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  1. I think they picked Kyra and Merisiel for whole different reasons: they are the most difficult characters to be killed (Kyra with endless healing and Meri with endless evading). If they offered Lini and Sajan instead, 80% of the new players would abandon the game in frustration pretty quickly... Cheers! Mauricio
  2. Did just what you suggested - same issue happens on low setting. No overclocks here. I really can't think of a reason for something like that to happen... Thanks for your help! Mad Hab
  3. Not really - it's a pretty decent GeForce with the latest drivers. I play many games and none have graphic issues whatsoever...
  4. Since I re-started playing this game, I notices blue or yellow stripes on some cards. Cards I already had feature blue stripes, while cards I recently acquired show yellow stripes. Is this a new feature? Or is it a glitch? Some cards are not displaying properly (Blessing of Desna, Find Traps), so I'm leaning towards the latter... Cheers! Mad Hab
  5. Spooky or haunted? I managed to complete the 4 quests, but I still don't have any spooky dice in my collection. But I do have a second set of haunted dice, so I guess they don't keep the 'spooky' name once you get them... Cheers!
  6. There's one thing I don't get on this game: usually, the #1 reason a bug stays unsolved is because the devs cannot duplicate it consistently, so it becomes very hard to figure out the way to fix it. Here we have lots of bugs that happen all the time (Muck Graul, Cape of Escape, Desecrated Vault, etc, etc, etc). Anyone can see there's something wrong when these cards/locations are involved, so why can't they fix them (or at least remove them temporarily from the game until this is done)? It feels like the dev team is busy with other projects and dedicates something like 2% of their time to this game... Cheers, Mauricio
  7. This Muck Graul bug can make some runs so messy that they should remove this card from the game until they fix it... Cheers! Mauricio
  8. Hi there, I remember a time when the Cape of Escape didn't do what it was supposed to do. Nowadays it does, but it also finishes up the turn of the current character, no matter who it is (usually eating up one blessing from the deck). Will this card with a long history of being bugged ever be fixed? Thank you, Mauricio
  9. Once played only with Amiri, Merisiel and Seoni. Permadeath mode on. I had more than my fair shares of restarts... Cheers! Mauricio
  10. Hey there, I have been playing Pathfinder again since the PC release, and the one thing that really bothers me is moving every single card from the Stash to the 'sell' space after an adventure ends. I see this might be pretty easy to do on a tablet (with a finger), but grabing and moving dozens of cards with the mouse is a lot of work. To a lesser degree, the same happens when throwing dice. While it's a natural thing to do with your fingers, it is much less so with a mouse. PC version needs some new buttons, guys! Thanks! Mauricio
  11. Hey there, I bought a Mountain Pattern "enhancement" card and it went directly into my Unclaimed vault. Since I have no intention to use cards I didn't encounter during adventures, I sold all unclaimed cards... but the Mountain Pattern simply vanished! If it's supposed to be used only from the Unclaimed vault, you should just warn us - otherwise it is very bad business to turn 1000 gold into half a dozen coins... Cheers! Mauricio
  12. The basic version doesn't have the alts, so maybe that could be the priority (if they are still purchaseable with gold), no? Cheers! Mauricio
  13. So, the Asmodee log-in feature... what is it good for? I mean, we already have our PlayFab IDs, right? I do have an Asmodee account (for playing Onirim), but why should I connect my Pathfinder game to it? Thanks! Mauricio
  14. For me, the priorities would be: Characters (until you have at least 4, maybe 6), then first & second chapters, then the C deck (if it still sold separately these days - I'm not sure it is). Only then I would bother with cards, skins and chests... Cheers! Mauricio
  15. From a game design point of view, a Stash would probably be a nice feature in the physical game. But if you analyse the game components, you would run the risk of having too few cards of some types if you allowed each player to keep a few spare cards aside - specially with 6 players (think of a party with 4 divine casters, for example). That could cause trouble when building locations, specially in the first chapters of the game. That's why I think they didn't implement it on the original card game. But with a virtually infinite amount of cards at their disposal, I don't see why they shouldn't feature a stash in the electronic version... Cheers! Mauricio
  16. One thing I always tought it would be cool is a party created 'on the fly'. You start a game with only one or two characters and, at some point on the first chapters, a (random?) new character shows up and offers his/her services to the party. The player can accept or reject this new character, and at the end of another chapter, one other character would show up, maybe with a random deck and stats randomly leveled up to mirror those of the party. And so on, until the party is full. This way, we would be able to experience new party combinations, new card combos and new character builds within an 'organic' structure... Cheers! Mauricio
  17. My take on this: probably, not even Obsidian knows the future of this franchise. It seems obvious that many things went wrong with this game. First and foremost, the dev team didn't anticipate they would be overwhelmed by bugs of all sorts. Then the financial model wasn't the best. They probably lost money with Pathfinder, and with other (more lucrative) projects on the pipe, Obsidian probably channeled people from this game onto the others. They have fullfilled the largest part of their agreement with Paizo. Now should they invest some more and hope for the best or should they simply close the gates? Maybe they are now concentrating on the Steam release, but lack the human resources to finish it. Maybe. It would be nice to hear something frank and honest from an insider. But, as I already said, I suspect they might not even be sure of what's next... Cheers, Mauricio
  18. Haven't heard many important news here lately... Is the Pathfinder dev team planning something big for the next few days/weeks? Are they busy working on something else? In any case, let us know... Cheers! Mauricio
  19. I found a disclaimer on Fire Emblem Heroes (iPad version): "- Purchased Orbs cannot be used on devices with operating systems other than iOS." "- Bonus Orbs are counted as unpaid Orbs." So, it's official. But strangely, all my Orbs are unavailable when I play on Android, Bonus or not (everything else is there)... Cheers, Mauricio Edit: Still, it's better to have a crippled multiplatform account than none at all...
  20. I agree, but that's what they're saying there, anyway: that what you paid with hard money in one platform must stay on that platform. If you have a Nintendo account, your Fire Emblem stuff will not be stored locally. So my game opened normally when I restarted it on Android, just the cash-earned Orbs weren't there. I wonder if what I have read is true and, if it is, wether Obsidian faces the same problem with Pathfinder Adventures... Cheers! Mauricio
  21. Hi there, I have recently installed Fire Emblem Heroes on my iPad. After discovering that it wouldn't run on my aging iPad Mini, I reinstalled it on an Android emulator and started playing it on PC... only to discover that my Orbs (the main currency of the game) were not transferred from one platform to the other, even if both were linked to the same Nintendo account. The explanation I read on forums were that no game does that, since that would imply that money 'put' on the Apple AppStore could be 'payed' by the Google store (and vice-versa). So the characters and other stuff I have are there on both platforms, but the Orbs I earn are either on one or on the other. Could this be the problem that keeps us from having a unique Pathfinder account across all platforms (Android, iOS and futurely PC)? Maybe we could have all the cards, characters and adventures on every platform but have the money and chests separated in each one? That would be good enough for me... Cheers! Mauricio
  22. Frustrated by not being able to play the game on my aging iPad Mini, I downloaded an Android Emulator (Nox) for my PC and restarted from scratch, since the Apple and Google accounts are not compatible (at least so far). The funny thing is about my ID#: I downloaded the iPad version of the game as soon as it went out (first day, second at most), and my ID# there is 3791. Several months later, I download if for Android and my new ID# is 4349. How can they be so close after so many months have passed? They're obviously not sequential, I suppose... Cheers! Mauricio
  23. It would be nice to have the possibility to play with them, though - maybe for the Quest Mode (which is more random than Story Mode) they could be added as playable characters in the future, no? Cheers! Mauricio
  24. I think you have the right priorities - characters, adventures, chests. The first 50-75 chests you open will add a lot of variety to your games. After that, you start getting so much repeated stuff that you'll start to convert most of the cards you get back into gold (at a very disadvantageous rate, of course). Every now and then you'll get an interesting Legendary card, but I don't think they show up often enough for you to switch your focus to chests... Cheers! Mauricio
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