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  1. Hello there, Forgot to mention: Competition #1 Two simple food-based cards (food always played a part on my Role-Playing sessions, and I find it somewhat lacking on Pathfinder ACG). Hope you enjoy them! Mauricio PS: I am a lousy at drawing, so I picked some web images. Please, do not use them, ok?
  2. Last patch also ruined the party for me - I used to have occasional crashes every now and then, but now it reached the 'unplayable' stage. Will have to wait for the Steam release, and play something else in the meantime... Cheers, Mauricio
  3. Hello! Nice idea, this Lem's daily challenge: to discard Cure 5 times. Too bad it doesn't work, as I have discarded it several times and the counter remains at zero... 100 free gold to anyone who has Lem unlocked and logged in in the past 24 hours? ;-) (Not that it matters that much, now that gold has been devaluated...) Cheers! Mauricio
  4. The only thing your party doesn't do well is Divine spells (only Lem can use them without banishing them). Everything else is covered (Arcane spells, Melee/Ranged weapons). So I would toss one Arcane caster out (personally, I would keep Ezren, but you may choose to keep Seoni) and use Lini instead. You would lose some firepower but would add some versatility. Just don's send Lini to the most monster-heavy location and you'll do fine... Oh, and Amiri is a weaker version of Valeros - only swap him for her if you think the game hás become too easy for your tastes! :-D Cheers! Mauricio
  5. My take on each character, from a 'start of game' point of view (you can find cards that compensate their deficiencies later on): - Lem is perhaps the most versatile character of the game, excels in helping others but suffers to defeat his own monsters (needs offensive spells). Difficulty: Intermediate. - Ezren's deck lacks blessings, but he does lots of things well and is also very resilient. Difficulty: intermediate. - Valeros is almost immortal, and his main concern are WIS-based banes and monsters that need magical weapons. Difficulty: easy. - Harsk can be very helpful to other characters, while being decent on combats himself. But he is not suited for soloing. Difficulty: easy (in a group; solo he is hard). - Seelah is strong and versatile. Her main problems are not necessarily starting with a weapon and keeping track of that lone Cure spell. Difficulty: easy. - Seoni has decent stats and can turn any card into a fire spell. But she burns her deck to attack, and that makes her the most likely character to die. Difficulty: intermediate (when healing is available; without a character who can heal her, she is hard). - Sajan has lots of blessings, but there is a catch: he must keep them for himself! If he discards them to help the others, he won't last much... And when his hand of four becomes devoid of blessings, he becomes very vulnerable. Difficulty: hard. - Lini's animal friends make her very versatile, but she has trouble handling many combats (Holy Light and Inflict are must-haves). Difficulty: intermediate. - Kyra must find a weapon quickly and will need blessings in most combats, but her almost infinite healing will bring back all those blessings you have spent. Difficulty: easy. - Amiri is very strong and can defeat most enemies easily, but also buries her deck while doing so. Her move ability is very useful, but she also has many vulnerable stats. Difficulty: intermediate (with healing available; hard without a healing character in the party). - Merisiel can evade most things she isn't able to defeat, and that alone makes her very durable. She needs to find a weapon, but once you have found it, just keep her alone and she won't have any trouble in most combats. Difficulty: easy. Roughly, that's it. But you can make your life harder or easier depending on how the characters you choose interact between themselves. That means that it's possible that a bunch of 'easy' characters might have a harder time beating the game than a group of 'hard' and 'intermediate' characters that have a good chemistry... Cheers! Mauricio
  6. Surviving early on is the biggest challenge of the game; you start with no magical weapons, no great allies, awful items and only blessings of the Gods (which are decent, but can never be recharged). *But* you can redo any character's deck before you start the first adventure, and if you are having trouble keeping your characters alive, you could help yourself to better cards (as long as they are Basic...): - Trobadours and Sages can help you survive the most dangerous barriers with a recharge (only explore with them after all the barriers are gone). Guards cannot explore, but might help keep a fragile character alive. - Bludgeoning weapons (mace, quarterstaff, sling) don't make monsters harder to beat - so skeletons will be 8's instead of 11's... - Spells that are easy to recharge (like Detect Magic) might be less powerful, but are also a Life Point you almost always keep. - That amulet that prevents 3 damage (forgot its name, but it works with fire, cold, acid, etc) is also Basic. - Don't neglect (or discard) armor unless absolutely necessary - specially when facing a villain that does damage before you act (like Black Fang or Nualia)! I have run several parties without any healing, and while you have to be more careful with some characters (I'm looking at you, Seoni) than with some others, it's not so hard to keep everyone alive until you find better gear and increase your stats. Just play safe when the consequences of failure would be too dire, and take bigger risks when they wouldn't... Hope that helped! Mauricio
  7. Hi there, I must say that I'm a fan of the Daily Quests, and I try to complete them every day, if possible. That said, I must also say that the "Soft Company" one (Valeros had to beat the Shopkeeper's Daughter) is, by far, the worst you have created. You can play the game a dozen times with Valeros alone, on the most barrier-heavy of the scenarios, and end up finding this barrier zero times. The Daily Quests are supposed to be challenges, sometimes easier and sometimes harder to beat, but they must be fun above anything else. And trying to find a card that can never show up might be as fun as rolling 6 d12 at the same time, over and over again, until you simultaneously obtain a 12 in all... But maybe I shouldn't focus on the negative - so, if you want to know my opinion on what quests are the most interesting, just ask me, ok? ;-) Best! Mauricio
  8. I have four parties with all characters distributed in them. Went as far as possible with each (I can't play past Here Comes the Flood). When I must replay a scenario single, I remove the extra characters, play the scenario, and then I reinstate the removed characters... Cheers! Mauricio
  9. Try to observe in what shape your characters usually arrive at the end of the scenarios. Characters that still have 1/2 to two hands of cards still on the deck can probably discard useless cards with no consequences. Characters that are always down to the last few cards should probably be more careful doing that. And whenever you can recharge cards of little use, don't miss the opportunity of doing so (send Valeros to meet that bandit on the Tower if he has too many weapons, for example). Cheers! Mauricio
  10. Four tips: - Avoid putting a character at a location he/she will have trouble closing. If you defeat the henchman and can't close the place, this might cost you several turns. - It's risky to use a blessing as an extra exploration if your character will have trouble handling whatever he/she might encounter. Most of the banes you don't defeat stay on the deck, so you will have lost a blessing while gaining no time at all... - Pay attention to the blessing on the top of the blessings deck; opportune use of the appropriate blessings will improve your chances of defeating banes and will help keep your characters healthy (well, with the exception of Ezren). - Scouting ahead is one of the best abilities of the game. Augury, Spyglass and the abilities of Harsk, Ilsoari and Shalelu are incredibly useful. Even Sanctuary is not as bad as it seems. Best way to beat a scenario is to locate the villain without fighting him/her, position your characters appropriately and then go prepared for the final showdown... Hope that helps! Mauricio
  11. Hi there, When you start playing Pathfinder Adventures, you are faced with a very important question: whether or not to pay $25 upfront for the game. The players who do not pay (like myself - my system is below spec, so I thought it was a risk) soon start collecting gold and unlocking characters and chapters, to a point that spending those $25 becomes a waste. Then you realize there is something you will never have: the promos. I am sure that most of those players who followed the "no-$25-spending" path would gladly pay overpriced $5 to have access to all the promos and future promos (including the GenCon one) of the game, but they will probably never pay $25 just to unlock those (specially after everything else is already unlocked). And since the promos are so few, I am also sure that selling them for $5 will not appeal for those starting customers inclined to pay $25 to have access to everything... Think about it, devs! ;-) Mauricio
  12. I think Lem is a better support spellcaster than any of those two. In fact, he might be the best support character in the whole game (along with Lini, the Druid). But between those two, if spells are your main concern, I think Ezren is a better choice - only because Seoni will have only 3 to choose from at the start of the game, and he almost always succeeds at recharging them, anyway... Cheers! Mauricio
  13. Hello folks, I have Ilsoari Gandelthus (I guess that's his name) on Merisiel's deck (they were made for each other, you know...), but whenever I play him, the die animation that follows always shows a 12, even when the number acually rolled (flashed on the screen) isn't 12. By the way, do you know why some automatic dice appear inside a "bubble" while other automatic dice does not? Cheers! Mauricio
  14. I'm pretty sure the creative minds at Obsidian can come up with these, but if they ever need ideas for the Daily Challenges (that are starting to repeat themselves), here are a few of them: - Recharge 20 cards - Open 5 cache barriers - Defeat 15 undead monsters - Defeat 15 goblin monsters - Pass 10 tests to close locations without using blessings - Acquire 10 specific boons (allies/weapons/blessings/etc) - Use 10 potions (and/or flasks, or consumables) - Defeat 10 monsters with no use of weapons or spells - Beat 20 checks using no die larger than a d6 - Beat 15 checks using only 1 die - Beat 10 checks using only d4s - Roll 6 or more dice 10 times - Use 5 spells with non-spellcasting characters - Discard 15 weapons for the extra dice - Pass 10 Constitution or Fortitude checks - Play 15 non-attack spells - Pass 20 cards to other characters - Beat 3 scenarios with different soloing characters - Use 5 different locations' closing powers - Deal elemental (fire, cold, lightning, etc) damage 20 times Hope that helps... ;-) Mauricio
  15. Hi there, I'm sure you are probably aware that several games offer separate versions aimed at tablets and at smartphones (often called 'HD' and 'to go'). Since the game's interface got messier and uglier since the (necessary) expansion for phones, I wonder if it isn't the case that the devs put together a second, different version of the game, meant only for them (but compatible with the other). This way the use of a smaller screen wouldn't harm the experience on the larger one... Cheers! Mauricio
  16. Hello, everyone! I know it's very, very minor, but I noticed one of my dice skin changed with the latest patch - I had a character with the black and evil-looking Hematite skin replaced by the vanilla-colored Pale Sun (so they have been renamed *and* re-colored). A question: does anyone have images of the other dice that were changed? I wonder what the Sky Metal and Opal used to be (and whatever happened to Cinnabar and Lapis Lazuli)... Cheers! Mauricio
  17. Great job, folks! Just tested it on my iPad and the mixed dice skins works great! But... my chests (about 40) and gold (17k+) resetted to zero after the patch. Any idea on what could be causing this? Cheers! Mauricio
  18. Since my system cannot handle large (5+) parties, I always try to build the more complete small party possible. And by complete I mean able to handle all kinds of banes while using all kinds of boons and closing all kinds of locations. My best 2-character group is Lem-Valeros, usually traveling together. With them I have use for both melee and ranged weapons, arcane and divine spells, Valeros helps Lem fighting monsters and Lem helps Valeros on things other than fighting... My best 3-character group is Ezren-Kyra/Seelah-Merisiel. Lots of complementarities again, and Ezren works wonderfully with Kyra (or Seelah), without demanding the amount of healing that Seoni usually requires. But my Legendary party is really Lem-Harsk-Valeros-Ezren. All aspects of the game are covered with this guys - they might lack a little healing, but with Valeros, Harsk and Ezren this is almost never an issue... Cheers! Mauricio
  19. Hello again, I noticed I received Aldern Foxglove as a reward every single time I played Local Heroes - and I never found him randomly in my explorations. This is a depart from what we experience on the physical game. While I understand this was a conscious developer's choice, I also think that an option "Scripted rewards - on-off" (on by default) would be welcomed by the ones who want the digital game to be more similar to the original one... Cheers! Mauricio PS: By the way, Aldern doesn't show at the Vault. Any idea of why is this so?
  20. Guess I'll do just that - it's not the first time Quest Mode stopped working on my device... Thanks again, Aarik!
  21. Hi there, Just thought that the colored dice would be more fun if they kept the color of the character responsible for them. Better explaining: - As it is today, all dice rolled by the characters are always the same color (default blue or as assigned by the player). If another character helps on their rolls (with a blessing, ability, weapon or spell), this is not reflected on the color of the dice. - What I propose is that the dice keep the color of the character who played the card (or used the ability) that originated them. So, let's say Ezren uses blue dice, Valeros red dice and Kyra orange dice. Ezren and Valeros are together at a location, Kyra is away. Ezren explores and finds a monster, deciding to attack it with a Lightning Touch spell; Valeros helps automatically with a d4 and Kyra decides to help with a blessing. So Ezren would roll a blue d12, an orange d12 (Kyra's blessing), two blue d4 and a red d4 (Valeros's support), instead of rolling only blue d12s and d4s... That would become even more interesting once multiplayer is fully implemented! Best regards! Mauricio
  22. Well, somehow I managed to enter a create party screen, then I started deleting my saved characters like crazy. It worked - and now I can enter the party management screen regularly! That is, except for the Quest Mode, that stubbornly remains unnacessible... I even managed to assign new dice to the party members (but I can only do that with 9 or less saved characters - any more than that and the games crashes after I assign the dice...)! Thanks, Aarik! Mauricio
  23. Hi Aarik, I'm on an iPad mini. I have been able to play the whole game with a few hiccups, except for the scenarios past (and including) Here Comes the Flood... Deleting the characters will not affect my saved games, right? If so, you can delete them all. If not, just keep the first four (Lem, Valeros, Harsk and Ezren). Best regards! Mauricio
  24. No, I'm crashing whenever I try to enter any party management screen. The game loads ok. I can see my parties when I enter Story Mode, and I can even play some adventures. But I can't create new parties or modify existing ones and I can't play Quest Mode (since it starts with the party management screen). The reason might be that I have too many saved characters (I am probably close to the limit), so that's the reason behind my request... Thanks again! Mauricio
  25. So... Can you delete them? I'm still inable to open any party management screen without suffering a crash first... Thanks again! Mauricio
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