Divine, Lem got a Light Armor proficiency, Harsk got a bigger hand size, etc). He just got a change of stats and lost an useful card for a less useful one... (And if you argue that he changed a d4 on Fortitude checks for a d10+1, well, Seelah also changed a d4 Diplomacy for a d10+1 Diplomacy, besides a d8-based Divine becoming a d10-based Divine...) Cheers! Mauricio PS: Maybe an ability to recharge any armor (even non-magic ones) at the end of the turn could be useful for this new Valeros - it would make him very newbie-friendly...
  18. My take on this: if you have a huge installed base, you can hope to earn a profit if 5% of your customers pay each around $1 a month. If you have a small installed base, maybe $10 a month by 5% of your installed base will not be enough... I think they know pretty well that most of their customers will not pay those prices, but they expect a few fanatics will, and maybe this will keep their train going. Maybe they should make the expansion to Steam a priority - with an extended installed base, things might become a little less expensive... Cheers! Mauricio
  19. Hmmm... That means we can only get (older) Epic and Legendary dice with real money, but the 3 new Legendary dice still can be found in chests? Or did I miss something? Cheers - and thanks for the good news! Mauricio
  20. By the way, that is something I always do... but to make the game harder, not easier! I swap the most useful Basic cards for useless junk; later, when I find a Cure spell (or even a Long Sword or a Sage) while exploring I think "I must have this boon" instead of "oh, I already have enough of these, I don't need this one"... Cheers! Mauricio
  21. Maybe, but you cannot blame the guys at Obsidian - since the fault lies with Paizo's original design. One of the things I dislike the most about Pathfinder is how special weapon/spell powers like poison or mental are mostly a drawback, not an advantage (since there are lots of immune enemies and they rarely do something significant against non-immune foes). But it makes little sense to complain about it on these forums, since they are not supposed to 'fix' the game here, only to implement it electronically... Cheers! Mauricio
  22. Hello everybody, Am I the only one suffering from GameCenter issues? I usually start the game, wait for the Log In, and 60% of the time nothing happens. Then I must close the app, open GameCenter and wait until it connects. I return to the game, and sometimes I must repeat these steps until it eventually connects... Maybe GameCenter is just awful in Brazil. But I look forward for any other type of connection (even Facebook...). Cheers! Mauricio
  23. You see no benefit probably because your version always recognizes the dice-rolling gesture... When I play, it's not uncommon that I have to repeat the gesture one or more times - and an 'auto-succeed' button would be helpful from time to time. And there is also the time waiting for the dice to stop and the result to be shown. But I know there are some exceptions where the difference of the check matters, for example (like Rat Swarm), and this means this feature could become a nightmare for the dev team. So I see why it might never be implemented, after all... Cheers! Mauricio
  24. I don't think so. Once a loot is gone, it is gone for good... Cheers! Mauricio
  25. Great! But... if I do have Amiri, I receive no kind of compensation, right? (Just checking...) Thank you for the heads up! Cheers, Mauricio
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