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  1. It's not an autoroll - it's an auto pass/fail. The difference is that you don't have to do the swap gesture to roll the dice, see the animation and wait for the result to show up - so it might save us as a little time every now and then... Cheers!
  2. I understand your point, but I'm not saying that such a button would completely replace the dice roll - in fact, the player would always have the option to roll the dice. So we would be able to roll when the difference matters and have an easier time the rest of the time... (The auto button could be "all rolls = 1". You would use when you couldn't possibly get a boon, for example, but not when you couldn't possibly defeat a monster...) Cheers!
  3. Hi there, Sometimes I wonder why an "Auto Win" or an "Auto Fail" button doesn't show up when my current dice either allow me not to possibly fail a check or not to possibly win a check. I know this possibility does not exist on the physical game, but I think the digital one could offer me the option to skip some dice roll (and some dice roll animation) whenever the outcome of the check is decided beforehand, no? Just an idea... Cheers! Mauricio
  4. Hello everyone, I have searched the forums for an answer, but couldn't find it anywhere. Sometimes I defeat a monster and I get 1 gold, sometimes I defeat a monster and get 2 gold. Are these quantities random? Or are there 1-gold and 2-gold monsters? Also, on the quest mode, different banes give different XP amounts when defeated. Is there a general rule for these differences or each amount was individually defined by the devs? Thank you very much! Mauricio
  5. Well, I know I can delete them - I'm a somewhat advanced user. Trouble is, I simply cannot access any party management screen, from anywhere - the game crashes on the loading screen. So I can't even delete the characters... (That also means I couldn't try to do the Sajan daily quest, for example, since a new story mode game begins with the party management screen.) Of course, my PFID is EA6E5D83BBEEB5A3 Best regards - and thank you very much for looking into it for me! Mauricio
  6. Would I get all the gold + chests I already have by creating a new account? I have been playing for a while, you know... Cheers!
  7. Hello there! I am unable to play Pathfinder Adventures since the last patch was installed; the reason is I can't enter any party management screen, from anywhere (quest or story modes). So, no new parties for me (and the only one I got is unable to play past the Black Magga's special effects). I am close to the limit of characters, so I think that maybe if they are erased, I will be able to create a new party and play again... My # is VER-573-20160815-PFID Thank you very much! Mauricio Gibrin
  8. Thank you for your tips - I will try to close all the other apps and, if that's not enough, maybe download the emulator. For me, Pathfinder has been a great experience eroded by the frustration of so many crashes... Cheers!
  9. Great! Just make sure that the tones of Blue and Purple you use are different enough for you color-challenged fellas to notice the difference between them, ok? ;-) Cheers!
  10. Hello, I have been unable to start playing the Here Comes the Flood scenario in story mode - the game always crashes before the first character starts its turn (therefore, before the autosave feature kicks in). I know I have been trying to play on an below-spec system (I have a 1st-gen iPad Mini), but since it is unlikely that I buy another iPad just to play Pathfinder (that would cost way more than the 25 bucks you charge for the full game), I am left wondering: for when should I expect the Steam version to be released? Thanks! Mauricio PS: As recommended, I have turned the 'Effects' off; not only performance didn't improve but also I didn't notice anything different within the game. What are these 'Effects' supposed to be?
  11. Hi there! I play on an iPad mini, have purchased Daily Gold once, latest iOS version (9.3.2). Game issues all on Story Mode, Permadeath on. Some issues I have found lately: - My Daily Gold clock is looping, restarting at 24 hours once it reaches 0:00. It have been indicating I have 1 day left on Daily Gold since May 29th. And that means I cannot buy Daily Gold again... - While playing Trouble in Sandpoint, Valeros was trying to temporarily close the Catacombs of Wrath location (I had found Erylium elsewhere). After the first combat against a Wrathful Sinspawn, a second combat immediately occurred and after that the place was, mysteriously, permanently closed. - And a very minor typo: Ilsoari Gandethus is called Ilsaori by Orik Vancaskerkin when you have the former in a deck and find the later at the Thistletop Delve scenario. Apart from that, the game usually runs extremely well until it suddenly starts to slow down, crashing a few moments later. I restart and then, it's a flip of a coin: either it works perfectly until the end of the scenario, either it crashes again 5 minutes later... Cheers - and congrats on the (overall) good work! Mauricio
  12. Hi there, First the details: System: iPad Mini, latest iOS version. I bought the Daily Gold only (US$ 25 is a whopping R$ 100 currently in Brazil). After the latest patch, Quest Mode started working. I had a few issues, but nothing awful... until I made a party of 6 characters. When I met the first villain, the game crashed and, after that, whenever I tap the Quest Mode button, it only makes a 'click' noise but nothing ever happens. I'd like to have the opportunity to reset that game and start anew, but it seems this option isn't included in the game... Please make a starting screen on Quest Mode like the one you made on Story Mode, where you can select parties, delete parties and launch new ones... Thank you very much! Mauricio Gibrin
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